Sunday, April 27, 2014

Science: Raising Praying Mantis

Friends~Raising praying mantises in science is the perfect way to head out with a bang this school year!  This is my 2nd year doing this in room 331. 
They are amazing creatures and you kiddos will flip over them. 
Check out these babies being born in my very own backyard.  Last year, we released some praying mantises at school and at home.  We were very excited to find this ootheca or egg case in a tree in my backyard.  We were super lucky to catch them just after they emerged. 
 Lily and Ian are proud parents!
You can do this too!  It is super simple to do.  
You can order the egg cases right from Amazon.  
Science:Raising Butterflies, The Schroeder Page

Setting up the habitat is easy.  Just grab the following items.

*An insect habitat.  (I used the same one I used from when we raised butterflies.)
*I added some sticks and grass for the babies to hang on too.
*I also added some magnifying glasses for my students to use. 
While we waited, I placed these life cycles pieces out for my students to observe. 
Science:Raising Butterflies, The Schroeder Page
I love this picture of one of my students holding one of our nymphs!  Check out those cute fingernails!
Science:Raising Butterflies, The Schroeder Page
 When we first hatched our nymphs last year, there were 2 egg cases.  100's of nymphs emerged and I thought we were done.  I almost put the egg cases into my insect box for the school year but my students begged me to leave them out so they could keep looking at them.  
Boy am I glad I left them in their habitat because about 2 weeks later the other egg case hatched!
It was soooo exciting to come in one morning in June and have a ton of praying mantises waiting for you! 
Here is our 2nd batch last year!

This is a great beginner book for introducing your kiddos to the world of praying mantises.
Also National Geographic has a great online flip book that is great for students to use on the smartboard or as a QR code!
Click the picture to check it out!
Just right click and save this code to use it in your classroom!
If you are interested in my newest file on Praying Mantises for your students you can check it out by clicking below.


Thursday, April 24, 2014

Morning Meeting with GONOODLE!

Friends~I am so excited to share how we use 
GoNoodle with our morning meeting and more. GoNoodle is an awesome site that is filled with fun and engaging brain break activities for the classroom or at home. Each activity is filled with adorable graphics and upbeat music. It is super easy to use, NO prep required!  Plus it is totally FREE!!!
Click the picture below to sign up!

For our Morning Meeting time,  I like to use Airtime to get us focused before we head into our ELA block. My kiddos love blowing the bubbles and finding out just where we will land next.  Students are asked to take deep breaths in and blow them out slowly while following their GONoodle bubble.  I also love the geography connection and how my students learn fun facts about different states.  
Students earn postcards when they land that tell about the state they are in.  
Give the video a click to see what this fun brain break from GoNoodle is all about! 
They are also perfect for transition time or just when your kiddos have the wiggles.  I love that the brain breaks have learning content involved.  Like Brain Freeze!  We always practice telling time with Brain Freeze.  It gets my kiddos up and moving while also reviewing this tricky skill. 

Another one of our favorites is Word Jam.  I love this new brain break because I can enter my student's spelling words for them to practice.  

Here is some awesome news!  GoNoodle is offering a paid subscription to one of YOU!  It is a $99 value. Signing up is easy.  Just click HERE to sign up for GoNoodle because you will need to enter your GoNoodle User Name.  Signing up is super speedy and quick.  Then click the picture below to head to our rafflecopter on Primary Chalkboards. Good Luck!


Saturday, April 12, 2014

Bright Idea: Main Idea Scavenger Hunt

Friends~Here it is again!  Our April Bright Ideas blog post linky party!  As always, you are going to find a ton of awesome ideas.  Today I am going to share with you how my kiddos have been practicing main idea.  

I was brainstorming with my teammate about how we could make this more engaging.  Check out the fun that we came up with.  
A Main Idea Scavenger HUNT!

Yep!  We sure did write main ideas on sentence strips and made students wear them as hats.  We sure did write details on smaller strips for wrist bands.  The best part was, we hid all the main ideas and details in our 2 classrooms. The students were set off to hunt for either a main idea or a detail.  The details had to find their main idea and the main idea had to find their details.  
It was so cool to see them thinking through the process.  Matching the details was tricky.  We purposely wrote details that could possible go with a main idea but one word made it not work.  
See the example below. 
My kiddos got a bit mixed up because they wanted to put the detail you might get hurt with the recess main idea.  
I had to explain that you could get hurt at recess but it doesn't support the main idea that recess is fun.  

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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

2nd Grade Weather Science

Friends~Check out our 2nd Grade Weather Science fun!  It feels like forever since I have had the time to blog about my kiddos.  I promised them that I would share this super fun science experiment that we did with wind and clouds.  

I like to call it: On Your Mark, Get Set, BLOW!  It is pretty simple.  I pass out straws, cotton balls, and tape measures.  We head outside if it is not windy or into the hallway.  We got lucky yesterday.  So outside we went.  
2nd Grade Weather Science, The Schroeder Page
Check out this science fun!  As I reflect on this lesson,  I am floored at how many content areas we covered. First science, but not just weather, force and motion too.  The students had to blow their clouds (cotton balls) with a variety of strengths of wind.  They MEASURED the distance their clouds traveled.  Hello MATH!  They recorded the data while also cooperating with each other to complete the task. 
Here are my kiddos in action below!  
We then of course had to analyze our data and find a way to represent it.  As a class, we decided to create a line plot to show our longest distances by groups of 10.  2nd Grade Weather Science, The Schroeder Page
We also working on arrays in math and we created some pretty fun cloud arrays to hang in the hall.  I forgot to grab a picture so I will have to add it tomorrow.  

Check out our Cloud Flip books too!  They go perfectly with The Cloud Book by Tomie DePola! 
All of these weather activities are in my Weather Unit if you are interested.    
2nd Grade Weather Science, The Schroeder Page

2nd Grade Weather Science, The Schroeder Page2nd Grade Weather Science, The Schroeder Page