Tuesday, May 31, 2011

So I cried today...a bit!

Having a hard day at school can mean a lot of things.  It is emotional, it is crazy, it is so stinking busy but today when I was totally spent there was a ray of light.  This is my 4th year at my school and for the first time I have a group of students that I taught graduating from 5th grade.  I received a letter in my mailbox today from a former student.  I made the mistake of reading it out loud to my class.  Tears then followed.  It is so easy to forget the impact that we as teachers make. 
I know it is hard to read so I blew up the section that turned on the flood gates:)

Everyone deserves a 2nd chance!
Thank YOU Lizze in 5th grade.  You truly made my day!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

My Memories Digital Scrapbooking GIVEAWAY!

Teaching Friends.
     As the school year comes to an end and our "Labratories" classrooms close we must think to the future...SUMMER!  Many hours of blog reading are ahead of us as well as digital creations!  My friends at My Memories have contacted me to offer my followers a FREE GIVEAWAY of their software.  I have just spent the morning playing with their incredible My Memories Suit and have created several of my FIRST scrap booking pages for my family. I don't know about you but I have tried several times to start scrap booking for my family and have failed due to time and cost.  Well...with My Memories I will be able to keep up with our memories easily and afford-ably.  You have got to check this out!

One of the best things is that my graphics work beautifully with My Memories!

 Also I have played with the scrapbook software to create a few items to help with organizing supplies next year. Check out my glue sign below.  I plan to mount it, laminate, and place on a spring to label where I want all of the glue to go when my kiddos are unpacking on the first day!

To ENTER the FREE GIVEAWAY all you need to do is be a follower of my blog at www.schroederpage.blogspot.com and head over to MY MEMORIES-choose your favorite layout or paper pack.  Come back to The Schroeder Page and leave me a comment about your FAV!  

Let me know with a comment if you chose to follow My Memories on their BLOG or  FACEBOOK and you will receive an extra entry!

This Giveaway will run until Friday, June 3rd!  I can't wait to pick my winner!

My Memories is also offering one more SWEET DEAL...if you would like to go ahead and purchase the software they are giving a $10 off promotion for my followers.  
Just head over to My Memoreis and enter the promotional code STMMMS91328.  You will receive the discount and be on your way to EASY Digital Scrap~booking!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Freebie Friday! Whatever the Weather

Hey ALL...in honor of Freebie Friday~ I am offering a free download of the poem on my umbrellas.  Just click the image below and you will be all set!


Thursday, May 26, 2011

Volunteer Umbrellas!

A wonderful way to say thank you to your classroom volunteers is to say it with a sweet umbrella!  I found this idea in The Mailbox magazine years ago and made it my own. 

I head out an snatch up all of the black umbrellas at the local Walmart.  I pick up some paint markers in white and black.  I letter them up with thank yous and the year.  Each student comes in and decorates their head with their name. 

I also add a tag that says...Whatever the Weather, we think you shine!


Monday, May 23, 2011

On your mark, Get set...GO BBGW!

Hey Blog Friends,

     Since we have had such a huge response to Blog Buttons Gone Wild...Mrs. McCumbee and I have decided to start the LINKY PARTY Now!  Please print your blog button out, mount it, and then take a photo of it in the most UNSUSAL place you can think of.  Feel free to use Photoshop too:)

     Once you have done that...head over and LINK up at BOTH  http://www.schroederpage.blogspot.com/ and http://www.mrsmccumbeesclass.blogspot.com/!

Check out NASCAR Driver Chad McCumbee lounging before the drop of the green flag with our buttons.  He is standing next to his Modspace Ford, that finished 3rd over the weekend! GO CHAD!


Team Planning...Pollination Station!

A Shout our to all Butterfly Teaches! 

Check out this video of a simple Cross Pollination Station for all.  Students will love the science, art, and response elements of this exploration. 

Introduce this center by playing this video and tell them it is from Mrs. Schroeder's 2nd Grade Class!

Make this center your own.  Take a picture/video of your students participating in this center and link back to The Schroeder Page.  Fill us all in on what you did to make this center work in your classroom or grade!
Talk about group planning!

Happy Pollinating! 
Find more fun Butterfly activities in Butterfly unit below! 

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Butterfly Hats!

Like I needed any more butterfly ideas!  Well, yesterday we made the most adorable caterpillar thumbprint heads and that means today we need to make some fantastic butterfly heads.  I was racking my brain when I came up with these!

One colored sentence strip, one pipe cleaner, one strip of paper, a few circular sponges and paint.  We drew in the other parts and labeled in crayon.  The class totally loved them. 

Just a few shots of the steps:)
I taped instead of gluing the parts. 
Also you can just bend the pipe cleaner and tape.  I cut before I thought of that.

Check out our Insect Song...we have been singing it for transitions:)

Here are a few shots of the thumbprint caterpillar heads too!

Add a copy of my butterfly unit to your files!

Be sure to check out my Butterfly Business and Learning!  
Click below!


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Schroeder Summary...a Newsletter Finally for Teachers!

