One of the things I 💕 about my school district is that they employ instructional coaches at ALL of their schools.  That means K-12 teachers are supported not only by their school but also their grade level, a mentor and an instructional coach! 

Check out our Curriculum and Instruction team!  These people are amazing!  So talented in soooo many ways!  
I think back to my first year of teaching, when I was handed a bunch of manuals and the standards and told to go teach.  (By the way, the standards I was given were out of date so that caused some problems!-YIKES). I would have LOVED to have had access to an instructional coach! 

As an instructional coach in Mooresville Graded Schools in Mooresville, NC, I work closely with administration and curriculum department.  I develop lessons and google slide presentations that are aligned with our district standards for our teachers to use in their classrooms. I team teach and model lessons when needed. I also run our PLC meetings and provide PD within those meeting and at the district level. Check out a tour of our PLC room!

I participate in walkthroughs to support instructional needs in our building.  I also developed our school wide check out system for curriculum resources.  Kinda like Amazon Prime but we call it Park View Prime!  They check it out and I deliver by the next day!  My day is so busy but I love that I never know what the day will bring!
My favorite part about my job is our Beginning Teacher and New Teacher Program.  (BTNT)  That means if you are a beginning teacher years 1-3 you are supported directly by me at Park View Elementary!  We meet, we plan, we co teach, I answer questions, give feedback, dig for resources, help with discipline, help with conferences, support you with technology, basically WHATEVER you need...I am your girl! 

I also LOVE writing my weekly blogpost for my teachers. It is a great chance for me to reflect on what I noticed during walkthroughs and share some resources or ideas with them to help support them in their classrooms.  You can check it out below. 

I have NEVER worked in a school system that provides this for their teachers.  Here is the cool thing, if you are new to our district you get the same support even if you have been teaching for 20 years!

Our new teachers thrive and are consistently staying in the classroom.  Meaning once a teacher comes to Mooresville, they rarely ever leave!  We have teachers at our building that were students at Park View and now they are teachers at Park View!  Pretty amazing stuff! 

I am super proud to share that the NCCAT Teacher of the year Mrs. Leanne Rose is one of my BTNTs! 
She is amazing and I am so excited to watch her grow!  Click her picture to read all about her amazing work in the classroom!

So you might be thinking...I wish we had instructional coaches at my school.  Well, you are in luck.  This year I will be rolling out my Virtual Meet Ups for New Teachers!  Click HERE to learn more about my Virtual Coaching Meet Up

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