Monday, February 28, 2011

Math Center REDO!

I really want to do Math Workshop in my classroom but our schedule doesn't allow it.  I have now reworked my math center so that my math I mean math class.  We are switching for math classes in 2nd grade based on skill  level.  Some good things are happening but we still have a lot of issues to work out.  One being having a whole new group of kiddos in my room and managing centers.  Today was the first day of Math Centers and I think they went well.  The students were super excited to check out the centers.  The only issue was clean up.

I am running 4 centers right now.  Math Games, Timed Tests, Math Computation with Slates, and Flash Cards.

Check out the slates on the top shelf.  I got this idea from my friends in Kindergarten.  They drilled a hole in each slate, added a metal ring & sock.  Markers are stored in the sock "eraser."  Perfect!

Smartboard Bootcamp

Sorry it has taken me so long to figure out how to get a video clip from my presentation on smartboards.  Our school computers are giving us trouble with our Flip Share cameras.  I am super excited to continue on bringing more training to student teachers in the area of technology!

Mrs. Schroeder

Watch a short clip of the presentaton @ or at
We are reading a story this week called I Like Where I Am by Jessica Harper.  It is a story about moving and how it feels to leave what is familiar to you.  It is from our reading series so I always like to jazz things up a bit in centers.  I was having trouble coming up with "moving" centers until a box was delivered to my house.  I decided to make it into a center!  I made a sheet to cover the front of the box with the questions...If you had to move schools...what would you miss the most?  I am going to place it in the writing center with markers and have the students add what they might miss about our wonderful school. 

I will keep the box and raffle it off at the end of the year!  I sure can't wait to show it to them!

Mrs. Schroeder

It's a Peep Thing

Spring break is on its way and I love to end with a BANG.  In 2nd grade, we adopt Marshmallow Peeps.  Check out The Schroeder Page to purchase my Peep Unit.  It is 36 pages of wonderful hands on and center based activites.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

My Stage

So...I totally love my smartboard.  My kiddos love it-we use it all of the time.  When I first got it I was having trouble explaining to my class that they needed to leave space for learners to come up and touch the smartboard.  They were so super excited about the magic of the board-they could not hold themselves back.

That is where the stage came into play.  It is just a carpet runner that I lay in front of my smartboard.  The class makes their rows just behind it during our large group lessons.  Now there is always plenty of space for friends to come up front and work.

I also love to give directions from the stage.  My class knows if I am on the stage...they need to be listening! 

Mrs. Schroeder

Wreath of Many Seasons

Just a quick decorating tip...I spend so much time teaching my 2nd grade friends and planning engaging units for them I always feel behind in the decor department.  I did come up with an easy way to change your decor seasonally in an instant.  I grabbed a grapevine wreath from Hobby Lobby.  I used a coupon and I think it was just a few dollars.  In this photo, you will see our samples from our art center in December.  I did a how to cut a snowflake and my sweet friends did the rest.  We also have cut hearts for February, I use plastic pin wheels from the dollar store for March, and mini eggs for April.  It is simple and easy!!  OOOH I forgot...crayons for back to school. 
Start collecting now for your Wreath of Many Seasons!

Mrs. Schroeder

This Way to 2nd Grade!

I am always looking for great bulletin boards that I can put together in a flash.  I was struggling at the beginning of the year and then I found an ant border in my collection.  We do a unit on insects every year for life cycles so I knew that I had plastic ants.  I added a table cloth and salt and pepper shakers from the dollar store.  Check it out!  So darn cute and easy.  I used hot glue to add the pieces.  I printed labels with the student's names and added them to the paper plates.  Too perfect:) 

Now is the time to hunt for insects and frogs at the dollar store.  Plan you back to school board now and be on easy street in August!

Mrs. Schroeder

I Figured It Out!

I am so excited that I was able to figure out how to add a blog template fro LeeLou all by myself.   I am going  to try and add some images of my classroom today.  Wish me luck!  Sure hoping to get a follower today so that I can stop writing to myself:)

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Math Mania

Totally reworked my math routine.  45 minutes is not enough time for the math workshop that I want so...I am going to make things work.  Made some cute center icons and filled some tubs with manageable math games and we are off to the races on Monday.  I need more hands on centers!  I need more time with my math kiddos.  Switching classes in 2nd grade is tricky.  I sure hope this system will give more small group time to my class.  Happy Friday tomorrow! 


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Smart Bored Bootcamp

Presented today to the UNCC student teachers on smartboards.  A fantastic crew of newbie teachers.  Lots of great questions and experimentation by all.  So glad I was able to do this...I am used to talking to little ones.  Grown ups make me nervous.  A big thank you to my assistant who video taped the whole thing for and to my 2nd grade team who came to support me:)  Looking forward to some good feedback!


Thursday, February 17, 2011

It's a PEEP Thing!

So very excited about completing It's a Peep Thing unit today.  36 plus pages on the adoption of Marshmallow Peeps.  Could things get better than that for a group of second graders???  I always plan this day for right before Spring Break.  I offer Peep Credit for students who take their marshmallow-ie treats with them on vacation or a day at the park. 

Now it is off to find plastic Easter Eggs to stuff with Peeps for adoption day.  Can't wait to see their faces when the bell rings.  Check out FREE downloads for this special day...including center icons and response sheets.  You can also download the full unit from start to finish at

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Just Getting my Feet Wet!

I am obsessed...what happened?  I started on Friday reading through a few blogs and now I am thinking of ways that I can sneak off with my laptop and have a blogaffair!  It is so super fun to have all of my favorite things right at my finger tips...crafts, teaching tips, and recipes!  I lay on my couch thinking of all I should be doing but coffee and a blog are my new loves.