Saturday, March 30, 2013

Zippin Down the Freebie Trail

Friends~ The TBA Gang is Back!  Brenda over at Primary Inspired put together a super fun blog hop for all of us! 

I am the last stop on the trail but no worries...I have something special for you below!

Check out my jellybean graphing freebie!  

Have you been wondering what to do with all those jellybeans left over from Easter?  
Well look no more! 
 Click below and grab yourself a FREE copy of my Jellybean Graphing Packet!

Make sure you did not miss any of the freebies by clicking the egg below to head back to the beginning! 

Happy Hopping!


Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A Jellybean Jamboree!

Friends~I am going to tell you a little secret.  I HATE eating jellybeans but I sure LOVE teaching with them.  My kiddos are heading off on Spring Break on Thursday.  They will enjoy some much needed family time and all of them will be celebrating Easter.  A Sunday morning at church possibly and a basket of goodies from the Easter Bunny that will definitely be filled with jellybeans.  

I have been planning for after break and I thought that I would carry over some of that jellybean fun in class as a way for them to ease back into the routine.  

 When we return on April 8th we will be continuing our Patricia Polacco author study with Emma Kate and then growing jellybeans with my If I Planted a Jellybean creative writing unit.  I just know they are going love this JELLYBEAN JAMBOREE! 

When I created the file, I was thinking it needed a little excitement so I decided that we would really plant jellybeans but I would add Zinnia seeds to the potting soil so that they would grow beautiful flowers.  I can't wait to see their faces when their jellybeans GROW!

Grab a Free copy of my If I Planted a 
Jellybean Opinion Writing Prompt!
Click the image below!

We are also going to be reviewing our Math Skills 2.MD in our Math Workshop.  I put together some fun math centers with jellybeans like measuring jellybean jars and graphing jellybeans.  There is even an I Spy a Jellybean Jar for telling time.  Click below and download the preview to see all this file has to offer:)

I did the measurement centers in file folders so they could keep all the pieces in one place!
Check out this quick video and see just how it is done. 


So if you end up with lots of jellybeans that no one wants to eat...bring them along to school for some fun learning!  


Friday, March 22, 2013

Painting a Story with Words!

Friends~We have been using our Patricia Polocco books this week as mentor texts for our narrative writings in Writer's Workshop.  We have spent many mini lessons focusing on vivid words and how they can bring a story to life.  We read the book Hairy, Scary, Ordinary by Brian P. Cleary.  My students always love this book and get a huge kick out of the illustrations.  It is perfect for introducing adjectives to young learners. 

We spent tons of time this week reading and rereading our writings to make sure there were great adjectives to bring our stories to life.  
I told the class that writers paint our visualizations with their words. This can be a very hard concept for students because they have their own visualization going on in their mind while they write.  It is difficult to remember to paint it on the page too.  

I decided that I needed to model this with my class.  The first thing I did was to tell my class a simple small moment from my life.  I asked a student to come up front and sketch their visualization   I purposely gave little description.  We then looked at the illustration and generated questions about the illustration.  
I retold the story and another student came to add to the visualization in another color.  I asked them to do this so they could see when I added more description,  the illustration became more vivid. 

  I then challenged them to do the same.  I buddied them up and sent them off to read their favorite part of their story.  I had them sit back to back and sketch what the reader was saying.  They took turns and then exchanged papers.  I then instructed the students to look over their illustrations.  They added more detail with colored pencils.  
I asked the students to then look at their stories again and add to the part they read.  Using the illustration to guide them.  What they drew in color told them how to extend their story so they were able to paint everything they wanted their readers to know.
Watch them in action!

It was really interesting to hear them discussing the illustrations with each other.  They were a bit disappointed that their partners did not create as vivid of an illustration as they wanted but it was a great for them to see how important word choice is.  

Grab a copy of the poster that will be hanging in my Writing Center on Monday!
Click the poster below to download:)


Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A Revamper Give Away!

Friends~I have said this before- I am a firm believer that people come into your life for a reason.  When I first moved to North Carolina,  I knew no one and I was basically a train wreck!  Without the support system of my friends and family in Ohio, I was lost.  

In steps neighbor across the street.  Really out of nowhere she swooped in and saved me.  Saved me from worrying about everything, saved me from getting lost in my days, and saved me from feeling sorry for myself.  Plus added to my coffee addiction.  She became my friend and my children adored her.  She even babysat my little ones while I moved into our rental.   

I lived across the street from Ivy for several months before moving to my current home and starting my new job in Harrisburg, NC as a 2nd grade teacher.  I am sad to say we lost touch until recently and crazy enough we both ended up back on a similar path.  The path of online entrepreneurship.  Now Ivy has always been a crafty gal.  She even turned my rental home into a pretty nice looking place without putting a hole in a wall.  

I am so proud and pleased to introduce you to IVY and her online business, REVAMPER Designs!

