Thursday, July 21, 2011

SCHOOL things I LOVE!!!

Hey Friends...I was visiting my Teamie's new blog and saw that First Grade Blue Skies is hosting a what you are in LOVE with linky party and I just had to LINK up.  I also became a follower of this cute blog.  Be sure to check it out:)
First, I love a fun echo microphone but I really WANT & LOVE  a stand up microphone with applause for Writer's Workshop!  I found this one on Amazon.  Plus I of course would have to use it every once in a while.  

Another item I am loving is this chalkboard contact paper.  I am thinking of tons of ways I can use this.  Center labels, desk boards, centers, cover clipboards, and the list goes on!  I also found this at Amazon.  
& the list goes on.  I love tattoo paper.  My kiddos and I have had so much fum tattooing each other this summer.  I even tattooed my husband.  Check out this very short video I made of a tattoo I designed for my class this year.  TOO cute! 

Now Y'all know I LOVE my SMARTboard!  Click the link to count my ways!

I LOVE, Love, LOVE my website.  I get to watch my classroom on videos, I get to help teachers learn to SKYPE, I get to share ideas and lessons.  I have been on the best journey this past year with technology.  My only fear is that it will end too soon!  In the mean time I am going to keep on TECHIN!

My list goes on but my other LOVE needs me...the kids are hungry:)  Happy Blogging!