Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Walking the LINE & More Dr. Seuss Bulletin Boards!

 I have been working very hard to help my students understand the difference between Predicting and Inferring.  It really is a fine line.  With our new Fountas and Pinnell levels it has been difficult to show growth once my students hit a level M.  (End of the year for 2nd grade)  I know it is there and their Lexiles are going up but the retelling stops them when it comes to inferring.  The inferring is really challenging in the short passages they read.  So I started working on a Readers Connect Inferring mini unit.  We started today and were able to spend a good chunk of our reading time working on inferring in different settings. 
Here my students are working on inferring from pictures and recording & labeling their inferences.  They loved this because I brought in pictures of my family for them to look at.  
Next week, they will be getting a homework assignment to bring in their own photo for us to infer from.  Download your copy of my Homework sheet below.  

Or you can download my Readers Connect Inferring Unit by clicking the image below!
It is on sale until the end of the day on FEBRUARY 29th!

I also wanted share one more thing that I am super excited about.  When I made my table top cart and I used the panel board that I bought at Home Depot I bought an extra sheet. I then made a template of my kidney shaped table out of bulletin board paper and  had a very kind parent cut the panel board using the template and take a look at my Guided Reading Table NOW!

 Yep that sure is a DRY Erase table top for my reading groups!  
I am so excited and my kiddos love it! 

Before I head off to softball...Check out how fantastic my teams bulletin boards turned out!  We incorporated Thinking Maps into our boards and had the students participate in creating the items for the boards!

Mrs. Conklin's & Mrs. Thompson's Class

Mrs. Anzeberger's & Mrs. McDaniel's Class

Again, this is My board and Teamie's Board

Have a great rest of the week friends!


Monday, February 27, 2012

A Dr. Seuss Bulletin Board & Freebie

So I could not stop!  We decided to decorate our bulletin boards in 2nd grade to reflect the Dr. Seuss books that we are reading in class.  (Don't you LOVE it when you work with an AMAZING team?)  I could not wait to get home to share my Lorax board with you all.  I spent the weekend pondering how I could recreate the Lorax on a bulletin and make it interactive.  Each of our boards in 2nd grade will also contain a Thinking Map.  My teamie and I chose a double bubble.  Good thing she is a great sport and puts up with my shenanigans!  Check out the photos below!

We read The Lorax today and then did a character comparison between The Once-ler and The Lorax. 
 My class did an amazing job coming up with similarities between the two.  We also talked about how we would save the Truffula Trees if we were given the last seed.  I broke the students into groups-some worked on the bubble map and others created strips of paper about how to save the trees.  We then met in the hall and filled them out!

The best part is for tomorrow.  On my way home from school I grabbed some potting soil and I also have ordered clover seeds for St. Patrick's Day.  I decided to tell my class tomorrow that they are the last Truffula Seeds and have them each plant some.  We are going to record their growth on the sheet below.  Grab your FREE copy by clicking the image!
I can't wait to see their reactions when they watch the seeds grow into clovers. 
Heck we had to plant them for our clover garden anyway! 


Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Schroeder Page is LEAPING IN!


     I am so excited to announce that I am going to Leap into the Teachers Pay Teachers Leap Year Sale.
Everything in my store will be 20% off starting February 29th.  
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     It is my very first BIG sale with Teachers Pay Teachers so I am anxiously awaiting the results while also stuffing my wish list into my cart for check out!  There are so many fantastic sellers out there.  Head over to One Extra Degree to see Amanda's list of friends that are joining it!  

     If you are Leaping in on this sale sure to leave a comment and a link to your store below so that I can head over and shop there! 

Saturday, February 25, 2012

A Day at the Seuss Salon!

So I could not help myself!  Once I got going on The Great Sneetch Sheets I got Dr. Seuss FEVER!  I spent my Saturday morning putting together a packet for our Character Dress up day March 2nd!  As I said in my last post,  I am dressing as a TEACH.  I plan on dressing in one color, adding a feather boa, and a star with the word TEACH on my belly.  (From the book The Sneetches by Dr. Seuss!)  As least I have my outfit picked our for Thursday and Friday of next week!  Click below to grab a copy of this packet full of dress up fun!

My favorite part is the Seuss Salon!  I plan on making some Seuss head bands with my class.  I am going to supply them with lots of pipe cleaners and beads, feathers,& whatever else I can get my hands on so they can JAZZ their hair up!  Then I am going to take their pictures and have them create my Seuss Salon response sheet!
Keep in mind I did the writing on my lap top with a smartboard pen.  I promise I have better hand writing than that:)  Can't wait for next week!


Thursday, February 23, 2012

A Day of SNEETCHES & 2 Dr. Seuss Freebies!

