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The Schroeder Page: Lifestyle Tips!
Hi friends!  The Schroeder Lifestyle in nutshell is BUSY and always changing.  Both of my children are in travel sports and so much more!  They certainly keep me hopping.  

When my kiddos were younger I always thought when they were older it would get easier to juggle everything...NOT! 

 Little Kids=Little Problems & Fun
Big Kids=Big Problems & Fun
My Lily and Ian are both teenagers now and we are adjusting to the new life of raising teens!  I love it!  But as you all know, being a wife, mama, educator, blogger & curriculum designer can be quit the juggling act.  Below you will find out how I am making it happen while also finding much needed time for me! 

Below you will find some tips that totally work for me.  I have linked the items that I use through my affiliate account on Amazon.  Click through and check them out!  I have lots of lists created and I will continue to add so be sure to follow my page on AMAZON-my favorite place to shop!

Tip 1: Get up a bit early...really I DO NOT love this but I do get up at lease half an hour before I need to be so that I can have some me time.  
  • First: A cup of coffee with scoop of Alaya Protein.  I just started adding it a month ago but my hair is growing like crazy and my nails are so much stronger!  Bonus, my 45 year old body doesn't crack as much due to the glucosamine!
  • And I mix up my Triplex Combo!  Like a double punch to get me up and going! 

Tip 2Then I hop back in bed and dive into my emails and calendar for the day.  I keep a digital calendar but I am also pretty old school and need to keep a paper calendar too.  So, this is how I do it!  
  • During the week, I add to my digital calendar as things change and flip around.  
  • Then each morning when I get up and have my cup of coffee I write in my paper calendar what I have for that day.  
  • So basically I live day by day! 
  • Check out my current planner-I like to keep them small and easy to carry! 
Tip 3: Many moons ago, I mean many!  I was a pretty serious athlete and I love sports but life eventually got in the way.  Gonna be honest, I have struggled to find something fitness wise that would work for me.  Currently, YOGA is my JAM fitness wise!  I love it sooooo much!  Slowly but surely turning a space in my bedroom into my yoga den!  
  • I have loved Jillian Michael's DVDs forever and once I found her yoga Melt Down I haven't looked back!  It combines yoga poses with movement so you get the beautiful yoga stretch and some fat burning too! 
  • I am kinda picky about my mat.  I want it to be thick so I can sink right into it.  Plus, it helps me hold my pose and the movement part of this particular work out.  The mat I am currently using is out of stock but this is pretty close.  Any thing around 1/2 inch. 
    Once I hit that mat and my diffuser starts my essential oils, I am in a zone!  30 minutes later I am off to the shower to get ready for my work day!  
    • Check out my friend Kelli's store over on Doterra for essential oils! 

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