Top 10 Real Tips for New Teachers
As a new teacher, I am sure you head is spinning about what you need to be doing the summer before your first year.  Below you will find 10 REAL tips to help you get started!

1. Be sure to read over and become familiar with your school's website & curriculum resources.  
(If you don't know where it is located...ASK!)
*Many schools house their curriculum guides and online resources within the district website. 
*Become familiar with your state and district standards.  Be sure to read the UNPACKING documents! Check out Common Core Standards HERE!
*Review the pacing for the first quarter and begin to map our your books & themes for reading.
Check out Epic Books!  It is FREE for teachers and students! 

*Review Think Central for digital math manipulatives!  Be sure to BOOKMARK this site!
2. Draw out a map of your classroom. Or try these online options:Class Set UpClassroom Architect!  This might seem crazy but you really only have a few days to get your room set up due to meetings and trainings at the beginning of the year.  Having a plan when you go in will help you make the most of your time!
3. When buying storage items for your classroom keep this in mind: This room will most likely NOT be your forever classroom! 
*Purchase large tubs for each subject with a lid.  This will help if you do have to pack up and move.  Place everything for each subject in the tub to keep it organized throughout the year.  Hunting for boxes at the end of the year is a HUGE pain especially when others are doing the same. 
*Choose shelves on wheels!  I love these wire carts on wheels!  So much easier to wheel things down to the next room. I placed these at the end of each table group for community supplies!

*Get a WAGON!  Seriously, it will save you! As a new teacher, you will be brining in LOTS of supplies ALL year long.  This baby will help you make it quick and simple.  It collapses down in your car too!  (Also, great if you have to move rooms someday!)
4. Touch base with your team or mentor and find out what types of technology your school uses for instruction.  Is it Canvas or Google Classroom or Edmodo?  There are lots of options and you will want to have a strong understanding of how these platforms work.   
*In terms of technology, I highly recommend a classroom website or blog.  You can set up a simple website using Google Sites.  
*Having a website is a great way to communicate with parents and students.  
*A classroom blog is a fun way to communicate with parents throughout the year.  I used it in place of a newsletter! Or check out SMORE!  I LOVE creating SMORES for my school! *Be sure to ask your admin if there is a school account or if there is money in the budge to purchase an account for your grade level. (Do this before you purchase any account!)
5. Decide how you will plan your lessons.  Will you use a traditional paper planner or will you go more digital?  When I first started teaching,  I used a basic paper planner and quickly moved to a more digital formate including Google Slides.  I love to use technology when I teach so it made total sense to just add all the planning into the speaker notes and include the links I needed for the lessons. 
How cute is this paper planner from School Girl?????
Check out some ideas for online planning in Google Slides!
6. Plan out procedures for everything!  Like EVERYTHING!  You will need to help your students understand how to work as a team within your classroom. 
  • Morning Routine
  • Afternoon Routine
  • Center Traffic Pattern
  • Where and How to Line Up
  • Birthdays
  • Pencil Sharpening
  • Bathroom Breaks
  • Attention Getters
  • Classroom JOBS
  • How to sit on the Carpet
  • How to Clean Up
These are just a few!  I truly TEACH these at the beginning of the year and revisit after winter break. 

*The first week of school,  I like to use my morning meeting time to get to know each other and how we will learn to work together as a family.  Check out my Morning Meeting file on TPT! 
Along with procedures, you will want to really think about your philosophy on classroom behavior and discipline.  I highly recommend Conscious Discipline!  It is a brain based approach that emphasizes school family!  There are tons of FREE resources for you to check out!

*Don't fall for the CLIP CHART trap!  You don't need a behavior plan for your whole class-it is exhausting to keep up with!!!!! 
*Taking the time to form relationships with your students and parents is a much better use of your time. 
*Taking time at the beginning of the year to TEACH and PRACTICE procedures will take care of a ton of behavior issues! 
*I always tell my parents that I don't award good behavior.  Good behavior is expected!  I will celebrate EXTRAORDINARY Behavior:) 
7. Purchase these 2 items to save your sanity! A personal laminator and a cutting boardYou can check out my favorites for the classroom in my Amazon Store!  Just click below! 
You will be making tons of last minute things and these two simple tools will save you from running to the work room.  
*Heck, set up your own mini work room in your classroom.  Time is PRECIOUS! 
8. Use classroom numbers!  I know you want to use their names and you will but you need sanity!  Plus, numbers can be used for transitions like, "Odd numbers head back to your seats."  A simple way to get some math in! 
*Classroom numbers work perfectly on cubbies, notebooks, jobs and so much more.  The best thing is if you label with numbers you will be able to use them year after year.  HUGE TIP! Calendar numbers work perfectly for this!!!!  Just laminate and number! 
*I always use names on their desk tags or hall displays.  

I LOVE the Carson Dellosa tags! I know this is going to sound crazy but I write their names in, laminate and then put them on springs as holders.  

9. Create an AMAZON Wish list for your classroom!!!!  You are going to have family & friends asking what they can help you with for your classroom.  So simple to send a list!  

*Add it to your email signature so that your parents can check it out if they are wanting to support your classroom.
*Add your list to your class website or blog!  
*Add it to a QR code for Open House so that parents can pick one up if they want to make a donation. 
*I also create lists for my home and family too.  Lily's college dorm list has gotten a tone of use!  

10. This is a really important one!  Take care of you!  I promise the teacher you start the year as is not the one you will finish as.  One of the most amazing things about teaching is every class of students shapes you into a better teacher.  You continue to learn and grow every year.  Your toughest situations are lessons in how you manage the rest of your career.  Learn from them don't shy away! 
*Make sure that you are wiping your classroom down with a disinfectant.  I know many schools supply you with sprays but I also double team that with Clorox wipes!  
*I also add hand sanitizer to each corner of my room with a box of tissues!!!!
*Get SLEEP!  You are going to need it:). Set a routine for yourself in the morning to get your day started on the right track.  Check out my morning routine!
*Prepack your lunch the night before!  If you wait until the morning you will be stressed and often times won't have time to do it.  Then you will be left with no lunch or you will be forced to eat in the cafeteria.  
*If you do have to eat in the cafeteria...bring CASH or you can usually write a check.  You just need to head to one of the cashiers and ask them what you need to do to place money on your account. 
*I love these stackable boxes for my lunches!  You can pack snacks within too!
When winter comes around...this little guy is going to be your BEST friend!  No standing in line for the microwave for you!  Fill it up at home, bring container to work and pop it into your crock.  Perfect temperature by lunch every time!
*Be sure to always take time to breath!  I did yoga and mediation with my class everyday after lunch.  It is AMAZING!  Teaching them to breath and relax is such an important life skill plus you get some stress free time for you too! 
*I LOVE Adriene!!!!  She does yoga for teachers and students!  Check out her Yoga for the Classroom below! 
*This book is perfect for introducing yoga during your morning meeting!

Teach, you are going to be AMAZING!  You will bond with this class like no other!  Take lots of pictures and love them hard.  Thank you for being brave enough to jump into this ever changing career! 
Always know, I am here if you have questions or concerns:) I am just an email away!
*This post is filled with items from my Amazon Affiliate Account.  By purchasing the item from the links provided, I will receive a small compensation. Thank you bunches for supporting The Schroeder Page!

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