Saturday, August 31, 2013

Back to School: I Survived!

Back to School: I Survived!
Friends~I survived Back to School!  The first week went very well with each day building on the next.  I am so super proud of my new 2nd graders.  As of Friday, we had centers up and running, jobs were being done, and they were running our Smart-board Calendar.  Check them out working in centers below!

Math Center: Building a Hundreds Board, photo of

Independent reading in our reading nook, photo for The Schroeder Page, Back to School

These kiddos rocked both our Daily 5 and our math BUILD centers.  I have to tell you, I loved having my own kiddos for math this year.  In the past, we have switched classes based on ability and it was a real challenge for me.  I love knowing my students as a whole and this year I get that back!

These are two of my friends working on buddy reading together plus more shots of my friends working in centers. 

I will be honest, I was in bed most nights by 9:00 PM maybe earlier but it was worth it.  My kiddos are trained and ready to be independent learners.  If you want to read more about how I get my classroom up and running so quickly read my post on COURAGE

I am off today to the Apple Festival in Hendersonville, NC.  Have a great weekend!


Monday, August 26, 2013

Stock Your Classroom Give Away!

Stock Your Classroom Give Away!
Friends~Can you believe September is around the corner?! I know some of you have been in full swing for a while and some are just gearing up to meet your new little sweeties…. Which to me sounds like the perfect time to Stock Your Classroom!
I am teaming up with 8 of my blogging friends to offer an amazing giveaway package to help stock your classroom for the coming year.
Check out what is up for grabs!
Stock Your Classroom Give Away!, The Schroeder Page, PhotoStock Your Classroom Give Away!, The Schroeder Page, Photo

Stock Your Classroom Give Away!, The Schroeder Page, PhotoStock Your Classroom Give Away!, The Schroeder Page, Photo

Stock Your Classroom Give Away!, The Schroeder Page, PhotoStock Your Classroom Give Away!, The Schroeder Page, Photo

Stock Your Classroom Give Away!, The Schroeder Page, PhotoStock Your Classroom Give Away!, The Schroeder Page, Photo
Gain entries by following us on TpT, our blogs, and/or Facebook.
Good luck! The winner will be announced Thursday!
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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Who's that Blogger Linky Party

Welcome Everyone!!

         Are you ready to have some fun??
     ....Play a game  .....Win  prizes and cash?
I have teamed up with 65 AMAZING blogger buddies to put together the ultimate Back to School Linky/Giveaway!!!
Each one of my blogger buddies submitted a cute childhood photo and generously donated something special from their online TpT shops for this occasion!! We have included a fun game for you to play for a chance to win over $300.00 in prizes and a BONUS  CASH-PRIZE raffle you can enter at the end of this post!! 
The game is easy to play....
 Your job will be to try and match each blogger with their childhood photo!!! With over 60 childhood photos and bloggers to match up, this might get tricky!! As I mentioned above, each blogger has generously donated one awesome prize from their TpT store. Successfully match a blogger and childhood photo, and you win the prize offered from that blogger!!! The more you matches you make, the more prizes you win!!! 
Check out some of the prizes you could win!!!

but Wait....
That's not all....
ONE lucky follower will win a $125 Amazon Gift Card!! Scroll to the bottom and follow the directions in the Rafflecopter for a chance to win $$$
The link below will open a form that will allow you to submit your answers for the match up. 
Use the blogger links and numbered images to help you along the way!! Each childhood photo has been assigned a specific number. 
Once you open the form, use the drop-down menu beneath each blog button and select a number that corresponds to a childhood photo. The drop down list includes numbers 1-66. There are only 65 bloggers, so please ignore number 66.
The form results will be collected throughout the week. At the end of the week, each submission will be "graded" and you will receive a prize for each blogger and photo you successfully matched up!!
The game closes on Friday, August 23rd at midnight (Arizona Mountain Time). Answers will be announced on Saturday, August 24th. Winners will be notified through email throughout the week. 
Use the blog links below the photos to search for clues!!

Follow the directions in the Rafflecopter for a chance to win a $125 Amazon gift card!! 

Thank you so much for participating!!! Good Luck!!!
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Saturday, August 17, 2013

TPT Back to School Best & Most Linky Party

TPT Back to School Best & Most Linky Party
Friends~I have been sitting on pins and needles waiting for this day all month.  The TPT Back to School Sale is August 18-19th! I have so much in my cart that I think it is going to blow! 
Not only will I be shopping like mad, I will be offering 20% off all my products in the sale!  
Don't forget your PROMO code BTS13!
TPT Back to School Sale, The Schroeder Page, Photo

I am also linking up today with Bunting, Books, and Bainbridge to show off some of my Best and Most Likely to Help your Kiddos Succeed products that will be for sale.
Check them out below!
TPT Back to School Best and Most, The Schroeder Page, photo
My teacher's pet: 
Hit all those common core goals and more with this 80 page file. You will find activities for force and motion, life cycles, matter and even weather.  It is truly my teacher's pet for integrating science into all areas of my teaching.
TPT Back to School Best & Most, Simply Second Grade Science, photo
My Most Likely to Help Students Succeed:
This file is 106 pages of tried and true behavior management techniques that I use daily in my classroom. Your kiddos will LOVE the OOPS Book and you will be able to encourage extraordinary behavior with my super stars.
TPT Back to School Best and Most, Beyond Flipping Cards, photo
Best couple has to be my:
Each file is unique!  Once Upon a Fairy Tale takes your class through learning the elements of fairy tales.  Your students will learn to identify those elements while reading and be able to use them to understand the story.  Writing My First Fairy Tale takes it to another level where your students will learn to write their own tales one step at a time!  
TPT Back to School Best and Most, My First Fairy Tale, photoTPT Back to School Best and Most, Once Upon a Time, photo

Another must have is my Singing is Learning!
Get your kiddos moving through transitions with my fun chants and songs. 
 They will never know that they are learning!
You even get the songs and chants on a CD and posters for your classroom!
TPT Back to School, Singing is Learning, photo
I also have my most recent file:
Cast a spell on your class and take them through my Magic e centers.  I promise they will never forget the power of Magic e!

