Friday, May 31, 2013

We Came as Strangers and Left as Friends!

Friends~Of course I can't find it when I need it!  Last night,  while was swatting bugs at my daughter's softball practice- I was surfing Pinterst and came across a bulletin board with the sweetest saying.  We Came as Strangers and Left as Friends.  The teacher had the students hand print the board with paint.  It was so sweet!  I didn't pin it!!!!  Can you believe it?  So, if it was you know that your board inspired this project for my students.  I would love to give you credit so if it is YOU shoot me an email!

Here is the board that I put together with my kiddos today!

I of course got a little crazy with it and had to find away for my students to take this home with them.  This is what I came up with. 

We recorded a video of them waving goodbye as the went out the door.  You can scan the QR code above to see it or click the video below.  I am planning on printing out a copy of the photo above for each student so that all summer they can scan the code and watch the video! 


Monday, May 27, 2013

Education Express and More!

Friends~ When a little kid visits a toy store there is a certain amount of magic and hope that the child feels.  For teachers, this same feeling comes when they enter an education store.  The shelves are filled with learning products that will transform their classrooms into a world of wonder and fun.  That is the exact feeling I get every time I step into the Education Express at Concord Mills Mall in NC.  

Check out some of their goodies below!  The best part is, the store is a family run business and I had the pleasure of meeting 2 of the owners Bonnie and Morgan.  They are true southern sweeties and totally know their teacher stuff!

When I talked to Morgan and Bonnie they gave me the background scoop on their stores and their successes.  Read more below:

For over 13 years, Education Express has been providing educational
solutions to parents, teachers, schools, daycares, and churches.  As a

family-owned business, we recognize the importance of hospitality and
constantly seek ways to make every customer feel at home in the
comfort of our care / welcomed and appreciated.  We understand that
with evolving policies in education, customers may have questions and
concerns about what resources are available to them regarding best
practice.  Our friendly, savvy, and sophisticated sales professionals
specialize in the current educational resources, including items
needed for the Common Core, from companies such as Mailbox,
Carson-Dellosa, EduPress, and Steck Vaughn.

(I love that when I go into Education Express there are tons of teachers there working behind the counters to help me find just the right items for my classroom!)

In addition to the vast amount of educational resources, we have a
wide variety of unique puzzles, games, and toys that can encourage
stronger family-centered evenings, as well as the critical thought for
an individual.  No matter if it’s the interest of a child or the young
at heart, we offer our laughter and skills while we demonstrate the
use of various games.

(The store is just not for teachers, it is for anyone that wants to support children in learning.  If you are looking for summer learning activities or birthday gifts-Education Express is the place to look.)

We have three convenient locations in Concord and Winston-Salem, North
Carolina, as well as Gaffney, South Carolina.  For customers who enjoy
the freedom and ease of online shopping, feel free to visit  Should you wish to receive notification

on updated products, discounts, and special occasions, register your
email or friend us on Facebook.

(Speaking of online can even put together a classroom wishlist for back to school.)

It is so easy to do!  Just head to Education Express online and browse their selections.  Choose the items you want to add to your list and then create add to list.  That's it!

Once you have completed your list- friends, family and classroom parents can search your list via email for items to donate to your classroom. 
Click the Find a Wish List button and search my email: to see all the goodies I found.  
I have a feeling the list is going to keep growing!

Be sure to sign up for their newsletter to get updates and special discounts!  Just click below to sign up!

 Have fun filling your wishlist but be sure to stop into the store to soak up the magic and learning fun! It really is a one stop shop for all your educational products! 


Saturday, May 18, 2013

Porridge Tasting!

Friends~I just had to share!  We are ending out Fairy Tale unit next week and my teamie and I were setting up our Fairy Tale Land Centers for the following week.  We have lots of goodies planned like comparing beans and peas and also porridge tasting!  Check out how darn cute the porridge tasting is going to be!

The kiddos are going to visit the center and taste bowls of porridge (Oatmeal) at different temperatures.  They then get to vote with magic beans (green beads).  We will finish by graphing our findings. It is going to be hysterical!

They also get to wear these sparkly crowns that I grabbed at The Education Express.  Really just gold boarders but they totally work! 
They mark the tasks that they finish on the clouds with sticky jewels!

Grab a FREE copy of the Task Clouds by clicking below!

Find all my Fairy Tale Goodies below!


Monday, May 13, 2013

The Yummiest Ice Cream Float Science

Friends~One of my very favorite summer time treats is an Ice Cream Float.  I make them every year with my class to celebrate the end of the school year.  This year, I am going to bring some science into my lessons.  We are going to be experimenting with fizz and foam!
Watch my kiddos at home enjoying some float fun!

        Please excuse the mess and the excitement!  I had neighbors over and the kiddos were super wired!  

