Monday, July 30, 2012

Mapping out the Year!

Friends~I am getting ready to meet up with my team of teachers for next school year and it got me thinking about how I map out my school year.  I think I am a bit old school but I still stick to themes and then go from there.  I have a brand new teacher next door to me this year.  I got to talk to her on the phone today and she said she is excited and nervous at the same time.  I remember feeling that way.  I remember all I thought about all summer for the first few years of teaching was what I was going to do the next year.  

I am happy to report that many years in the classroom and having my own kiddos has allowed me to step back from planning a bit during the summer and relax.  However, I always end right back where I started.  What to do next year!  

I have picked out my bulletin board theme and I am hoping that my team will jump on the bandwagon with me.  I am opening with a new author this year-Helen Lester.  I am excited to share her books and create a real classroom community. 
 You can preview my unit by clicking below. 

My real theme planning starts here.  I have spent tons of time creating my Schroeder Summary.  This is basically a newsletter for teachers.  It helps me stay on track with my themes, websites, and favorite books for each month of school.  Click the image below to preview this file.  You will also find a few copies of my monthly newsletter for FREE in my Teachers Pay Teachers Shop.  Be sure to check it out! 

I keep my summary tucked away in my lesson plan book for each month.  I also keep a copy of my standards.  This year it will be Common Core!  
You can download my printable ELA Common Core Standards for FREE by clicking the image below! 
I also start getting my schedule together by using my smartboard!  I type my schedule into the pages and then link the websites and files I need on a daily basis.  It is so helpful to have this all preset!  
 Click below to check out my schedule!

Well I just know tomorrow my mind will be spinning with ideas.  I sure hope this helps you get started planning your school year! 


Friday, July 27, 2012

Saving my Singles!

Friends~I love a good Dollar Deal and The Lesson Cloud is making it happen.  I am saving my singles to get ready to shop til I drop:)    The Dollar Days sale is from Sunday, July 29th-Monday, July 30th!  There are tons of marked down must have items including several from ME! 

Check out the image below!

Be sure to get yourself signed up for the $75 gift certificate from Really Good Stuff!

Also pop over to my Bloggin Buddie's page!  She is having a fantastic post conference give away!  You can win a flash drive filled with teaching resources:)  I am heading over to jump into this give away for sure! 



Monday, July 23, 2012

Earning your RIGHT to Write!

Friends~I love to encourage hard work through a bit of goal setting. One of the ways that I do this is to give my students a Back to School Writing Journal on the first day of class.  This journal is a great review of writing skills from first grade.  My students begin showing off their writing skills on day one and I am able to asses so many things from it!  I also love that I don't have to recreate the wheel at the beginning of the year coming up with writing activities.  They are at my finger tips!

The nice thing about this journal is that it includes 53 pages of activities for you to use with your class.  I combine this into a book with my book binding machine and double sided copies to save on paper.

You will find many simple writing warm ups like editing, bubble maps, making lists and an opinion piece.
These activities are great sheets to assess skills like: handwriting, spelling, phonics, fine motor, punctuation, editing, expressive language and so much more. 

The activities become more complex as you go through the packet with items like all abouts, letter writing, small moments, and how tos.  All of which are writing techniques taught in writer's workshop.  I love being able to see just where my students are in writing while also allowing them to be successful at the beginning of the year.
Here is where the fun comes in!  My students must complete the packet in order to "earn" their Writing Notebooks!  I make a huge deal out of this.  I tie ribbons around the journals and add toolkits to the top.  I keep them in a tub in the front of the classroom and refer to them often while we are "earning" them!
Grab a 2 page FREEBIE from my file by clicking the image below!

Here is what out journals look like without the ribbon and fan fair!

The best part is what comes on top!  It is our Writer's Workshop Tool Kit.  They all start out pretty much the same way.  There is a matching label, inside you will fine 2 new pencils, a red pen, a green pen, and a spaceman.  As the year goes on I may add the following:

A highlighter for kiddos that need to highlight their punctuation.
A ruler to help with writing on the lines.
A diagram of the Writing House for letter formation.

Here is a picture of their Tool Kits!
Click the picture below to download a 
FREE copy of my Tool Kit Labels!

I got the little cases at Target.  The are made of super sturdy plastic.  I laminated the labels and then taped them on with book tape. I love that with these tool kits my students have pencils, erasers, red pens for editing, green for revising, and a "spaceman" or Popsicle stick for remembering to leave spaces at their fingertips.  The cases are then velcro-ed to the Writing journals and stored in tubs in their table group work stations.

I have found that since the students "earned" their journals that take much more care to do quality work in them.  I even let the journals take a field trip home after each writing unit.  My students love sharing their work with their families.


Friends~I am thrilled to announce my winner for the Sparkly Give away!  Her name is Marcia and she will be Sparkling away at the baseball field in her new necklace! (Marcia...please email me at

You can check out more about the Baseball Collection Where Athlete Meets Style by clicking the link below. 

Here is my WINNER!
Be sure to check out the Ellis Jeweler's other beautiful collections!  
Here are a few of my favorites! 
I am heading in to create my wish list for the Mr. Schroeder!

