Monday, April 2, 2012

Bunny Hop Freebie!

Hipppity, Hoppity HELLO!  I am thrilled to be participating in The TBA Bunny Hop!  I am egg # 7!
I am super excited to share a few pages from my Peep Adoption Unit.  Every year just before Spring Break I huddle up in my office with my trusted side kick Mrs. Cleary, we close the blinds and start stuffing plastic Easter Eggs with adorable marshmallow peeps in all colors.  Sometimes we even add 2 in an egg to make it twins! (Thanks Mrs. Williams)
A Note of Caution...if you decided to do this please be prepared to do it every year after because word travels and your future students will be looking forward to this yearly.  It is legendary at my school.  In fact, students ask when they will be adopting Peeps at Open House:)

Below is my Bunny Hop Freebie.  Click the image below to download my  center icons that I use during my PEEP Day Centers!  You can click the image below and you will be on your way to setting up your own Peep Day Adoption in your classroom.

Now HOP on over to EGG #8 to grab your 
Bunny Hop Freebie!
Be sure to grab the rest of my 39 page Peep Day Unit over at my Teachers Pay Teachers store!  It is filled with fun center sheets and explanations of each center.  It's a PEEP Thing!