Vocabulary & Comprehension

Does vocabulary support comprehension?  Sure it does and it is so important for our developing readers to have multiple interactions with vocabulary words!

The Key Classroom has a good chart to walk you through what teachers should know about teaching vocabulary!

This is video explains the different tiers of vocabulary and why explicit vocabulary instruction is essential to a balanced reading program.

Check out these 10 games from The Not So Wimpy Teacher to help your students get that "practice" in with vocabulary words.  Many of these would work great in centers or partner groups!
I also LOVE the "Parrot Strategy from The Candy Class on TPT. Check out this freebie and be sure to visit her store for other great products!
We are Teachers has a spot on post about how to support ELL learners with vocabulary that would also be very beneficial to add to your daily lessons!  The strategies and activities hit lots of different learning styles!
Be sure to stop by The Reading and Writing Haven!  These strategies are awesome!  So many simple ways to get your students to dig deep into vocabulary! 
Myth #3 is my favorite to bust! 
Do you have a word wall?????  If the answer is no, please consider adding one to your classroom!  It is a simple way to bring vocabulary into your lessons! 
Grab this FREE one from Especially Education to get you started! 

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