Monday, April 30, 2012

Once Upon a Fairy Tale & a Give Away!

Friends~I had so much Fun Friday getting ready for my Fairy Tale unit.  Check out my door!
I did  a beanstalk down the side and then a yellow braid of paper for Rapunzel's hair.  We played Guess that Fairy today and and made leaves for our beanstalk with our favorite fairy tales elements.  I even added a castle with the elements that we studied.  (Don't tell the Fire Marshall on me!) 

This is the leaf that we used to illustrate our favorite element on.  They turned out pretty cute and it was a great way to assess their prior knowledge about fairy tales.

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  Be sure to preview my Once Upon a Time Fairy Tale unit Too!
  You will find my Guess that Fairy Tale game included in that 56 page download.  My kiddos really loved it and it was another way to assess prior knowledge!

Tomorrow we will be reading I'll Read to You, You Read to ME Fairy Tales.

 My students will be working with our Easy Speak Microphone from Learning Resources. We have been using it a ton in class for reading poetry.  My students have gotten so good at it they are even uploading to our classroom website.  This little baby is so great.  It requires no batteries and can record up to 4 hours.

Check out a video of my student reading poetry with the Easy Speak!
We use it for math facts, spelling words, and vocabulary too!  The uses are endless!

I am so excited to announce that Learning Resources is allowing me to give away one of these fun microphones to a lucky Schroeder Page follower!
Starting today:
April 30, 2012 until Monday, May 7th!  
I will choose a winner by random number generator!

 It is super easy to enter:
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You don't want to miss out on this one!  My kiddos fight over who gets to use the Easy Speak next. 


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Mother's Day Free Download!

Friends~ I am making these super sweet Thumbprint necklaces for Mother's day and I am so excited at how they turned out.
Check out my video below.  It walks you through the steps for making this sweet gift!

All you need is:
1 package of orginial Scuply
1 Heart shaped cookie cutter
Colorful acrylic paint
(Click to order!)

 Here is the finished product!
I am also having my students create a handmade card using the poem below. 
You can download your Free copy of Thumb Body Loves You written by ME!  Just click the image below. 

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You will also find a FREE sample of my Mother May I unit too!

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A Word Study and Spelling TOUR!

Friend~I have been getting several questions about my Word Study & Spelling center activities so I decided to take you on a tour of my center.  Check out the video below to see how I organize my supplies for my students.

I use this center as part of my Daily Five rotation.  My students head into this center to practice their spelling and sight words.  I was lucky enough to find the tub storage at the Goodwill super cheap and it is perfect to store my activities in.  I also keep a cupboard full of other items so that I can rotate the choices.  I added the labels with Velcro so that I can switch the labels.

Here are a few of my kiddos top favorites!
This is our Cell Phone Center.  I asked my parents to send in any old cell phones that they had laying around at home.  My students then use a copy of a phone to spell their words.   They record the # code that they need to spell the word.  It is a fun challenge for them! 
Download a FREE copy of this center sheet by clicking the image below and liking my Facebook Page.
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Another favorite is SHAVING Cream!  My team thinks I am crazy for allowing my students to do this but I promise if you train them what a dollop looks like and that they need to work until it is gone you will be in good shape.  

Here is the dollop:)  A good idea would be to take a picture of how big the dollop should be for your students to use as an example:)

I also allow my students to work on the computer with a variety of activities.
 Here is a list of a few of their favorites:
 (Sign up now for the Premium Membership with the code SPRING12 and your membership will be extended until June 30, 2012!)

 Word-Type your words in Microsoft Word and change the font and color.


Monday, April 23, 2012

Matter Fun with a Bubble Freebie!

Friends~We had so much fun studying Matter in March that I am super excited to make connections back to that learning with my End of the Year Bubble Unit! A bubble is both a solid, liquid, and a gas.  How perfect is that?

I spent this weekend doing a bit of research on bubbles and check out the coolness that I found!

These sites are great too!

We are just beginning our Shape unit in math too this week so the Think Fountain bubble shapes is going to work beautifully!

Check out some of the activities that we will be doing in class by downloading a sample of my It's Bubble Trouble Unit by clicking the image below.

I also highly recommend the Story The Bubble Factory by Tommy DePaola.  It is a fun tale of Wish Bubbles.
  I always give my students a bottle of wedding bubbles to inspire them during writing after reading this story.  I also send the Bubbles with the note below as a Story Souvenir.

