Sunday, August 26, 2012

A Huge Success!

Friends~I am so happy to report that my open house was a huge success.  I am filled to the brim with 24 second graders.  They all showed with smiling faces and their parents filled my volunteer board sheets all up! School Year 2012-2013 is a GO!  Check out the fun goodies I left for me students at their seats on the big night.

Here is a look inside!  Who knew that there were so many types of bubblegum.  I told my kiddos not to tell the dentist I gave it to them:)

Here is my volunteer board and my wish stars!  It was filled by the end of the night:)  Loving my HES parents as always!

Below is my bubble gum estimation jar.  (Someone did steal my gumballs and they were missing all day on Friday but mysteriously showed back up again for open house!)  I am planning on counting the gumballs and giving away the jar on Monday.  The kiddos were really excited about it!

I also redid my Learning Objectives board again!  I just want it to be short and simple.  I do make reading the objectives before each lessons a job in my classroom but I hate how much space it takes up.  I am sure I will revamp this again in the future!

Question of the day also got a Pinterest face life.  I am so happy that I don't need to use sentence strips everyday for this now.  Now just a visa-vis and a baby wipe!  I use this as a morning responsibility and then we go over the question at the end of the day.  I read the numbers on the clips and that is the order we begin packing up in.  So super simple!

Last,  my team finally forced me to be grade chair this year.  I have been avoiding it since I was afraid that I would freak them out with my obsessive issues.  Well they asked for it!  Check out The Dream Team binders I made for them!  Filled with tons of fun stuff like cute calendars, The Dream Team Directory, A Year at a Glance and so much more.  Boy they are so in for some fun this year right???

Ok, maybe this is last!  My daughter's kindergarten teacher moved into the role of our tech facilitator this year and she has totally redone our computer lab.  It is like Pinterest threw up in there!  (Really it is super cute!)  Check out this fun picture my teammates and I sent her of us using her new seats while waiting on our freaking slow printer!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

My Book Battle

Friends~I don't know about you but I battle every year with my class about putting books away properly.  I don't care if I label every book with a matching book tub label somehow books end up where they shouldn't be! 

I am now arming myself with my newest scam to get my kiddos to place the books back where they found them!  I kinda borrowed it from the library.  Check out my Book Back Marks! 

I grabbed some door hanger thingies at the craft store yesterday.  I love that they have a hole in them.  I am going to hang them from our work carts at the end of each of my table groups.  My students will ONLY be able to check out a book from our classroom library if they have their BBMs (Book Back Marks)  I am hoping that we will be able to keep our classroom library nice and neat this year. 

I have spent the summer grabbing tons of new chapter books for my 2nd graders.  Check some of my stash out below!  I can't wait to add them to our classroom library!

I have always been a picture book junkie but I am afraid I am starting to have the same issue with chapter books.  I love using novel studies with my students.  It is an awesome way to have an interactive read aloud and also teach a ton of skills all at once.  At the beginning of the year, I use my novel studies in small groups but by the end of the year we are doing large group novel studies where my students respond to literature during the readings.  The thinking that goes on during these lesson is incredible.  If you are interested in checking out some of my novel studies I use in class you can click HERE

Be sure to check out my newest Novel Study Bunnicula!  I do love the Bunny Vampire.  If you are not familiar with this book you have to grab a copy for the month of October.  Your class will fall in love with Harold and Chester.   It is a must read in room 331! 

Click the image above to check it out and download a
 preview of the file.  

I report tomorrow for meetings all day but I am hoping to get a bit done in my classroom.  Wait until you see my fun Seat Treats for my kiddos on Meet the Teacher Night!  


Thursday, August 16, 2012

Let's Have a BALL FREEBIE!

Friends~We are using a candy theme to start the school year with in 2nd grade.  I decided to do gumballs and I am super excited with how my bulletin board turned out.  Take a look below!

I am planning on doing the words on Monday and putting my kiddo's names on the gumballs.  I was a bit spoiled today because I had a helper.  One of my parents from last year contacted me about having her older high school daughter help in my room this year.  She said she wanted to go to college to be a teacher after she graduates in June.  I met her for the first time today and after spending the day with her, I am sure she is going to be wonderful teacher.  She got so much done for me and she said she would love to come every Friday!  I am so excited to have her:)  Thanks Miss H!

I am also having an estimation jar at open house filled with gumballs.  I am planning on counting the gumballs on the first day and letting the kiddo with the closest estimate take it home.  I am also adding these cute tags to the bags of gumballs for open house.  I totally came up with this poem while I was blow drying my hair this morning!   Give the image a click to download a FREE copy of this sweet gift!

Next on my list is to print out my WelGUM Back to School Common Core ELA and Math Assessment/Review!  I really think my class will love earning gumballs as they work their way through this packet!

You can download a preview of this file by clicking the image above.  

The neat thing about this file is that the students earn gumballs to add to their I Can Common Core Standards as they complete them in the packet.  Check out an example of the I Can sheets below! 

