Thursday, June 27, 2013

Building the Bridge Between School and Summer Learning

Friends~After taking a bit of a rest the past few weeks, I have started building that bridge between what my kiddos learned in school and what they can learn in the summer.  My son participated in a PE Camp put on by our gym teacher and my daughter took an Art Camp.  Lily even volunteered her time in the morning to help with the younger grade's session.  (She loved it:)  

Lily is off to middle school net year and I am a bit petrified about it. She has always been with me at school! We usually use these Summer Bridge Activity Books.  You can click the book below to read more about them.  They have all ages:)  

This summer we are switching it up!  The last time I was in Education Express, I was introduced to these Summer Fit books. They are aligned with the common core and they keep your kiddos learning and exercising!  I grabbed the 7-8th grade one for Lily because I wanted her to have a bit of a challenge.  Ian will do great in the one below.  Both can be purchased at Education Express or in their online store!

Keep in mind that all students will experience learning loss over the summer if they do not engage in educational activities. 
The book maps out how to set up a learning routine and how to balance learning & fun!

You will also find a summer reading list with great recommendations for the grade you selected.  
There is even a skills assessment to help you understand where your child falls.
The book is broken into weeks with parent tips.  There is even a weekly value like Week 1 is honesty.  
Children chart their weekly progress which is a big part of The Common Core.  (Students monitoring their learning.) 
You can click the image below to visit the Summer Fit website!
Be sure scroll to the bottom of their site to download free samples of the books!
You can watch a preview from me below!

I will keep you posted on our progress! 
 These books get cracked on Monday! 


Monday, June 24, 2013

T is for TWISTER!

Friends~We have had some wicked weather here in my neighborhood.  Trees are down and and stuff is throw around.  I am watching my neighbors dig out tree stumps and replant. I am so glad that my trees just got a little beat up.  Check out this photo my neighbor posted from her backyard.  YIKES!

This photo reminds me of our study of tornadoes in class.  We made the coolest tornado diagrams out of grey construction paper.  I gave the kiddos a sheet of paper and had them twist the paper to make a tornado.  I then had them glue their tornadoes to while paper and label the parts of a tornado using what we had learned in class. 

(If you want more weather fun...give the picture a click and check out my weather unit!)

We also did a fun science experiment called A Colorful Tornado. Students followed the directions below to create a colorful and realistic tornado!


Sunday, June 23, 2013

Shopping and Making Words

Friends~You know your are a teacher when you can find making words supplies in the strangest places.  I was hanging out at World Market on Friday with my mom and kiddos and came across these gems.  They are going to be so much fun!

I found 3D drawing pads where students can write their words and then watch them jump off the page by wearing the 3D glasses.  
Gummy ABC Letters (Loving this for the beginning of the year!)
Secret Message Pens
 (Also cool for me to write positive notes to my students!)
Branch Colored Pencils-Love this for a camping theme!
They totally look like tree branches!  

What have you found this summer for making words?  


Monday, June 10, 2013

Father's Day

Friends~I have been hunting around for some Father's Day ideas for my kiddos to make for my hubby.  There are so many cute ideas and crafts out there!  Check out some of my favorites below!

From Ellis Jewelers! These are absolutely the sweetest!

From Waste Not Recycled Art on Etsy!  I have tons of wood scraps at home since my guy is a lumber guy!

From Our Home Sweet Home! Love the tie wreath!

From Bear & Lion! The mug stole my heart:)

From The Schroeder Page: Some writing fun just for DAD!

Newsletter Update: I am so excited to announce that The Schroeder Page News is now with Aweber!  Be sure to sign up and get my Beyond Flipping Cards~Creating a Classroom of Independent Learners for FREE! 

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Marshmallow Challenge and My Last Week of School

Friends~I just finished my last week of school with my students.  Tomorrow, I will be heading into the classroom to pack up the room and prepare for next year.  I really am going to miss this class.  Their love for learning and their excitement for challenges will always bring a smile to my face.  They are going to be brilliant third graders!

I wanted to share one of the special activities my class participated in last week.  The Marshmallow Challenge!  We started by reading The Marshmallow Incident by Judi Barrett.  Click below to watch a video preview of the book.  

The story is a great lead in to the idea of marshmallows being used for more than just hot cocoa.  Download a FREE 4 page file with comprehension sheets for The Marshmallow Incident! 
Just click below!
The Marshmallow IncidentPDF, cooperative learning, photo of

Grab the book by clicking the image below!

I then present the idea of building 3D shapes with line segments (toothpicks) and vertices (marshmallows).  It is a great way to tap into geometry with your students. 

There are 6 tasks that the class will need to complete.  The students are put into groups of around 6 students.  
I pass out Marshmallow Tool kits to the teams.
 Each student has a job such as the designer, builder, runner, and brain. 

Once they complete the tasks, they then take their shapes and connect them together to create a structure.  The ultimate challenge is to connect their structure to other groups by making a bridge. 

Here is the catch...if the students run out of supplies during the tasks they will need to send the runner and the brain to get more.  The brain must answer a question in order for the runner to be allowed to get more supplies.  I used these fun Smarty Pants cards for 2nd grade.  I love that there is a brain on the cards!

Take a peek at some of the fun from my Marshmallow Challenge!
The Marshmallow Incident, Activities, photo

Purchase this unit directly from The Schroeder Page by clicking the red Shop Schroeder button at the top of the page.  

Watch the video below to see more that this file has to offer!


Sunday, June 2, 2013

Torture the Teacher!

Friends~I am getting ready to enter my last week of school!  I am so excited for summer but I am really going to miss my kiddos this school year.  
Here is my week at a glance:
Wednesday-Volunteer Gifts (We create as a class.)
Thursday-Past, Present and Future Friendship Pins                            
As you can tell, we are going to be busy little bees!  

Another fun activity we will be doing next week is called Torture the Teacher!  My teammate, Mrs. Thompson introduced my class to this site and they loved it!
It is an interactive word game, where students try to find the incorrect word from a list of the 100 most frequently misspelled words.  
The teacher gets all red faced when they pick the wrong word and the goal is to get her/him to resign.  
Watch the video below! 

My kiddos got such a kick out of it!  They don't even know that they are practicing spelling!   If you are looking for something quick and fun to fill a bit of time with your kiddos...this site is the way to go!

It is also iPad friendly!