Thursday, August 8, 2019

Whole Brain Teaching

Welcome back, FRIENDS!  I am so excited to get back into the swing of things.  

This week on The Schroeder Page,  we are going to be jumping into the world of Whole Brain Teaching! I love this book by Chris Biffle.   
Chris shares that WBT is more like a lively game than a traditional classroom management system.  But like with any game, there are rewards and penalties.

Take a tour of Whole Brain Classrooms from 
Chris Biffle!

This idea really spoke to me when I read it.  I want my classroom to be run by my students, I want it to be lively, I want them to learn through real-life positive and negative consequences.  
Check out my Beyond Flipping Cards! 
This quote shaped my whole philosophy on classroom and behavior management! 
The WHOLE BRAIN TEACHING SECRET: "if a student's whole brain is involved in learning, there isn't any mental area left over for challenging behavior."  

I am so excited to see Whole Brain Teaching strategies taking place in our classrooms at Park View!  Teachers and students have started by simply adding morning meeting to their daily routines and embedding the Whole Brain Teaching rules! 

I LOVE these fun colors by RaraDT on TPT.  Grab them for FREE by clicking the image! Be sure to give her store a follow!
I always print out the rules and have them posted in the classroom. 
 Make them a part of your morning meeting!
Check out my Morning Meeting Manuel!  
See some added gestures from WBT!
Ginger Snaps on TPT has a fantastic FREE WHOLE Brain starter pack.  Grab it below!
Take this a step further and explicitly teach behavior expectations such as self-control! My self-control bubbles are just what you need!
I am going to end with some classroom tips and tricks from one of my favorite blogs: One Sharp Bunch!  This is a sit down in a comfy chair with a cup of coffee kinds blogpost!  Tons of things to add to your teaching toolbox!


Friday, February 22, 2019

Vocabulary & Comprehension

Does vocabulary support comprehension?  Sure it does and it is so important for our developing readers to have multiple interactions with vocabulary words!

The Key Classroom has a good chart to walk you through what teachers should know about teaching vocabulary!

This is video explains the different tiers of vocabulary and why explicit vocabulary instruction is essential to a balanced reading program.

Check out these 10 games from The Not So Wimpy Teacher to help your students get that "practice" in with vocabulary words.  Many of these would work great in centers or partner groups!
I also LOVE the "Parrot Strategy from The Candy Class on TPT. Check out this freebie and be sure to visit her store for other great products!
We are Teachers has a spot on post about how to support ELL learners with vocabulary that would also be very beneficial to add to your daily lessons!  The strategies and activities hit lots of different learning styles!
Be sure to stop by The Reading and Writing Haven!  These strategies are awesome!  So many simple ways to get your students to dig deep into vocabulary! 
Myth #3 is my favorite to bust! 
Do you have a word wall?????  If the answer is no, please consider adding one to your classroom!  It is a simple way to bring vocabulary into your lessons! 
Grab this FREE one from Especially Education to get you started! 

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Saturday, January 5, 2019

Penguin & Anticipation Guides

Hi Friends~ It sure has been a while since I posted on The Schroeder Page but I just made a super fun Penguin Anticipation Guide in Google Slides and I just had to share!

This time of year is perfect for jumping into the Arctic region and hitting those science and social studies standards! 

What is an Anticipation Guide?
An Anticipation Guide is a reading strategy that is used before reading to activate students' prior knowledge and build curiosity about a new topic.

Before reading a text, students respond to several statements that challenge or support their preconceived ideas about concepts in the book.

Using an interactive anticipation guide, students to move pieces digitally while representing prior knowledge on a digital or paper copy of a text.    

Interactive anticipation guides increase engagement and allows students the opportunity to interact with a text in the virtual work.

What is Epic Books?
I love to use EPIC Books for anticipation guides! If you haven't signed up for your FREE teacher account it is a must! Run! Go do it! Be sure to click Educators for the Free Account!
The selection of nonfiction texts is amazing! This book below is the text that you will need for the Penguin Anticipation Guide!
How I use the anticipation guides in class?
There are several ways I use our Anticipation guides in class.
1. In a large group with our Smartboard. I meet my students up front on the carpet and introduce the anticipation chart. We will discuss what beginning reading and after reading looks like. We begin with the first statement and as a class vote if we think the statement is true or false. We then head to the book and read. Clicking back to the guide and then determining the answer to the statement using text evidence.

2. Students have the anticipation guide on their ipad and mark their responses as we read.

3. Students read and work with the anticipation guide independently with the ipad/book.

4. Place a QR code of the guide in a center with copies of the book.

5. Students can work on the guide using a laptop or desktop computer.

*If you are looking for accountability with the activity, all you need to do is ask students to make their own copy of the guide and label it with their name in the top. You can easily make it an assignment in Google Classroom too!

Grab your Penguin Anticipation Guide Below! You are going to love it & your kiddos are going to love it too!

If you are looking for more Penguin Learning Fun you can check out my All About Penguin Unit on TPT!


Tuesday, August 29, 2017

All About APPLES!

Friends~It is almost APPLE season!  I love this time of year.  The air is crisp and the applesauce smells sooo good in the crockpot. There is so much learning that can take place with this sweet fruit!

