Saturday, February 25, 2012

A Day at the Seuss Salon!

So I could not help myself!  Once I got going on The Great Sneetch Sheets I got Dr. Seuss FEVER!  I spent my Saturday morning putting together a packet for our Character Dress up day March 2nd!  As I said in my last post,  I am dressing as a TEACH.  I plan on dressing in one color, adding a feather boa, and a star with the word TEACH on my belly.  (From the book The Sneetches by Dr. Seuss!)  As least I have my outfit picked our for Thursday and Friday of next week!  Click below to grab a copy of this packet full of dress up fun!

My favorite part is the Seuss Salon!  I plan on making some Seuss head bands with my class.  I am going to supply them with lots of pipe cleaners and beads, feathers,& whatever else I can get my hands on so they can JAZZ their hair up!  Then I am going to take their pictures and have them create my Seuss Salon response sheet!
Keep in mind I did the writing on my lap top with a smartboard pen.  I promise I have better hand writing than that:)  Can't wait for next week!