If you are doing a Gumball theme this year, I would love to hear about it!  Leave a message below with anything fun you are doing so that I can add to my gumball fun!  

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Teamwork Starts YOUNG!

Friends~My team is really on the ball!  We are planning into September already with a super exciting Baseball Theme.  We really want to teach teamwork in the beginning of the year so we decided to make happen with baseball.

Now you all know that my family is so into baseball and softball that this theme comes pretty naturally to me.  In fact, everywhere I turn I am seeing how teamwork is being taught even at the youngest of ages.  Like in the video below.  This is my son Ian's T Ball team .  They are just learning how to back each other up.  Like good teammates do!

Ian also surprised me with some sweetness tonight.  After spending 2 hours at the ball park for his sister's practice,  Ian can home and was using a marker to draw on something in the kitchen.  I went to see what was up and found him drawing on a rock.  He just said it was for Lily.  Later on,  Lily showed me what he drew.  It was a rock in the shape of a diamond.  That shape reminded him of the ballpark so he drew bases on it for her to make a ball diamond.  So dang cute and sweet and smart!  See even at home we are part of a team.  We look out for each other!

I can't wait to get my kiddos at school thinking in the same way!  Teamwork makes the world go around.  We have to look out for each other and help each other succeed.  If you are looking for a unit to use with a baseball theme, check out my preview of Take Me Out to the Ballgame by watching the video below.

Or go straight to my file by clicking the image below.  
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You can also grab a copy of my FREE Batter up game by signing up for my Schroeder Page News.  

Thanks a bunch!  


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Train Wreck and a MOOSE!

Friends~I feel like I have been hit by a train!  I have spent the last 2 days in my classroom cleaning out and organizing.  This is what I saw when I walked up to the door. The custodians love to play little jokes on me.  This is their way of saying I have too much stuff!

I really thinned out my walls today by pulling down old posters and signs.  I moved things around and hopefully made a dent in my files.  I did make these cute sheets for the cover of my MOOSE Folder.  I really wanted to change it up but I couldn't get MOOSE-Management of Organizational Skills Everyday out of my head.  I can't remember where I found the MOOSE idea from exactly.  I know it was on the internet somewhere.  I did peace it up a bit so that it fit in my classroom.  Check it out below!

I am really happy with how they came out!  I added the peace signs for the OO's and their classroom number so that I don't have to label them with stickers!  

I also got my OOPS Book put together!  I made it this year and laminated the cards.  I am planning on using visa vis markers so maybe it will last me a year or 2.  If not, I will add some index cards between the covers.  

You can read more about my OOPS Book by clicking the image above.  

I also grabbed these carts for the end of my table groups.  I am hoping that they will be able to move them around because they have wheels and also grab their supplies from them easily.  

Once I get them all set up I will get you a picture.  They take up much less space than the extra desks I used in the past.  I really am trying to streamline things in the classroom to help with traffic flow.  And so people will stop saying I have soooooo much stuff.  I am starting to get a complex about it.  

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Oh ME of MY!

Friends~The day is here!  My Wish list on Teachers Pay Teachers will finally get a rest.  It is the Back to School Sale on Teachers Pay Teachers today August 12-13th.  Be sure to use the code BTS12 to get your extra 10% off the sale prices.  Head over and get your shop on!  It always makes me smile when I buy on Teachers Pay Teachers because I know that I am supporting other teachers just like me!

Now this sale has me super happy but also a little sad because it means the end of summer.  I know many of you are heading back to school sooner than me like my good BUDDY Hilary Lewis.  (Sorry girl:)  I will head back tomorrow to start to piece my classroom back together.  I can't tell you how much I enjoyed this summer with my babies and my laptop!  It is actually going to be hard to go back.  I have gotten into quite a routine this summer.  I am hoping tomorrow I will get a bit of a jolt being back in my classroom:)  I do love brand new crayons and markers!

I have to remember this is the reason I go back and move tons of furniture, break nails, sweat, cut, laminate, trace, organize, label, label and label!

  I have a student teachers this year, a new teammate and I am grade chair!  I have a lot on my plate but I do love a challenge. 

Below you will see my newest labor of love my Baseball unit.  It is going to be a super fun theme to introduce teamwork in September!
Remember it is on sale now in my Teachers Pay Teachers store.  

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Have a great Sunday and happy shopping my virtual teaching friends!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Caution: This post may cause uncontrollable laughter!

Friends~First, be sure that you are seated and that you have a snack.  This is going to take a while!  Rocking Teacher Materials and The Schroeder Page have combined forces to create a comic strip for your viewing pleasure!  Turn off your cellphones, sit back, relax and enjoy the show!

Announcing the Annual Back to School Sale on 
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We wanted to announce this exciting event in a very special way!  Lots of research went into this project since Rockin and Schroeder do not speak Rock or Hippie fluently.  
Feel free to listen and read this as many times as you want.  Share it across the world via Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter!  We want you shout it from the roof tops!