Loving this ring by Elle!
Thinking this might be my new jewel insert for my Karisma Ring!
This collection if one of my very favorites! 
Last one for now...
 So fun and funky...perfect for a teacher! 
 The kiddos will love checking this baby out! 
Always important to keep their eyes on YOU:)

Have a great Monday and congratulations to Marcia! 

Saturday, July 21, 2012

A MUST have Resource for your Smartboard!

Friends~I am feeling one of my favorite emotions...nervous/excitement!  In fact, I feel like I just gave birth after a year of labor!  Now if you have been reading my blog you probably know that I LOVE my smartboard.  I use it all of the time and I am still floored at how it has changed my teaching.  

In fact, I love it so much I became a trainer for Smart Notebook and I am also an Exemplary Educator through Smart Notebook.  I love their products and can't say enough about how Smart Notebook has changed my idea of lesson planning.  

I have been working behind the scenes on a project that would bring Smartboard training to a new level.  Training that comes from a teacher about how a Smartboard will change your classroom in many ways.  

Such as: Your classroom Management
              Your room format
               Carpet Seating
               Expo Marker Placement:)
               Substitute Plans
               Your lessons building and sharing!
               SO MUCH MORE!

No one realizes how many changes happen when this technology is brought into your classroom.  It is so easy to resort to using it as a wipe board and missing your overhead.  

I had training in the basics when I got my board 4 years ago but it was not enough to let me hit the ground running.  In fact, I struggled for the first year trying to figure out how this new technology worked.  Then a light bulb came on and a whole new world opened up!  

To see my BABY just click the image below and be sure to download the preview!  

*Please know that this file is for
 individual use only. 

 If you are looking for a multi-user file please-click the image below.  The boot camp below is linked to a file that can be used for training purposes in a school.  It would be perfect for grade level meetings or Back to School Trainings! 
Thanks so much for respecting the time it took to create this file!

If you have purchased my Smartboard Bootcamp already I encourage you to head over and re download your file.  If you have done the virtual training I would love to update your resource file so please send me an email:)  This packet is now filled with 36 pages and 13 video tutorials.  You also will receive 6 BONUS videos introducing Smart Notebook 11.

 That means that you will receive over and hour and 15 minutes of video tutorials about lesson building in Smart Notebook.  You will get tips and tricks for setting up your classroom and your students around this amazing technology!  You can also download a Free 4 page preview of my file.

Now if this is not enough and you WANT more!  Just head over to and preview my Virtual Smartboard Bootcamp.  There you will see 2 video tutorials about how I will share my screen with you, train you in the basics of Smart Notebook and lessons building. This training is for individual use or as a group.  (Group prices will vary-please contact me!)  Just click the image below to check this option out!

You will also receive the above Smartboard Bootcamp Resource Manual for Free upon completion of the Virtual Training.

If you have any questions please let me know.  I would love to help you on your journey into technology with Smart Notebook!


Saturday, July 14, 2012

Confessions of a Teacher-Blogger!

Friends~ I confess to you that blogging scared me to death!  I can't remember when I decided to start or even how long ago it began .  I remember becoming obsessed with hunting for teaching ideas on the internet and stumbling upon a few blogs.  The sharing and collaborating is what drew me in!  I was finally in a world of like minded people that loved to create and share what they developed for their classrooms.  People that kept the children's needs in mind when planning and implementing lessons. Mrs. Durning at K-2 is Splendid gave me my start by posting about me on her page! She was so kind to take a chance on me:)

I confess that I may have stalked many of you in my beginning searches.  I felt like I had actually been in your classroom's from the photos and images that you posted.  It was like we were on some kind of virtual team.  Thank YOU!


I confess that I got frustrated when you did not post enough...the hunger in me grew and I wanted more of your ideas.  I slowly realized that I was running on a one way street and I had a need to also share.  That my ideas were also worthy.

I confess that I started blogging not knowing anything about what I was doing.  I made sooooo many mistakes.  I could not live up to my expectations of myself.  Until I met my Blog Designer Mckenna and my web designer Mr. Ken.  Between the two of them my dream of entering the blog world became a reality!

I confess that I was very brave about sharing my ideas and loved the comments from my followers.  My blog is my 3rd baby.  I have nursed it along to over 1000 followers in over a year and a half.

I confess that I almost fell over when I got an invite to blog for Teaching Blog Addict!  Really it was like winning an academy award. Writing for that blog has been hands down one of the very best parts of being in the blog world.  Every author and follower is so very positive.  I know every post I do will end up with sweet and supportive comments. The founder Tamara Chilver and her gang are very kind and uplifting!

I confess that could have not done it alone.  Teaching Blog Traffic School was my backbone into the world.  I learned how to navigate through Facebook and Twitter easily because of Charity Preston.  It is $ well spent if you are considering starting a blog.

I confess that I have lost sleep and at times have became obsessed with the blog world.   I am happy to report that I have found a balance through getting up and working before my kiddos get up and staying up late to work after they go to bed.  Is it worth the loss of sleep?  YES!  Blogging is my therapy and my release.  It is a world where I am just Monica from The Schroeder Page and no one else.  I love that my kiddos Lily and Ian believe in me and are proud of my blog.

