Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A Revamper Give Away!

Friends~I have said this before- I am a firm believer that people come into your life for a reason.  When I first moved to North Carolina,  I knew no one and I was basically a train wreck!  Without the support system of my friends and family in Ohio, I was lost.  

In steps neighbor across the street.  Really out of nowhere she swooped in and saved me.  Saved me from worrying about everything, saved me from getting lost in my days, and saved me from feeling sorry for myself.  Plus added to my coffee addiction.  She became my friend and my children adored her.  She even babysat my little ones while I moved into our rental.   

I lived across the street from Ivy for several months before moving to my current home and starting my new job in Harrisburg, NC as a 2nd grade teacher.  I am sad to say we lost touch until recently and crazy enough we both ended up back on a similar path.  The path of online entrepreneurship.  Now Ivy has always been a crafty gal.  She even turned my rental home into a pretty nice looking place without putting a hole in a wall.  

I am so proud and pleased to introduce you to IVY and her online business, REVAMPER Designs!

My name is Ivy and my shop started, by people asking me the question " Do you have an Etsy store?" I have been selling my wears for a long time, either making them, specifically for a client, or directly to people on the street, I started getting really busy, with selling coffee bag purses. I made one for myself, and the day I started carrying it, I had requests for one. My items are also sold in a store here, in N.C. 
I try to keep things out of the landfills, and it gives me great pleasure to figure out how to "save" things from ending up there. I love vintage, and anything made by hand. Which is my goal for my store. New life, for old things.
A good example of saving things, is buying this record player below, gutting it, and giving it a new purpose. I stenciled the bees on a scrap piece of muslin someone had given me to repourpose. This little 50's record player, will now find a new home, and will bring someone an up to date piece.
Click below to visit her blog and see what Revamper is all about!
While you are there give her a follow-she is just starting out in the blog world:)

Take a peak at some of her adorable work. 
 I only wish I was this crafty!

Check out the How To on this fun wreath.  Gosh, I think I might have a few wine corks laying around.  

The best part is you don't have to make any of this if you don't want too.  You can just hope over to Ivy's Etsy shop and purchase something already made by this artist!
Click this fun COFFEE bag to check out her shop!

Now to the best part!  Ivy and Revamper Designs have agreed to give one of these classic bags away for FREE to one of The Schroeder Page's followers!  It is a $49 value.  

Starting today March 20-27th you can
 join in to win.

To enter to win this adorable bag you there are a few steps you will need to follow: 
First: You must be a follower of The Schroeder Page
Second: Follow Revamper Designs on blogspot.
Third: Follow Revamper Designs on Etsy
That is it! 
 Leave a comment below with your email for 
each step you do.  
Each comment will be counted as an entry!