Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Classroom Organization Finds

Classroom Organization Finds
Friends~I am back in the saddle again and I am loving my new classroom organization.  You all know that my family loves softball and we spend countless hours at the field.  Well, our coaches often sit on buckets to catch the pitchers when they are warming up.  I decided to take that idea and turn it into seats for my guided reading table.  I love that they have storage inside too!

Classroom Organization Bucket Seats, The Schroeder Page, Photo

I found the buckets at Home Depot and headed to Hobby Lobby for foam and fabric.  I was super excited to find the same fabric my curtains are made out of.   I simply cut the foam to fit and used a spray adhesive in combination with hot glue to make the seats. 
Classroom Organization Stickers, The Schroeder Page, photo
I covered the Home Depot image with gumball stickers I found at Hobby Lobby.  (I totally need to head back to get more stickers to cover the rest but I love that they match the fabric.)  

My plan is to fill them with my guided reading materials and books.  

I also found this super cool peace chest at Big Lots.  I am storing more of my guided reading books in it.  I love that the buckets and chest have so much storage space. 

Peace Sign Chest, photo

I am also super excited about my seat sacks and name tags. (The tags are on springs so that they stand up.  I hate taping them to the desks!) 
They are perfect with the colors in my room!
Click the seat sack to check them out!

I am off to get more organized.  More pictures later!