The really neat thing about Ice Cream Float Science is that you get to play with fizz and foam.  My students will experiment with different liquids and also test out the best way to make a float: Ice Cream First or Soda First.  The video gives it away but it is still fun to test it out yourself.  

During my research for this project, I found out that the floats actually have names like the Boston Cooler and the Purple Cow.  I decided that my kiddos needed to learn these names so that they could order accordingly:)  

I also found this adorable game at my local Education Express Store called Lickety Quick!  It is a word building game that encourages students to think of words/parts of speech that begin with certain letters.  The best part is...I don't have to make it!  It is printed on fun ice cream patterned card stock. My kiddos are going to gobble it up during centers.  (I love that it looks like an ice cream sandwich!)

I plan on using this fun filled pack during our last week of school!  I think it is going to be a BIG hit!  Check out what this file has to offer!  Give the picture a click to read more about it!


Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Past, Present, & Future Friendship Pins

Friends~As the school year comes to an end,  I love reflecting on the memories and friendships that have been made.   I am writing today to share one of my very favorite end of the year activities.  My Past, Present, & Future Friendship Pins.  I make them every year with my students.  

They are pretty simple to make.  You will need to collect some large safety pins, pony beads, and letter beads.  I have my students slide on 3 pins for their future, their initial, and 2 pins for 2nd grade.  The beads are color coded for their unique personalities.  They love wearing them on their book bags and shoes.  I wear mine on my lanyard with my name tag.  Check them out below!

We even make a pin for a special friend and add the poem below.  They love passing on this memorable project to their friends.  It is a must for the end of the year!  Click the poem to grab a copy of it for your class!

If you want to take this to the next level and add some poetry, color coding, and reflection to your Friendship Pins you need to check out my packet on Teachers Pay Teachers.  It is on sale now May 7-8th. 
Click the image below to read all about it! 


Monday, May 6, 2013

Big 2 Day Teacher Appreciation Sale!

Friends~The celebrating continues for teachers.  Today I was showered with flowers from my students.  I even purchases 6 bouquets of flowers for Lily and Ian's teachers.  I am so sad I didn't grab a picture for you of them bustling into school with book bags and flowers.  Tomorrow is a sweet treat for your day!  Good think I worked out today-Tuesday's treats are going to be hard to resist.  

More good news!  I am gearing up for the HUGE end of the year sale on Teachers Pay Teachers from May 7-8th.  It is the best time to stock up on fantastic teacher tried and true lessons for your classroom.  Whether you are looking for end of the year goodies or looking forward to next year this is the time to stock your cart!
Here are some of the units I am currently using in class.  Be sure to check them out to add them to your wishlist:)




I am off to fill my cart with goodies for the big day tomorrow!


They Hatched!

Friends~They hatched!  I am so excited!!!!  Our unidentified creatures hatched on Friday!  It was wild!!!  I have been checking on them every morning since spring break.  Friday morning when we came back to school, I didn't check and my kiddos did.  Hundreds of praying mantis babies!  Check them out below!

It was a long wait but it really was worth it.  When they were first born they were translucent and by the time we came back in from field day they were already a dark green.  Some of them where even in a praying pose.  They were all over the habitat and I knew they were hungry.  Since it was Friday, I took them home and released them in our garden.  It was amazing!  Watch the reaction of my kiddos and our neighborhood kiddos.  They were so excited and even were brave enough to hold them!  

I have feeling these little guys are going to be on the schedule for next year too!  


Saturday, May 4, 2013

Teachers Notebook-Teacher Appreciation Sale!

Friends~As teacher appreciation week approaches,  I think about the teachers that have been an influence in my kiddo's lives.  I am so lucky to be able to say all of these teachers are colleagues of mine.  These amazing ladies have supported my kiddos and I will be forever grateful! 

Mrs. Eason ( Kindergarten)
        Mrs. Pace ( First Grade)
        Mrs. Conklin (Second Grade)
        Mrs. Hardister & Miss White (Third Grade)
        Mrs. Newman (Fourth Grade)
  Mrs. Jones, Mrs. Plummer, & Miss Quigly (Fifth Grade)

 Mrs. Allen (Kindergarten)
        Miss King (First Grade)

Teachers are IMPORTANT!  They worker harder than you will ever know.  They think about their students at night and worry about what else they can do.  Teachers go to sporting events to watch their students excel after school.  Teachers drop off forgotten homework to student's homes.  Teachers tutor after school to help any child do better. Teachers use their own money to supply learning materials for their classrooms. Teachers do so much behind the scenes! 

 Teachers deserve to be appreciated all year long but this week especially- The Schroeder Page and Teachers Notebook will be appreciating them with a HUGE sale.  
Everything in my shop will be 20% off from May 4th-May 10th.
Teachers Notebook will be giving an additional 10% off at checkout.  Yep, that's 30% all of my products!