My name is Ivy and my shop started, by people asking me the question " Do you have an Etsy store?" I have been selling my wears for a long time, either making them, specifically for a client, or directly to people on the street, I started getting really busy, with selling coffee bag purses. I made one for myself, and the day I started carrying it, I had requests for one. My items are also sold in a store here, in N.C. 
I try to keep things out of the landfills, and it gives me great pleasure to figure out how to "save" things from ending up there. I love vintage, and anything made by hand. Which is my goal for my store. New life, for old things.
A good example of saving things, is buying this record player below, gutting it, and giving it a new purpose. I stenciled the bees on a scrap piece of muslin someone had given me to repourpose. This little 50's record player, will now find a new home, and will bring someone an up to date piece.
Click below to visit her blog and see what Revamper is all about!
While you are there give her a follow-she is just starting out in the blog world:)

Take a peak at some of her adorable work. 
 I only wish I was this crafty!

Check out the How To on this fun wreath.  Gosh, I think I might have a few wine corks laying around.  

The best part is you don't have to make any of this if you don't want too.  You can just hope over to Ivy's Etsy shop and purchase something already made by this artist!
Click this fun COFFEE bag to check out her shop!

Now to the best part!  Ivy and Revamper Designs have agreed to give one of these classic bags away for FREE to one of The Schroeder Page's followers!  It is a $49 value.  

Starting today March 20-27th you can
 join in to win.

To enter to win this adorable bag you there are a few steps you will need to follow: 
First: You must be a follower of The Schroeder Page
Second: Follow Revamper Designs on blogspot.
Third: Follow Revamper Designs on Etsy
That is it! 
 Leave a comment below with your email for 
each step you do.  
Each comment will be counted as an entry!  


Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Our Vocabulary Tour and a $ Saving Tip!

Friends~I am always trying to make going over vocabulary for a story more exciting and today my kiddos loved what we did.  I first passes out the packets.  Check out the video below showing how I copy my packets and save money at the same time.  4 sheets to a 

I then read over the vocabulary words for Thundercake by Patricia Polacco.  I numbered the words with 2 numbers per word.  I then broke the students up into partners.  Whatever 2 numbers were in the word made the partners.  Those students then went off to look up the word and create a child friendly definition and picture.  We met again in a large group and I gave the students directions to begin touring the classroom and asking each other to teach them their definition.  It was really neat because the words were numbered and we have memorized our classroom numbers so they knew exactly who to go to for words they needed.  Below is a copy of what the vocabulary words looked like when I assigned them.

 Watch this video below to see my students discussing the vocabulary words from the story.  Speaking and Listening...HELLO? 

I just love it when stuff comes together!


Monday, March 18, 2013

Lightning in a Jar

Friends~As I type there is a rip roaring storm going on outside my window.  It is a perfect night to jump back into my Patricia Polacco author study.  I am planning into the next week with a fantastic book all about family reunions and fireflies...When Lightning Comes in a Jar by Patricia Polacco.  

I love this story because it hits very close to home with me.  I spent my summers at my grandparent's house catching fireflies in mason jars.  It is truly an art of patience.  This book paints vivid visualizations for your students to begin to comprehend and make connections.  It the perfect read aloud for students!  The story spins in a circle and wraps itself up perfectly.  

After we spend time reading and discussing this book we make an adorable craft with Firefly Poetry.  Check them out below!

They are so simple to make.  Just click below and I will walk you through the process.  I love having them on my bulletin board for the end of the year.  

Grab a Free copy of my Firefly Poetry Jars by clicking below!

If you are loving this have to check out my When Lightning Comes in a Jar Book Study!  It is 55 pages of reading and writing fun! 


Sunday, March 17, 2013

An Book Study Freebie!

Friends~I am gearing up for my very favorite author Patricia Polacco.  You may have read my post about Thundercake.  That is the first book we will be diving into on Monday.  Here is what my board looks like as I type!

Those are the story cards that my students will be using to retell the story.  We will also be making our own cards with our favorite part to add to the sequence.  

I am really excited about how Particia's stories are based on her life experiences.  My kiddos are going to love being introduced to memoirs.  Her books are perfect for Writer's Workshop too.  
My blogging buddy Hilary Lewis from Rocking Teacher Materials introduced me to the best book for teaching writing.  It all stems from telling stories verbally first. I am so excited to get my students writing memoirs!

During my planning for this unit I fell in love again with another Polacco book: Emma Kate

It is such a sweet story about an elephant and her imaginary friend.  This story packs such a twist you students will flip!
Grab a FREE 10 page download that I will be using with my students this month!


Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Timing a Storm Freebie

Friends~We are going to head into the world of Patricia Polocco next week and I can't wait.  She is such and amazing writing and her books are going to be great examples of both literature and story telling.  I just completed my Thundercake book study where my students will be introduced to memoirs.  We will be writing memoirs in Writer's Workshop too! 