Right to Read Week is right around the corner and I have been working on a fun Dr. Seuss unit for my kiddos at school.  My very favorite Dr. Seuss book is The Sneetches and it leads right into some great connections to our cultural diversity activities from February. 
Check out the fun time my kiddos are going to have with
The Great Sneetch Sheets. 
My plan is to read The Sneetches with my kiddos and do some prereading, during reading, and after reading activities.  
 I am going to hide the stars under their seats and after the reading I will have them check their chairs.  I have pins ready to pin them on to their shirts so my 2nd graders can spend the day as SNEETCHES.
Grab a copy a copy of my The Great SNEECH Sheets
You will be all set to celebrate in true SNEETCH style!

I am going to spend the day as a TEACH!  
I am going to dress in one color and add a feather boa around my neck!
Add the word TEACH to my star and I will be all set!

I have a center board ready for them to begin their rotation through my 4 SNEETCH Centers...including a SNEETCH Snack!
During this time, I plan on calling my 2nd graders over to print their hands and arms in yellow tempra paint.  We are going to end this fun filled day with a Heart Bellied SNEETCH Creation!
Click the picture to download the writing prompt we are going to use with this cutie!

I also plan to read The Lorax since the movie is coming out!

Pictured above is the book The Lorax, some "Truffula Seeds" to inspire writing and also my writing mini unit The Tale of a Truffula Seed.  
Click the image above and download your free copy of this file. 

I would love to hear what you think.  Many thanks to those who leave comments below!  
Feel free to add these activities to your Dr. Seuss Pin Boards or share on Facebook!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Lucky Freebie!

I headed out to the dentist with my Lily Kay after school today and we were both almost blown down by the wind.  I felt like March was blowing it's way right into February.  I can't help getting excited about March because it is my little guys birthday.  I need to start thinking about that too!  Yikes!  He wants me to bring Grave Digger the Monster Truck to his party.  (Does he believe in me or what?)

Well, that wind got me thinking about all of the March fun that is approaching.  Below you can grab a copy of my 5 page Coin Glyph FREEBIE.  I usually place the glyph in my art center.  I have done it using a paper plate as the coin or the attached coin sheet.  I have them add their coins to a display up front and that Friday we grab out clip boards to collect data from the coins.

I then use the coins to create a bulletin board for the month.  This activity is so versatile:)  You will need some gold glitter glue to get started.  
Be sure to rate my product for me and leave a comment below once you download.  I would love to hear how you use it in your classroom.

I would also love it if you would follow my store so that you can stay updated on all new units :) 


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Hook Your Reader's Freebie!

With my new Reading Nook up and running, my kiddos are reading like crazy!  I can't tell you how amazing it is to see 22 2nd graders spread out all over the room laying on pillows, perched on stools, sitting EEK and buddy reading.  At one point, I had to look up from my group today cause it was so dang quite I was sure they were up to something:)  Nope...just reading!  I am so pleased with the positive effect that just changing the physical dynamics of my classroom did for my students!  They are so comfortable in THEIR environment:)

I put together some of my ideas that have inspired my readers into a booklet.  I just added it to my TPT store and below you can download a sample for FREE!  Just click the image below:)
Or you can download the whole file here~Hook Your Readers!  
 30 pages of in all!
While you are there be sure to follow my store so that you will be sure to grab up all my freebies as they come in!  
I also have a newsletter sign up box on my sidebar.  This month there is a White House Freebie for just my subscribers...don't miss your chance to snatch it up!  


Sunday, February 19, 2012

How I Became Mrs. Schroeder Rhymes with GATOR!

Mrs. B has organized a super fun Linky Party so that we all can share how we met our sweet hubbies!

Listen...first of all you all better never repeat any of this story because I am pretty sure my mom reads this blog:)  Many moons ago or 18 years ago I may or may not have been in a bar-like place.  I was just hanging with my friends and in walks Mr. S in a cute ball cap:)  He asked me to dance and we danced the rest of the night away.  By the way we no longer dance in public.  We are way to OLD for that.  Mr. S was on his way to the Final 4 in Charlotte, NC.  His friends talked him into leaving a note on my car that night with a # to reach him.  Soooo he was really cute and I called and left a message.  He was not there of course because he was in NC and did not live at that # anyway.  I kinda forgot about the whole thing until...

