Saturday, August 10, 2013

Free Educational Online Games Galore!

Free Educational Online Games GALORE!
Friends~I am so excited to share with you some FREE educational online games from Room Recess! I always love getting a good tip from a teacher so when I was contacted by the creator and founder of Room Recess, I knew I had to share. 

His name is Brian and he asked me to help spread the word about this free site.  The cool thing is all, of the math games on this site are completely FREE! The games support math, reading, spelling, and language arts. 
 Plus, he created them all and he is a teacher just like me!

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When I visited the site, I loved that the games were organized by grade level and were super easy to use.  Most of the games can be projected on the smartboard or played right on a computer.  Some do require keyboarding:)

In honor of Shark Week, I totally had to try out Word Shark.

Ok, here is a fun drawing conclusions games and I LOVE the music! 

I am also thinking that Zombie Paintball is going to be a favorite for my kiddos!  Be sure to watch me play some math games below.  Sorry about my phone ringing at the end! 
It is nonstop at The Schroeder House!

Listen, you have to check this site out!  Bookmark it for your kiddos this school year.  They will love it and be amazed that another teacher made all of these games.  I know I am!  Thanks for sharing this great tip Brian.  You do awesome work!

Speaking of tips, be sure you head over to Teachers Notebook because they are sharing TONS of video tips recorded by awesome teachers!  I am sharing the secrets to my Magic e centers and I also wear a pretty cute crown! Give the photo a click to see me in my crown and so much more! 

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