Lifestyle with the Schroeders

If I have to sum up our lifestyle as a family I would say BUSY!  But a good busy.  Both of my kiddos have some pretty serious passions and the devote a ton of time to them!

My daughter Lily is an avid softball player.  She started around 8 years old and is now playing in college!  She trains like crazy so for our family that meant catching lessons, hitting lessons, team practice, strength training and weekend long tournaments & college camps!  It was our life for a great many years.  

Things have slowed a bit on that front since Lily left for college a few weeks ago.  The cool thing about this is she gets to study her passion in class-biology & play her sport!  We are so looking forward to the spring to see her on the field again.  She absolutely LOVES college!


Our son Ian keeps us busy too!  He plays travel baseball and is a paid child actor!  So I can honestly say I am super great at packing coolers, pulling wagons & putting up tents! 

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