You can get a copy of this note in my full unit. 
 Just click the image to preview!

I hope this inspires you to start thinking about bringing Bubbles into your End of the Year activities.  Be sure to sign up for my newsletter on my sidebar so that you get exclusive freebies and fun ideas to use in your classroom! 

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Staying in Touch and on Track + a Writing Freebie!

Friends~I just realized that the school year is super close to being over!  I don't know how this happened so fast...without me noticing.  I was just planning away for next week and there it was...the end of April.  It got me thinking about what I can do to keep my kiddos on track this summer.  We just finished out reading and math bench marks and while my kiddos rocked them I know how easily they can lose it by not practicing over the summer.

So here is my little plan...I just signed up with Edmondo and I am trying to learn quickly about it. So far I have set up a class for Room 331 and next week I will be inviting my students to join.  (It is kind of like Facebook for kids.)  With that in mind I think they will get a kick out of it.  I can add fun assignments, challenges, book suggestions and learning sites for them to visit while keeping in touch too!

There is also a section for teachers to share ideas and Facebook for Teachers.  There are lots of junior and high school teachers so elementary teachers are really needed.  I have set up 2 groups, one for The Schroeder Page Friends and also one for 2nd grade.  I would love it if you all would check them out and join:)  Just click the image below to see how it all works.

I also worked on a little surprise project for my kiddos for writing.  I am hoping to keep up with it on Edmondo.  It is My Summer Writing Journal.  The journal is a 41 page download that reviews many of the different writing types we used in class.  Here is the fun part.  Every few pages there is a letter form for them to complete and I have included my address so that we can stay in touch the old fashion way.  Plus when they finish the packet they can bring it to school in August for a special treat.  In the past, I have done this with composition books but I like that the journal encourages different types of writing to insure they are practicing a variety of styles.  You can download a free sample of the unit by clicking the image below!

Or head over to my Teacher's Pay Teachers store and snatch a copy up!
Click the image below to preview more of the pages!

I will be searching this summer for a fun writing prize to give out to the students that bring theirs back in August.  I would love some suggestions:)

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Do you POST IT? Interactive Read Aloud Freebie!

Friends~I just posted a newbie to my Teacher Pay Teacher Store.  We have been doing lots of training at my school on Interactive Read Alouds.   I am excited to begin organizing my literature with Post Its to keep me on track when I am reading.  I love the idea of the Read Aloud because it encourages the reader to be "transparent" with their thinking.  It goes along beautifully with my Reading Pizza.

If you have not read the book City Green by DyAnne Disalvo-Ryan it is a prefect read for Earth Day.  The book carries a strong message of diversity and teamwork.

In my Interactive Read Aloud Unit for this book you will find templates for the Post Its to add to your books.  A Double Entry Journal, Character Change graphic organizer and more.
Click the image below to preview my unit. 

I also want share a FREE copy of my Read Aloud Post Its.  You will receive a template and instructions for placing the Post Its for printing.  Click the image below to check them out:)  
Don't forget to sign up for my Hear All Assessment Recorder Give Away running until Monday, April 23rd.  Click the recorder below to sign up!  One lucky winner will receive their own Hear All and a Free copy of My Literacy Circle Response Journal.  Good Luck!


Monday, April 16, 2012

Hear ALL, Hear ALL! Join in on this Technology Review and Give Away!

Friends~I am so excited to share an incredible resource from Learning Resources.  I was super excited to open my mail just before spring break.  Take a look at the box full of goodies I got to review and share with my kiddos!

The hard part was,  I had to wait until my break was over so that I could try out these learning tools with my class.  Well, Hear ALL, Hear ALL! Today is the day that I introduced my students to the Hear ALL assessment recorder.

 It was perfect timing for my students because we have been working in Literacy Circles where they work as a team to examine different texts.  Below you can see my kiddos participating in a Literacy Circle with a Weekly Reader.  I use the circles in a variety of ways to teach literacy skills and to guide discussions about different texts like poetry, novel studies, trade books, and even Weekly Readers.  Since I can only be in one place at a time I loved being able to place the Hear All recorder in each of my groups and then share the recordings with the class.  Hearing the discussions and comparing them to other groups really helped my class assess their own participation and performance during their Literacy Circle.