I confess that I use my own kiddos to help me with photo opts and to try out products I am reviewing.  Do they love it?  Yep, they sure do.  Ian loves when a box comes to the porch because he knows there is something new for us to check out!

I confess that I am still super nervous about putting my units for sale on Teachers Pay Teachers and Teacher's Notebook.  I take every comment personally and if I even get the slightest negative review~ I spend hours milling over how I can make the product better.  I honestly loose sleep over my comments and making my followers happy:)  I am honored and humbled by my following.  Below is a link to many of my FREE products on TPT.  Be sure to check out the other sections because there are other free items floating around my shop. 

 I confess that what I am about to tell you is one of the things that I cherish the most about blogging.  It is the friendships that I have made.  I have hundreds of new blogging friends that I can count on.  We help and support each other through life's many challenges plus blog challenges!  

I am super proud to announce my newest BLOGGin Buddie!  Hilary Lewis from Rocking Teacher Materials.  Hilary and I have talked several times via Facebook but recently over the phone and it was like finding a long lost friend.  Since our first phone call we have text and talked almost daily.  Check out our cute blog button we have placed on our sidebars! 

It is so wild that we are in totally different states and parts of life but we connect!  I feel so blessed to be in this blogging world because of all of the privileges that it has brought to me.

Thank you to all of the above and to all of my followers and supporters.  My world has changed because I am a PROUD Teacher-Blogger.

I would be honored if you would join my linky party below and share about your BLOG Journey!

A Sparkly Give Away!

Friends~I love anything that sparkles and anything that reminds me of my kiddos Lily and Ian.   That is why I am so excited to tell you about my newest sponsor!

My friend Dan Levinson, is the owner of this small town Jewelry store in downtown Concord, NC.  He is the self proclaimed Smile Maker and his staff are know as Dream Makers!  When you walk in the door you can't help but smile because of all the fun sparkly jewelry and welcoming staff. 

There you will find a variety of styles and choices from the estate section to the sport collection!  Dan contacted me because he knows that I am a teacher but always a mom first!  My daughter Lily plays tournament softball and Ian plays Tee Ball, so we spend many days at the ballpark.  Dan came across this amazing line he called Ellis Sports Jewelry: Where Athlete Meets Style.  He contacted me to show it off!  Of course, I fell in love with it!  

 Click the link below to check it out! 

You will find a collection of bracelets, necklaces, and earrings that are perfect for any sporting mom or fan.  Players would also love to represent their sport in a fun and fashionable way with these sparkly gems!  The pieces are made with sterling silver, Australian crystals, and Hematite. They have an easy pull cord system to take them on and off.  Perfect for families on the go!

I am so excited because I get to sport this fun baseball bracelet to Lily's softball tournament this weekend.  And better yet!  Dan is having a softball one made for all us softball moms! Every time I wear it,  I get tons of compliments.  It is totally eye catching! 

Here is the GREAT news!  Ellis Jewelers is having an incredible WHERE ATHLETE MEETS STYLE GIVE AWAY!
Starting July 14-July 21, 2012 you can win your choice of necklace from the Ellis Sports Collection!  

Here are the steps you will need to follow to enter:

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I will check each comment as they come in!  

Head over to Ellis Jewelers and pick out the necklace from the sports collection you REALLY want to win!  
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That's it!  Super EASY!
Here is another goodie for you all! 

If you order from Ellis Jewelers online or at the store from July 14-21st and use this code: ellis sports 
you will receive 10% off your order!  

So,  if you are an athlete, a sporting MOM, Grandma or you just love someone who plays sports.   This is the collection for you!  
Check it out and enter soon!


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Friends~I made the cutest Hurty Box for back to school!

Friends~I made the cutest Hurty Box for back to school!  I have been working on a new author study to use with my class the first few weeks of school.  I chose Helen Lester because her stories are wonderful for teaching character education and setting up a community of learners.  

My very favorite Helen Lester book is titled, Hurty Feelings.  Besides having the sweetest cover, the character Fragility is the best.  Basically, Fragility gets her feelings hurt easily and the other hippos don't want to play with her.  She meets Rudy, the Bully Elephant and ends up hurting his feelings and she gets a taste of how she has been behaving. 
The Schroeder Page and Helen Lester
 Click the image below to hear the story!

Hurty Feelings Book Cover photo

I had so much fun creating activities for this story but my Hurty Box turned out so darn cute that I had to share it with you.  Watch the video below to learn more about how I am using The Hurty Box in class in August!

You can totally make your own cards to go inside or you can check out my new unit on TPT.  Just click the cover below!  
My Classroom Community, Hutry Box, photo
It is filled with 31 pages of activities to use with the following 5 Helen Lester books:

Grab a FREE download for Listen Buddy by clicking below.  
The Schroeder Page:Freebie for Listen Buddy
You can even make these adorable Buddies with your class.  I had my students follow a set of verbal directions to tear construction paper to create their own version of buddy. It is a perfect listening activity for the beginning of the year and a lessons on differences.  Each Buddy is unique!  

Make Your Own Buddy photo