 Teaches...Finally a Newsletter ALL for Us!  Check out The Schroeder Summary at www.theschroederpage.com to get your month off to a great start.  It is filled with monthly ideas for all areas, websites, and more.  
Download one at a time or the whole school year at once.  Sometimes parents are not the only ones that need reminders of what is up ahead. 
Each newsletter is 2 pages and it lists prep ideas as well as donation lists.  Check out the peek into next month to keep your planning in gear.  


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Blog Buttons Gone WILD Linky Party!

Hey Bloggies...My Teamie, Mrs. Mccumbee and I are going to host our first of many linky parties!  Starting Friday, May 27th we challenge you to attempt our spin on Flat Stanley!  Start prepping now!

Take your blog button, print it out, mount it like the good teacher you are and take a picture with it in the most unusual place you can think of.  Come on back to www.schroederpage.blogspot.com and link up!  Head over to www.mrsmccumbeesclass.blogspot.com and link up! 

Be sure to leave a comment on both sites!

Blogging about this linky party would totally be appreciated!  Thanks in advance!

Everyone loves FREE advertisement...don't they???

Together we will start it off...be on the look out for our picture on Thursday after school. 


Thinking Ahead! 2011-2012

Friends...Start the 2011-2012 school year off right with my SMARTboard Calendars!

I am so excited that a school year's worth of SMARTboard interactive calendars are finally finished and ready at http://www.theschroederpage.com/.
 They can be previewed at http://www.theschroederpage.com/ under SMARTboard.

My class has run my calendar all year with our SMARTboard.  They do such an amazing job.  They are very independent during this time and their independence allows me to meet with students, take attendance, check agendas and more.  Click the video below to see it in action!
I am so super proud of them!



Monday, May 16, 2011

Meet my Teamie...Mrs. McCumbee

See...I told you I was contagious. Mrs. Stephie is my teammate in 2nd grade!  She has FINALLY started her own blog after spending many hours helping me.  Click her button above to visit her blog...don't forget to follow her too!  She has amazing teaching and learning going on in her room!  I know ~becasue she is my classroom neighbor! 


Free $10 Starbucks gift card!

She is doing a CAFFEINE give away!   The rules for her give away are you must be a follower of her blog at http://www.mrsmccumbeesclass.blogspot.com/ and also leave a comment about her blog!
The GIVE AWAY ends on Sunday night May 22:)


Tree of Life

This week in class we are studing the life cycle of the butterfly.  We have created a Tree of Life bulletin board.  We posted the egg on the tree last week and we have now studied the larva stage and our "gummy" caterpillars are proudly on display outside our classroom.  Check out the pictures below for a close up!

If you want to take your butterfly life cycle to a new level check out my butterfly unit at http://www.theschroederpage.com/!


Friday, May 6, 2011

Winner, Winner, Hip- Hop Frog for the Beginner!

Robyn...you are the winner of my Hip-Hop Frog Unit and Life Cycle.  Please contact me by Monday with your shipping and email information!


Thursday, May 5, 2011

SMART Exemplary Educators!

BIG News Friends!  I just found out that I was excepted into the SMART Exemplary Educator program.  I have been waiting on pins and needles since I filled out the application a month or so ago.  I was so nervous because I had to video myself and show my SMART expertise.  I freak in front of the camera so I was worried that I looked foolish.  (Thanks to my team mate and assistant for helping with the video and for cheering me on...you both are the best!)   I am so thrilled that I will have to opportunity to connect with other SMART educators, share ideas, try out new software, and attend a variety of trainings. 

Stay tuned for more scoop about all of the new SMART stuff I get to check out!


Monday, May 2, 2011

Winner, Winner, Hip Hop Frog for the Beginner!

Robyn...You are the winner of my Hip, Hop Frog Unit and Frog Life cycle from www.insectlore.com.  Please contact me with shipping and email information to claim your goodies:)

Mrs. Schroeder

Check out my new Hip Hop Frog Unit for some end of the year fun!  It is filled with hands on centers as well as the life cycle of a frog! 

I am doing a free give away until Friday May 6th!  In order to be eligible you must be a follower of my blog & TPT account and also create a blog post about this give away on your blog please link your post back to my website.   Anyone who copies and pastes my button to their blog will get a 2nd entry. 
Please leave a comment once you have posted:)

The winner will receive a free copy of my Hip Hop Frog unit valued at $8.00 and also a Frog Life Cycle Stage model from http://www.insectlore.com/ valued at $8.00!

I will also be participating in the 20% off at TPT for Teacher Appreciation Week!


Sunday, May 1, 2011

Beyond Flipping Cards

Check out my Classroom Management Manuel at www.theschroederpage.com!
  It is filled with tips for creating a classroom of independent learners that can manage their own behavior.  No more pulling cards, moving sticks, or time outs.  Spend less time putting out fires and more time teaching. 

Preview Beyond Flipping Cards  at www.theschroederpage.com

Please note that the only item for sale on the Classroom Management page is Beyond Flipping Cards.  My webmaster is in the process of changing the other to free of charge.  Thanks!