I am very impressed with the Hear All for many reasons, first NO Batteries!  It charges with a USB cable right into your computer.  It is small and light weight and there are 4 speakers so the sounds recorded are crisp and clear.  In the video below you can see my students working in their group and discussing while the Hear ALL does it's thing!  This tool was great at keeping my students on task and focused.  Who know it would help with classroom management too:)


I also used the Hear All to give directions for a center that we were working in for Science.  I simply recorded what I wanted the students to do and then set the Hear All to the correct track.  This little baby holds up to 62 tracks so I knew I had plenty of space.  I will also be adding it to my fluency center.  It is simple enough that my students can run it themselves.  I also can record my student's fluency checks and have a copy of each reading to send to parents.  By simply plugging the Hear All in I am able to manage and organize my sound files.

Well, Happy News for ALL of you!  Learning Resources is allowing me to give away one Hear ALL Assessment Recorder to a lucky follower!  I am going to sweeten the deal and also give away a copy of my
Literacy Circle Response Journal. It is a 10 page download that includes directions for how I run my Literacy Circles, a Star Vocabulary Page, Double Entry Journal, Comic Strip Picture Walk, Response Sheet, and a rubric for assessing the groups as a whole.  Which works perfectly with the Hear All Assessment Recorder!
Click the image below to preview this file.
Here is how you win yourself one of these fun gadgets!
1. You must follow Learning Resources on Facebook
2. Follow Learning Resources on Twitter
3. Subscribe to Learning Resources on You Tube.
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5 simple clicks and you can be entered into this fun give away. 
Please ONLY one entry per person.
This give away will run from Monday, April 16-23. 
Once you have followed all 5 please leave a comment below as your entry.  I will choose a WINNER on Monday, April 23 by random drawing! 


Sunday, April 15, 2012

Mother May I FREEBIE?

Friends~I was getting ready to read to my little guy today and he pulled out The Mommy Book by Todd Park.  It is one of my favorites because of its colorful illustrations and easy to follow wording.  Plus the Kiss and Hug part is the best time to sneak in some extra TLC.  If you have not read this book be sure to check it out for Mother's Day.

 I just added a 16 page unit that I used when I taught first grade.  It is fun to read through this story and then allow your class to mimic the illustrations while creating their own version of this book called My Mommy Book!  You can download a FREE Sample of my file by clicking the image below!


4 Little Monkey Freebie Weekend and a SALE!

Friends~So sad that my week of Spring Break is coming to an end:(  Had the best time at the beach and then a week with 4 of my favorite monkey's Miranda, Jake, Lily, and Ian!  My oldest teaching buddy Mrs. Wood spent the week with me in NC and our kiddos had a blast!  Below you can check out 3 of them...I am sure the 4th,  Ian was in jumping on the couch!  He successfully skinned his chin, slid and skinned his knee, and got hit in the head with a pay phone receiver all in 2 days.  (He is the true monkey!)
Why am I talking Monkeys?  Well, I just completed my A Little Monkey Business unit and placed it in my Teacher Pay Teacher shop this week.  I also am participating in a 15% off link up sale starting today April 15-16 so now is a great time to grab it!

The unit includes 6 days of literature activities for Eileen Christelow's 5 Little Monkey books & center ideas such as poetry, monkey facts, and thumbprint monkey art!

While you are there be sure to download a FREE sample from this unit under my Freebies!  Click the image below to download!

Don't forget to follow my TPT store so that you don't miss any new units or freebies!  I am working on a fun end of the year unit now:)  Another great way to stay updated is to sign up for my Schroeder Page News on my side bar.  Each month a new FREEBIE is added and is only available for my newsletter subscribers.  Thank you again for following and I please know that I love reading your comments!


Wednesday, April 11, 2012

POP Quiz!

With testing season upon us I am reminded how lucky I am to be teaching 2nd grade.  The older grades in my building are working hard to prepare their classes for EOGs and that includes my Lily Kay who is in 4th grade.  As much as I enjoy not having to deal with test anxiety, I am not blind to the fact that my 2nd graders are just a year away from standardized testing.  So at the end of the year, I always begin "testing" on key topics in class like Science and Social Studies.  My kiddos are already familiar with our Whiz Quiz (Spelling Test) so I just add in my idea of a POP Quiz!

Basically I chant POP Quiz and my kiddos clap once and line up to grab their LolliPOP from our Lolly Tree and their Quiz sheet.  I never really have a plan for the POP Quiz I just usually create the questions as I go.  I do 10 questions and then we switch to grade.  By then the kiddos are done with their lollipops and we have had a good review!  Grab a free copy of my POP Quiz Sheet by clicking the image below!