Click below to check out my shop and all the goodies!

You also can enter to win a $100 gift card to Oriental Trading!

Click to enter!


Thursday, May 2, 2013

QR Code Craze!

Friends~Here I go again but this time the QR Craze is for you!  I know lots of you know about my .COM site The Schroeder Page right?  Well, Webmaster Ken and I wanted to have some fun with QR Codes.  The site has gone through many transformations but it is looking fantastic and we would love for you to check it out.  It is FILLED with tons of fun teaching ideas and videos. I even have my own store for you to shop from and loads of freebies!

 There is even a membership section and virtual training.

So here is the QR Craze!  I would love it if you all would head to The Schroeder Page.COM and check out what is new.  While you are there please keep your eyes open for a QR Code.  When you spot it and it will take you to a SECRET PAGE.  This page will lead you to one of my products at 50% off.  You also will be able to scan a code and watch a short video all about the product. 
(No worries if you don't have a QR Scanner you can still get in on the deal by clicking on the code and then following the links:) 
Be sure to let me know what you think once you check it out.  

The code is little so don't leave any stone 

I also am offering a FREE 3 month membership to my .COM site! 
to one lucky follower. 
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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Twister Review and Game Board Day!

Friends~I don't know about you but I feel like I am on a sinking ship!  It is May and my budding third graders are off their rockers:)  I love them but man I am exhausted every night from keeping the lid on their excitement for the end of the year.  

I try very hard to make the end of the year special but with a academic twist.  I wanted to share with you one of my very favorite end of the year activities...TWISTER Review.   I promise your kiddos will love this plus it is super easy to prep for & academic.  
First you will need to cut a class set of red, blue, yellow and red circles.  They need to be large enough to for the students to stand on.  Then you will need to add a question on each circle from throughout the year.  I color code mine like blue is reading and red is math but that is up to you.  

I then send a note home to my parents asking for individual bags of Skittles.  A big bag broken into sandwich bags works too.  I like to use the spinner on my smartboard but a plain spinner or even one from the real Twister game would work. 

This is how to play.  I have the students sit around the Twister Review game.  I pass out colored dots and they add their names to a dot and place it in a bowl.  I then pull names from the bowl to come up and spin the spinner.  Whatever color they spin is the color they need to choose from.   They flip one colored circle over and read the question.  If they can answer it they do and they earn a bag of Skittles to enjoy.  If they do not know the answer they can ask one friend for help.  If they still can't answer the question they have to sit down and wait til the end to try again.  My kiddos love this game.  It is so fun and they don't even realize they are reviewing!

Grab a FREE copy of my TWISTER Rap!  
Just click the image below.

You can read more about my TWISTER Review and also my Board Game Day by clicking the image below.  We make our own board games but not before learning how the pieces are made and what strategies are used to play some of our favorite games.  


Mrs. Schroeder's HOT Reads!

Friends~While presenting at the North Carolina Reading Conference in March, I had the pleasure of hearing Mr. Steven L. Layne speak.  He was such an inspirational and funny speaker that I had to grab his book Igniting a Passion for Reading.  I even stood in line to get an autographed copy!

I had planned to read his book this summer but after a 4 hour evening meeting with my leadership cohort group on professional literature, I went straight home and got started.  This book is an amazing resource and motivator. (Beware...he is super funny and I was laughing out loud while reading!

 In our leadership group, we have been talking about what our school's THING is.  We have a lot of THINGS going on at our school and I couldn't say for sure what our main focus is but I knew I wanted mine to be reading.  Especially after plowing through Steven's book!

I decided that I would sample his idea of HOT Reads and bought rain gutters and had then cut into 12 inch strips.  I convinced my teammates to join in on the fun.  We made fire for the background and typed up strips with each teacher's name.  (Mrs. Schroeder's Hot Read)  Steve suggest with any little project like this- it is important to create some anticipation.  I did not tell my class what I was up to and put the shelf up a little each day until it was complete.  You should have seen them checking it out.  They were asking tons of questions and I had not even added a book.  The cool thing is all the 2nd graders in our school are curious about it.  The book I added first was Waiting for Magic-such a great read!  Steve suggested in his book,  that your Hot read needs to be a grade level book that you are reading during silent reading.  Not one you are reading to the class.   I also have been giving SHORT book talks after silent reading on my book.  It really has helped my students when they go back to reflect on their own reading.  

 So far, I have had 3 Hot Reads and they have been gobbled up!  I have also had other students come and ask me about my book.  My teammate reports the same. At first I felt a bit guilty reading during silent reading as a pile of work sat on my desk or running records/conferences needed to be done.  After a few days of committing to silent reading,  I am floored at the change in my classroom reading climate.  Work can wait!  Modeling reading is a powerful tool! 
Thank you Steven L. Layne!