I guess he returned and his friends finally told him I called.  He called me and we met up later that week.  We lived 2 hours from each other so we spent most of our getting to know each other on the phone.  Yes, the phone had a long spiral type cord and I had to stretch it to it's max to get some privacy to talk:)  We really fell in love over the phone.  I am quite a talker:)

I moved to his town a few months later to attend another college and we dated for 2 years before he proposed.  (We did not live together!  I rented a one room efficiency until I met my good buddy Kristi!) Mr. Schroeder and I  have been together for 18 years now:)  The funny thing is we now live in the Charlotte, NC area.  We have two beautiful kiddos and he has never been to a Final 4 since:)

After all this time together I still feel so lucky to have found Mr. Schroeder.  We totally balance each other.  He is the realist and I am the dreamer.  He is the responsible party & I am the risk taker.  He is the protector and I am the protected.

Mr. Schroeder gave me a wonderful compliment once~ He said that I am just the right amount of CRAZY!  I am pretty sure that is a good compliment right?


Friday, February 17, 2012

My New Reading Nook!

I am so excited about my new reading Nook.  I have been wanting to find a way to add more space for my readers.  I also managed to take an eye sore of a cart and turn it into a cute little table/storage/& dry erase center!
I headed to IKEA and grabbed the stools cheap.  They are the perfect size for 2nd graders to move around to different centers.  I have rain gutters for show casing my thematic books.  The white board is magnetic so my students use it as a making words center.  There are tons of books in tubs, on shelves and on the floor.  I keep a cozy bean bag there as well as pillows for them to spread out on.  I am still looking for the perfect bench...the one pictured is borrowed from the hall and I am sure I will have to return it.  I was thinking maybe colored Adirondack chairs in its place? 

See that white cart!  It made me crazy because it took up so much space!  So I took the books out and added some panel board from Home Depot.  I also added two blocks on the bottom so that my students can slide the wipe board open and closed to get supplies.
It is so fun to see them working at the center.  They love that the table is their size!
I also just finished my I LOVE the USA Packet today and I am know my kiddos are going to love learning about the USA next week.  We worked on our Famous American Projects this week so next week will be about the symbols of the USA!

I think they turned out really cute!
You can grab a copy of my I LOVE the USA Packet to see the report they are working on!
Just click the image above.  It is 17 pages of Literacy Base learning activities for the USA!
Have a great weekend!

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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Guided Reading and a Freebie

Guided Reading and a Freebie!
Friends~When I can carry a story from Reader's Workshop to Writer's Workshop it is a bonus for me and also my students.  Every year I make this happen with my very favorite author Patricia Polacco. Amanda does too over at One Extra Degree! Along with Valentine's Day goodies and  fun I also focus on friendship.  The story Emma Kate by Patricia Polacco does just that with a TWIST!

Emma Kate Book, photo of

Patricia paints a beautiful picture of a friendship between a girl and an elephant.  The twist is~ who is telling the story?  The friendship is imaginary but even with finding this out my class still argues reality for Emma Kate.

Enjoy a Free download from my 10 page unit on
 Emma Kate.  Just click below!
Emma Kate Free Book Study, photo

One last fun tip!  I loved all of the posts about having a $ store light in my Guided Reading area to show students I was working with a group but mine kept breaking or the bulb ran out.  (So... maybe I forgot and left it on all day:)  Well,  this weekend while I was out at IKEA I grabbed this cute light and made a fun sign to go with it.  
NO BUG Zone!

No Bug Zone for Guided Reading, photo 
It turns off with a switch, looks super cute, and the bulbs last alot longer:)
  CLICK the IMAGE to download your
FREE  NO  Bug Zone Poster!
Remember to give it a PIN so you don't forget it!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Congratulations to My Heart this WINNER!

I have a winner!  I am so excited to award Mrs. Wells with my Heart this Award!  She is receiving the following items!

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Thank you to all that participated!  
Happy Valentine's Day!


Thursday, February 9, 2012

A Heart THIS Give Away!

Friends...I am so excited to have Valentine's Day around the corner.  I love all the Red & White, chocolates, and sweet valentine cards. (Hint, Hint Mr. Schroeder) I just put together a 34 page February File that has lots of Valentine Fun, 100 day & President's Day Activities. 

Because I am feeling such relief from completing this unit I have decided to celebrate all of my successes in the blog world and to say THANK YOU to my followers.

Starting today February 9th -February 13th I will be throwing a Heart This Give Away!   My Friend Sherry over at Simply Notes and Totes has donated a Heart and Peace apron and I will be including a copy of my The Fantastic February File as well at a heart shaped Music Wand to one lucky winner!  Check out the goods below!



To join in on the fun you will simply need to head over to Simply Notes and Totes and become a follower of her ETSY shop.  Head back to The Schroeder Page and become a follower of my BLOG- my TPT Store & Teachers Notebook Store.

Once you have done those things leave me a comment for your entry. 
A second entry can be made by blogging about this Give Away.   
Please leave a comment with a link back to your blog entry about the give away as your second entry.
Good Luck and THANK YOU to all that have supported The Schroeder Page!