Monday, June 30, 2014

Working with Words: Ideas and Freebies!

Friend~My very favorite center in class is our Working with Words center.  It is so easy to make this center hands on and engaging.  My kiddos always flock to this center.  Check out a video tour of just a few of my favorite activities!

I use this center as part of my Daily Five rotation.  My students head into this center to practice their spelling and sight words.  I was lucky enough to find the tub storage at the Goodwill super cheap and it is perfect to store my activities in.  I also keep a cupboard full of other items so that I can rotate the choices.  I added the labels with Velcro so that I can switch the labels.
More favs!  
This is our Cell Phone Center.  I asked my parents to send in any old cell phones that they had laying around at home.  My students then use a copy of a phone to spell their words.   They record the # code that they need to spell the word.  It is a fun challenge for them!
Download a FREE copy of this center sheet by clicking the image below.

These Write and Wipe Pockets work perfectly with this center.  I just copy a set of 6 and add them to the pockets.  They use a dry erase marker and wipe with a tissue or eraser.  
Click the image to get a set for your room at a great price from Amazon!

Another favorite is SHAVING Cream!  My team thinks I am crazy for allowing my students to do this but I promise if you train them what a dollop looks like and that they need to work until it is gone- you will be in good shape. 
Here is the dollop:)  A good idea would be to take a picture of how big the dollop should be for your students to use as an example.  I tell them about the size of an egg.

Be sure to download my 10 page Making Words Freebie over on my Facebook Page.  All you have to do is like my page and then head to the Facebook Freebie on the left sidebar. 
You will find 6 Working With Words sheets to add to your center!
Working WIth Words Freebie: The Schroeder Page
I also allow my students to work on the computer with a variety of activities.
Here are some of my favorite links for my students. 
(I love that they can also work on these links at home!)

Microsoft Word-Type your words in Microsoft Word and change the font and color.
Consonants BLUE and Vowels RED!

Just to add some more technology to the mix, I grabbed a few used DS gamers from friends and added this Spelling Bee Game from Scribbs.  It is a total hit.  You can input your spelling words!
They are still pretty pricey but if you are interested in grabbing one for your classroom here is a link on Amazon:)
I sure hope you find some fun ways to add to your Working With Words center!

Add your student's favorites in the comment section of this file!

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Summer Science with Bubbles

Friends~I can't wait to share my Bubble Science with you!  It is perfect for some summer fun or anytime really.  I have always loved the magic behind bubbles.  Every summer, I spent way too much $ on bubble blowers at our local $ Stores.  
Here are my all time favorites!
Summer Science with Bubbles: The Schroeder Page
I also love to make my own solutions.  They are so easy and cheap!  Plus they totally make the strongest bubbles ever!
Here are my favorite recipes!
Summer Science with Bubbles: The Schroeder Page
Besides bubbles being super fun they are also a great science activity for kiddos.  
This video unlocks the secrets behind how a bubble pops.  It is soooo cool!
This book works perfectly with the video and has tons of great facts about how bubbles work.         Click the picture below to purchase.
My kiddos at school were totally crazy about bubbles the last week of school.  They even went of tour!  We visited our K-1 classrooms and my kiddos gave bubble presentations. The other classes were amazed at how much we had learned!

Here is my little guy at home experimenting with table bubbles!

We even touched on surface tension with this super easy experiment.  You just need water, a penny, and a medicine dropper!  
Summer Science with Bubbles: The Schroeder Page
Click the image above to download a FREE copy of this experiment!
There is so much fun in my newest file:  Bubble Science. If you are interested in learning more about it, you can click below. 
It has everything you need to take bubbles to the next level! 

Check out more Science Fun on my Teach It Science Pinterest Board by clicking below!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Little Mouse, the Red Ripe Strawberry, and the Big Hungry Bear Activities

Friends~Do you love The Little Mouse, the Red Ripe Strawberry, and the Big Hungry Bear?  I sure do! It was a total favorite of my daughter Lily's when she was small.  I bet I have read it over 100 times! 
The Schroeder Page
Don and Audrey Wood are some of my favorite authors!  This book in particular is super cool because of the point of view!  The narrator talks to the mouse throughout the story.  I also get a kick out of how the BIG HUNGRY BEAR never arrives in the story!  

The illustrations are adorable especially the one with the Groucho Marx glasses! I always grab several sets of these glasses to pass out as story souvenirs or put in a retelling station!  
Click to below to purchase your own pair!
The Schroeder Page
How can you not LOVE this????

The Schroeder Page

I found this video reading of the book that is great! 
By Mary Ellen Krasue 

Another fun thing to do with this book is to study the life cycle of the strawberry!  I am pretty lucky because my daughter Lily and my mom planted a strawberry garden in my backyard.  
The Schroeder Page
Grab some FREE Life Cycle Cards
 by clicking below!
The Schroeder Page
I am saving the best for last!  Right now my house smells heavenly!  I am making crock pot strawberry jam! I always cook in my classroom with my crockpot and this book lends itself to delicious strawberry jam and biscuits!
The Schroeder Page
It is so simple to make.  Just grab 2 pounds of strawberries. 1/4 a cup of lemon juice and 2 cups of sugar.  Cut up your strawberries and cover them with the lemon juice and sugar.  Cook on high for 2-4 hours! 
The Schroeder Page
If you are loving these ideas and are looking for more to go along with this book just click below.  I just put a very fun file together with lots of great extension activities!
The Schroeder Page