Bringing apples into the classroom in September is the perfect way to ease your students into learning. One of my very favorite apple fiction stories is Apple Picking Time by Michele Benoit Slawson.  
It is the sweetest story about a young girl and her time picking apples with her family.  It shows real perseverance.  Check out a video read of the story below!
 One of my favorite activities to do with this book is to create purple punch cards for my students just like in the book.  As they work throughout the day, I punch their cards with an apple hole punch. Like the one below.  You could also use the a moon shaped one like in the story. 
Then I reward them with a sweet apple treat at the end of the day as they turn in their cards!
Here are some response questions for you to use during a book talk to help second grade teachers hit RI.2.1 I can ask and answer W questions
 This standard will also work with the nonfiction books below!
I also love to use the fable of the Magic Apple to hit my 3rd grade reading skill, RL.3.2 I can recount fables and determine the central message. 
Below is a video read of the book to add to your lessons. 
This file is great for unlocking folktales from Pearson!  Be sure to click below and save!
I love to bring in some factual information about apples too!  This video is a great lead into the nonfiction word of apples.  
Here is another video that is great for the life cycle of an apple!
It is so simple to put a fun life cycle craft together. See the example in the picture below. 
I love the Book I Am an Apple for this project!  Students can use this book to walk them through the life cycle. It is also a great book to talk with students about beginning print concepts.  Take them on a picture walk and discuss the title, cover, spine, illustrations, and words.  
RF.K1 I can understand print concepts. 
or grab this download of the story The Magic Apple for Kindergarteners! 

My favorite book for apple facts is Apples by Gail Gibbons.  
Reading both fiction and nonfiction books on a topic will allow first grade teachers to hit RL.1.5 Ti can tell which books are stories.  
Be sure to check out the video of my All About Apples below!  It will lead you through tons of FUN apple learning and end with a most loved APPLE Day in class!
Click the image below to read more about the file.
*Please know that this post includes Amazon affiliate links. 


Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Character Dress Up & Dr. Seuss

Friends~We had just the best week in 2nd grade last week!  We celebrated Right to Read Week as a school with all the wacky hair, socks, and Dr. Seuss fun. 
We made these simple Dr. Seuss silly FACT hats when we researched Dr. Seuss on PebbleGo.  My kiddos LOVE this site and I 💓 that it is a safe place for them to research.  (Sign up for a FREE trial!)  
All you need is a sentence strip.  We wrote All About Dr. Seuss on the front and they added strips for each fact they found about Dr. Seuss.  We then added stars, hearts, and fish to the end of the strips. 

Check out my sweet kiddos flashlight reading below!
We have really been working on our stamina using online timers.  Click the image below to check out some of the timers we use. 
I love this Time Tracker from Learning Resources.  It has audio and visual alarms.

But my FAVORITE part was that each class dressed as one book.  Meaning, no individual dress up.  We had to decide on a book as a class and then recreate it as a class.  Totally not as easy as it looks!  
As a class, we decided on a fairy tale.  The students broke into groups and made lists of fairy tales they knew. 
We jumped into our fairy tale book tub and did some buddy reading exploration. 
We watched some fairy tales on Youtube.  
We then voted...
Our favorite as a class was:
Princess and the Pea!

Be sure to check out Play Posit!  It is a awesome site where you can find pre made "bulbs" with interactive questions for students.  Super GREAT for Listening to Reading!
Check out the two I found below!  Sign up so you can make your own! 

Their PEA hats crack me up!  
Of course I was the princess-tiara and everything! 

Here are just a couple of my AWESOME teammates and a whole bunch of PEAS!  
 You can check out more fairy tale fun with The Schroeder Page HERE!


Sunday, September 18, 2016

Teaching Respect

Friends~One of the toughest things about teaching is managing children.  We never get a cookie cutter class.  It is always like a box of never know what you are gonna get. 

To me, that makes teaching exciting and challenging. 
(Exhausting? YES!)

I am a firm believer in teaching the whole child.  Not just academics.  Manners, social skills, behavior, and so on.  So many times we jump on board with these "behavior" systems for a quick fix.  We never take the time to teach what acceptable behavior is.  Truly if a student is having behavioral issues, a clip to red over and over is NEVER going to fix it.  
Do we need reminders?  YEP!  But those reminders need to be authentic.  They need to be meaningful. 

Look at this picture, read the words, let it speak to you!  I love the message Mandy Neal, from Teaching With Simplicity shared.  It is so powerful!

At my school, we have 4 school wide behavior expectations.  We review them every morning during our morning meeting. 
I have been working to teach each expectation indivudially.  This past week, we focused on RESPECT. 
I LOVE this Respect Rap! 
 So do my kiddos. 
 It totally spells it out!

My students connected quickly with this rap because it was made by students.  I love that the words are posted so they can hear and sing along.  Such an awesome reminder about how we need to be treating each other.  

Warning!  I have been singing this all weekend.  It totally gets stuck in your head!  So, while rapping all weekend, I got to thinking about how I can reinforce respect with this rap. 

I created this Respect Reminder
(Grab a FREE copy by clicking above.)

My plan is, if a student needs a reminder about how to respect others, our classroom, or our school, I am going to give them some quiet time to scan this code and listen to the rap privately.  They will then write a response and have a short conference with me. 
 I will them send it home for a parent signature. 

I plan to keep a copy for documentation as well.  It is such a simple idea but I think it is going to send an important message to my students.  

If you are looking for more behavior management tips, you can click below!

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