If you have not checked out Patricia's website, you are missing out.  It makes it so easy to begin an author study on her and her books.  Click below to make a quick visit!

You can check out my unit by clicking below!

One of the activies we will be doing in class to connect our ELA to our Weather Science unit is to time a storm.  We are going to learn to time storms just like in the book Thundercake.  
You will need a lamp and a thunder sound byte.
Grab a copy of my Timing a Storm experiment by clicking below!

I would love to hear what you think! 


Monday, March 11, 2013

Cover to Cover: Interactive Novel Studies!

Friends~Big NEWS!  I am presenting at the NCRA conference with my teamie Mrs. Mccumbee!  Be sure to check out her new site! We are so darn excited about tomorrow.  We have been fine tuning our presentation.  Check out how far we will go to make sure it is perfect for our audience. 
Cover to Cover
Making Novel Studies Interactive!

Yes, that is a sheet taped to the wall! 
I will be sharing my Discussion Towers!
Grab a freebie of my Discussion Tower Reflection Sheet by clicking below.  
If you are at the conference, head over and check us out. We will be presenting at 1:30 tomorrow! 

We are planning on uploading our presentation for download after the conference.  Stay tuned! 


Sunday, March 10, 2013

You GOT Egged!

Friends~So I am constantly getting inspired by the incredible teachers and mommies on Pinterest.  It is amazing how one pin can change your life or just make an evening at home exciting! 

I was pinning away one day and I saw this pin on Pinterst.  I followed it to this adorable site called Fab N Free
Be sure to check out all of the other fun and free stuff on this site!  
It is amazing!

Well, after seeing this pin all I could think about was egging my neighbors.  I love Booing during Halloween!  I had to wait for the temperature to warm a bit and for some signs of Spring to pop up before I attempted this.  

I am happy to report that this weekend was it!  63 degrees and a Saturday night home with my kiddos.  We decided to get the eggs ready before we left for dinner and to drag them with us in the car. 

Of course I took no pictures of the process but I grabbed baskets from the $ Store and filled plastic eggs with candy and small prizes.  I totally had to add some Marshmallow Peeps!
I typed up this letter based on our Boo letter in October. 
Give it a click to grab your own letter!

Lily and Ian loved filling the eggs and picking which one of our wonderful neighbors would get egged first.  Try it with your kiddos at home!
I of course am thinking of which classroom will get egged first at school:)

I know I am going to get busted because I am writing this.  People will know it was The Schroeder Family who started the egging but I just had to share!  


Saturday, March 9, 2013

The Creepies and Crawlies are out!

Friends~I know this might sound crazy but we found ants in our house today and I am thrilled!  Not because I love ants but because it is finally getting warm enough for them to creep!  I am from the North but being down South for 6 years has really thinned my blood.  I am a total wimp!  Recess duty at 40 degrees is outrageous to me when in Ohio I remember standing out there in the snow.  Hallelujah for ants and bugs creeping all around NC today!  

67 degrees...I have missed you!

I have to repost this picture from last summer.  It is my all time favorite creepy crawly photo!
That is my little guy Ian and a snail friend that he found digging around at a park!  I crack up at the snail is just checking things out!

I love to use the world of insects as a springboard for teaching.  Lucky for me- we have life cycles as a science standard!  So far this year we have studied the life cycle of a spider and a frog.  

Next on the list is jumping into the world of creepy crawlies of all kinds! 
Listen to this fun insect song that I teach my class every year!

Grab a Free download of the song by clicking the image below! 

We make those adorable butterfly hats when we learn about the proboscis.

You can learn how to make these with your kiddos in my 
Creepy Crawly file! 
Check it out here!
On SALE this weekend March 9th-10th!

Happy almost SPRING!


Thursday, March 7, 2013

Common Core is a Group THING!

Friends~Our benchmarks are over!  Yippee!  I am so super proud of my kiddos.  They did an amazing job and their growth was tremendous.  They were all smiles when I let them see their Discover Ed reports.  Our school just moved to Discover Ed and now our benchmark testing is done online.  I wasn't sure about it after the first round but this time through I am loving all of the reports and data that this site gives me on my class and on individual students.  

Here is the really neat thing, today we got together as a class and looked over our group scores.  We talked about what percentage of answers correct we felt comfortable with as a passing grade.  We decided on 80%.  We highlighted all of the standards that we met the 80% on and then I passed out my Common Core Standard cards.  I called out the standard that we did not meet and my students hunted for them.  We placed them up on the board.  

I love being able to make my students a part of our planning for our classroom and our learning.  They take so much more ownership of their work habits when they understand why we are learning what we are learning.  

We also brainstormed what we could do to meet those standards in class.  We decided to add the writing standards to our writing center to remind us what we need to be focusing on.  
I am so loving these kiddos...they are so easy to motivate to learn!