Be sure to head back to Bunting, Books, and Bainbridge to check out the rest of the linky party!  There are tons of Bests and Mosts for you explore!

Bunting Books and Bainbridge

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Classroom Organization Finds

Classroom Organization Finds
Friends~I am back in the saddle again and I am loving my new classroom organization.  You all know that my family loves softball and we spend countless hours at the field.  Well, our coaches often sit on buckets to catch the pitchers when they are warming up.  I decided to take that idea and turn it into seats for my guided reading table.  I love that they have storage inside too!

Classroom Organization Bucket Seats, The Schroeder Page, Photo

I found the buckets at Home Depot and headed to Hobby Lobby for foam and fabric.  I was super excited to find the same fabric my curtains are made out of.   I simply cut the foam to fit and used a spray adhesive in combination with hot glue to make the seats. 
Classroom Organization Stickers, The Schroeder Page, photo
I covered the Home Depot image with gumball stickers I found at Hobby Lobby.  (I totally need to head back to get more stickers to cover the rest but I love that they match the fabric.)  

My plan is to fill them with my guided reading materials and books.  

I also found this super cool peace chest at Big Lots.  I am storing more of my guided reading books in it.  I love that the buckets and chest have so much storage space. 

Peace Sign Chest, photo

I am also super excited about my seat sacks and name tags. (The tags are on springs so that they stand up.  I hate taping them to the desks!) 
They are perfect with the colors in my room!
Click the seat sack to check them out!

I am off to get more organized.  More pictures later!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Loving my New Word and Writing Center

Loving My New Word and Writing Center
Friends~I am on my 5th large trashcan of stuff from my classroom.  I have been on a mission to streamline my room.  I have cleaned out everything and I am sooo in love with my New Word and Writing Center.  I wanted them to be connected so that the activities could transfer back and forth. 

Below are some before pictures of my classroom before I got started. 
Before 2013 Classroom PhotoBefore 2013 Classroom Photo

Here are some photos of my Word and Writing Center after a week of work!  
See the chalkboard?  I found it at TJ Max and the other two boards are wallboard from Lowes.  
Those cute pencils are from Hobby Lobby!  
I am loving the way it looks!

Writing and Word Study Center, photo

Writing and Word Study Center, photo

Writing and Word Study Center, photo

I am off to work on my math center now.  I have a ton of organizing to do with all of the new centers I made last year! 


Saturday, August 10, 2013

Free Educational Online Games Galore!

Free Educational Online Games GALORE!
Friends~I am so excited to share with you some FREE educational online games from Room Recess! I always love getting a good tip from a teacher so when I was contacted by the creator and founder of Room Recess, I knew I had to share. 

His name is Brian and he asked me to help spread the word about this free site.  The cool thing is all, of the math games on this site are completely FREE! The games support math, reading, spelling, and language arts. 
 Plus, he created them all and he is a teacher just like me!

Free Math Games, Room Recess, The Schroeder Page, Photo

When I visited the site, I loved that the games were organized by grade level and were super easy to use.  Most of the games can be projected on the smartboard or played right on a computer.  Some do require keyboarding:)

In honor of Shark Week, I totally had to try out Word Shark.

Ok, here is a fun drawing conclusions games and I LOVE the music! 

I am also thinking that Zombie Paintball is going to be a favorite for my kiddos!  Be sure to watch me play some math games below.  Sorry about my phone ringing at the end! 
It is nonstop at The Schroeder House!

Listen, you have to check this site out!  Bookmark it for your kiddos this school year.  They will love it and be amazed that another teacher made all of these games.  I know I am!  Thanks for sharing this great tip Brian.  You do awesome work!

Speaking of tips, be sure you head over to Teachers Notebook because they are sharing TONS of video tips recorded by awesome teachers!  I am sharing the secrets to my Magic e centers and I also wear a pretty cute crown! Give the photo a click to see me in my crown and so much more! 

Teachers Notebook Back to School Teachers Tips, video, Magic E, photo of


Saturday, August 3, 2013

Friends~You have to LOVE Moe William's Knuffle Bunny.

Friends~You have to LOVE Moe William's Knuffle Bunny.  It is the sweetest story of Trixie and how she loses her special bunny.  Her father and her retrace their steps to find sweet Knuffle Bunny. (Hello! Great chance to sequence the story:)  My kiddos crack up at how Trixie tries to explain to her parents the bunny is missing.  You see the loss of Knuffle Bunny sparks Trixie's first words-"Knuffle Bunny." 
Click image to purchase the book!
Friends~You have to LOVE Moe William's Knuffle Bunny from The Schroeder Page photo of

I put together a super fun unit to use with this book when I introduce sequencing and text connections.  My plan is to print out these sweet bunnies and place them on popsicle sticks.  During the story, I am going to have my students raise their bunnies when they connect to the story. Click the bunnies to grab a FREE copy to use with your kiddos! 

Friends~You have to LOVE Moe William's Knuffle Bunny freebie from The Schroeder Page photo
You can check out more Knuffle Bunny Fun by clicking below!  

Friends~You have to LOVE Moe William's Knuffle Bunny lesson from The Schroeder Page photo of