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Thank you for understanding our excitement!  Thank you for not thinking that we have totally lost it.  Thank you for following us into the sale to arm yourself with tons of teacher goodies created by teachers just like you!  
We are so very proud to be a part of this revolution!  Thank you to all of the very talented teachers and staff that make Teachers Pay Teachers possible!

Shop on Friends...SHOP ON!


Wednesday, August 8, 2012

ETA Hand 2 Mind Review

Friends~I was contacted a few weeks ago by a website called ETAHand 2 Mind-Hands on learning for growing minds.  After checking out their site I new I had to review their products.  Their story is inspiring and their website is very user friendly.  Their main philosophy is students learn by doing- absolutely what I believe too.

Their Versa Tiles  have be recognized by Learning Magazine for quality, instructional value, ease of use, and  innovation. 

In fact, that is one of the products that I reviewed.  Check out the images below to see how my little friend Reagan helped me out! 
We started with the K-2 Literacy Tool Kit.  Loved it!  The Versa Tiles make the kit.  

The kit came with 3 different leveled books, 3 practice books for the tiles, a writing journal, and Conversation Cue Cards.  

We worked with the On the Go Conversation Cards first.  
They were a great warm up and helped us get started thinking about relationships.  

We then ventured into the world of the Versa Tiles.  Now this by far was my favorite part.  The tiles work beautifully and Reagan caught on right away how to set them up.  We worked in The Phonics Practice Book.  

She enjoyed the Versa Tiles so much she took them home to practice more pages.  I love that they are self checking and the books can be used over and over.  The tiles also can be used with any set of practice books.  They are that versatile:) 

We also worked on some of the strategies in the Teacher's Resource Guide: Writing Destinations book.  I really liked how this book was set up.  

 Across the top of each page you will find not only the strategy you are working on but past strategies you have taught and future strategies to begin thinking ahead.  
The lessons walk you through introducing the strategy, teaching the strategy and my favorite part,  the student showcase section where students show off their work.  

We focused on the sentence transformer strategy.  We were even able to transfer what we learned over into a story that she wrote last week.  

It would be great to have a Student's Showcase writing board for the kiddos to show off their work!  
The system also comes with a CD with over 50 black line masters to compliment this program.  Love it!  

I was also sent the Level 8 Math Starter Set.  Just like the literacy program is was super user friendly.  The Versa Tiles worked with the practice books in this kit also.  I got a great resources manual  that talks you through some informal and formal assessments.  There is a complete scope and sequence to keep you on track.  

ETA Hand 2 Mind has products to fit all grades and age groups. You can find tons of lessons  for Science, Reading, and Math.   

I am so excited to use these products with my 2nd graders.  I know that the Versa Tiles are going to be a much loved center this school year!


Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Writing Template FREEBIE!

Friends~I just put a quick freebie together for my back to school writing lessons.  I love that there is a rubric at the bottom for my kiddos to check off showing that they edited for sight words, punctuation, spaces, and capital letters?

You can grab a copy of this 6 page file by heading over to my Facebook Page!  

There is also a fun "About the Author Page" where the students can tell about how they show their voice in their writing.  I think I am going to use it for my first writing assessment in class. 

Check out my Writing Board on Pinterest for more fun ways to get your kiddos writing on day ! 


Sunday, August 5, 2012

A Dot here and a Dot There!

Friends~I have a ton of obsessions like shoes, bags, jewelery.  The normal girl stuff but I just realized that I may have another obsession.  DOTS!  Really you say?  Polka dots, blinking dots, connect the dots-I love them all. 

The other night, I was hanging with my friend Nurse Amy. (She hates when I call her that:)  She is our school nurse and her daughter plays softball with my Lily Kay.  Well, her little nugget Chayce was with us.  

He is so dang fun!  We were coloring pictures and I started making dots for him to connect.  He loved it and he spent a good part of the hour connecting dots and then making his own.  I have not been able to forget about how fun it was to see a little one get excited about something so simple. 

I decided that I needed to share this with my class too!  I created my Dot It! Draw and Write book and I am dedicating it to my good buddy Chayce!  Check it out below.  I think I am going to have it out on my 2nd grader's desk's for the first day. 

I sent a copy to Chayce for his approval.  I can't wait to see what he thinks!  You can preview it by clicking the images above:)

Here are some more of my DOT obsessions!

These fun little numbers are called Talk Points.  I use them in my centers.  I can record quick directions and my students never have to interrupt a reading group to find out what to do!  They are worth every cent!  Click the image to get your own.  Tell them The Schroeder Page sent you!

I am going to miss this guy in the photo but really look at my polka dot curtains!  And you can see my Talk Points on the back cabinet!  That is my Exploration Station!

You already saw these but again! Polka Dots on my center signs!
I am totally going to grab Erica Bohrer's Polka Dots too!  It is waiting in my Wish List on TpT! 

Here I go again with the dots! These are the coolest things!  I use them on my homework board.  My kiddos see the blinking dots and know what their homework assignment is for the day!  So fun and eye catching:)

 Listen,  I know there are way more dots in my classroom but I didn't want you to think I was too nutty!

What is your obsession in your classroom?

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