Sunday, October 30, 2011

Virtual Teaching EXPO~ NOVEMBER 12th!

I was sooooo nervous about doing a video for the next Teaching Blog Expo!  Now I am SO glad that I did!  I spent a few hours yesterday recording and rerecording my video on Beyond Flipping Cards and I love how it turned out!  Steve from Teacher's Notebook was amazing and he helped me every step of the way!

I sure hope that lots of you have signed up to join us for the Expo.  It holds so many fantastic tips and strategies for Flipping Your Classroom and finding your secret recipe for classroom success!

Learn from some AMAZING Blogs Writers like Jennifer, Charity, and Tamara!

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Monday, October 24, 2011

Help! Someone stole my BROOM!

Along with my Witch's Brew activities this year... I am adding in a writing component.  
All about a lost witch's broom.  
Last month, I was at Cracker Barrel and they had this broom running around the lobby cackling and I knew that I had to grab it and figure out how to use it at school.  So this year while my class is sorting and counting their Brew ingredients I am going to turn this baby on and tell them that the witch is missing her broom.  

Grab some more Halloween fun in my Witch's Brew unit!  You will find lots of Halloween fun and my newest unit Sell that Haunted House! Click the image below to preview this file!  Happy FALL!

Skills: This file is a 30 page download of my Stir it in my Witch's Brew unit. Students will practice sorting, graphing, creative writing, place value, 100's board work, letter and persuasive writing activities. 

This file is a 30 page download that walks you through getting your day set up with a letter home and the following activities:
An information sheet about how I set up my day.
A letter home
An ingredient list
Recipe sheet
Sorting and graphing pages.
Candy core number sense sheet
100 board activity
Design your own broom
Letter template
Writing prompt
Design a Witch
All about
Bonus: You will also receive my Sell that Haunted House Challenge
This includes a poster explaining persuasive writing
A Think About activity
Persuasive writing map
For sale activity sheet
Pie graph
Spook Experts
5 Persuasive Writing Prompts and a 2nd lined writing page. 

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Trick or TREAT with the GANG!

Happy ALMOST Halloween Friends!
TRICK or Treat?
I have a spooky Witch's Brew FREE Download for you! I love making the BREW with my class in fact I do it all up with a fog machine and everything!  It is so much fun!  This year I redid my BREW sheets for 2nd grade and made them a bit more challenging.  Download your free copies below!  Just Click the caldron and you will be on your way!

Virtual Teaching EXPO! FLIP Your CLASSROOM!

Friends...On your MARK, Get Set, GO book your spot for the next Virtual Teaching EXPO brought to you by TBA and Teachers Notebook!   I am so excited to be presenting along with Tamara Chilver, Charity Preston, and Jennifer Tice!   There will be amazing tips for you to start implementing in your own classroom.  Be sure to head over and read all about the presenters and take this opportunity to sign up at the Pre-Event Price!


Thursday, October 20, 2011

Ding, Dong, Answer THIS!

Friends...I have another great idea to keep your kiddos thinking!  Many moons ago I saw an article about a teacher that used a door bell in their classroom to get her student's attention.  I took that idea and made it into a learning brake in my classroom.  I first made a trip over to Lowes to grab a plug in doorbell.  You can get one for around $15-$20.
Click the picture above to purchase one on Amazon!

It is totally worth it!  I plugged it in behind a cabinet and then hid the remote under my desk. I created a pocket full of math questions and placed them at my door with a sign that reads...Answer ME!  When we have a little break in time or I need to get their attention I press the remote under my desk and it MAGICALLY rings.  The class is trained to go to their seat and raise their hand.  I then call on one to read the question and we answer it together.

Just remember friends, sometimes it is the little things that make all the difference:)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My Teeny Tiny Monster Glyph!

Next week I am planning some fun Halloween activities for my students.  But having a daughter that is very frightened of Halloween keeps me on the look out for ways to make it fun and keep it from being too scary.  That is why I love the book The Teeny Tiny Ghost and the Monster. 

We are going to read this fun rhyming story and make our own Monster Glyphs!  You can download a free copy below.  I plan to allow my class to tear a shape from construction paper for their Monster Bodies!  I also printed both the glyph sheet and the data sheet on large construction paper.  We are going to tally results to be added to our Data Sheets.  Happy FUN Halloween!
Click the image to download your copy!


Please Vote!

Friends...Please head over to Circle of Moms and vote for The Schroeder Page!  I am so excited to nominated for this honor.  As a mom and a teacher it is so special for someone see the meaning in our work!


Sunday, October 16, 2011

Laser FINGERS to the Rescue!

Have you ever felt like you are up on stage giving an incredible presentation that you totally believe in and have thrown your heart into and NO ONE is watching in the audience?  Sometimes I get that feeling when I am teaching.  I stand on my "stage" that is really a carpet but who cares.  I teach and I teach and my little friends are looking out the window, picking their shoes, or tapping their pencils.
Don't they know they are missing my finest work?
Well, I may have just solved this little problem by going rollerskating with my daughter last weekend for a birthday party.  I spent last Sunday cheering my daughter on as she wobbled around the rink.  If you have not done this with your child be prepared!  Kids were dropping LIKE flies.  Bonk, Bam, CRASH!  I said several prayers that my Lily Kay didn't break anything important like a leg or something.  The mother/teacher in me had checking on every kid that fell and I was exhausted in the end. 
Good News for Lily...she started to get the hang of it right before we left!  Maybe another trip is in our future!
The BIG moment for me was when I saw a boy skating around the rink with his fingers all lit up.  BINGO!  It hit me...I totally need to do this in my classroom.  I rushed over and hopped in line behind several kiddos with tickets and waited for them to get them cashed in.  I then asked about the mysterious glowing fingers and was told they were called Laser Fingers.  
CLICK the image below to grab your own set from AMAZON!

They work perfectly!  My class can't stop looking at me.  I only wear one at a time but when I get close to the board and point it is like I have a little computer mouse at the end of my finger.  I even use it on my smartboard!   Also...they would be great for Halloween Trick or Treating Night!