Thursday, September 26, 2013

Fall Book Study: Stellaluna & Freebie

Fall Book Study: Stellaluna & Freebie
Friends~It is time to bust into those fall books and begin planning a book study.  One of my favorites is the book Stellaluna by Janell Cannon
Fall Book Study:Stellaluna & Freeebie, The Schroeder Page
It is such a sweet story about a young bat that learns how to love her differences. 

Enjoy this book with your class by watching this great video from Storyline Online!
We have been really talking about thinking while we are reading so I am excited to have my students complete this Think About It prompt below.  
Give it a click to download a free copy for your class. 
What fall book study will you be doing in class?


Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Fall Candy Corn Science

Fall Candy Corn Science
Friends~Tis the season for one of my favorite treats...CANDY CORN!  I love this fall goodie!  We had last weekend off so we had some time to have some fun with science and this sweet treat.  We dissolved candy corn in 3 different liquids.  Tap water, cold water, and hot water.  
Fall Candy Corn Science, The Schroeder Page
It was so cool to see how fast the candy corn dissolved in the hot water.  Ian loved it!  
We also experimented with baking soda and vinegar. 
Fall Candy Corn Science, The Schroeder Page
Check him out below testing out the fizzy candy corn.  
I think he just likes experiments that explode!
I am totally going to bring these experiments into my classroom.  I put together tons of fun interactive learning centers for my 2nd graders.  
I can't wait to teach this little poem I wrote to my class. 
(Click the poem to download a couple candy corn freebies.)

We are also going to make these cute candy corn guys using a glyph. 
Fall Candy Corn Science, The Schroeder Page

You can check more Candy Corn fun by clicking the link below!  It is a perfect unit for students that don't celebrate Halloween. 
Fall Candy Corn Science

Sunday, September 22, 2013

2nd Grade Math Investigations & Data Binders!

2nd Grade Math Investigations and Data Binders!
 Friends~I am happy to report that I made it through the VERY LONG testing process that was my life since the start of school and last Wednesday was my first real day of teaching.  Meaning: I finally was able to begin to train my class and start my favorite thing to do...teach.  
(No test or deadlines hanging over my head for now.)

I am also happy to report, that we are finally off to a great start!  I am just getting into our new math program Investigations.  I think it is going to take me some time to love it but we are building a relationship:) I do really like the hands on and open ended lessons provided.  Check out my kiddos working on a Making 10 Investigation.  The were asked to take a group of 10 items and create groups to make 10.  They then developed a number sentence to prove their 10.  
2nd Grade Math Investigations, math, The Schroeder Page2nd Grade Math Investigations, the schroeder page

2nd Grade Math Investigations, the schroeder page2nd Grade Math Investigations, the schroederpage

Check out the family section in the Investigations Link above for some great online games like:
I have been using them in my math centers!

We also started working on data collection in our Data Binders.  My good friend Hilary Lewis from Rocking Teacher Materials got me started on these and they are fantastic. Click above to check her's out...totally free!  My kiddos and parents love seeing their progress and it is a wonderful way for students to become responsible for their own learning.  

Data Binders, the schroeder page
We start by learning to graph our Whiz Quiz results.
 (Spelling Test)  
Then we move into our reading levels and behavior.  
Math POP Quizzes come next.  
Download a FREE sample copy of my Data Binders by clicking below.  


Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Fall Apple Learning Centers

Fall Apple Learning Centers
Friends~There are not too many things better that a crisp fall morning and the smell of apples!  Down south we are just getting a bit of a chill in the evenings but The Schroeder Family has already hit to apple orchards! 

Fall Apple Learning Centers
Every year,  we head to the orchard near Hendersonville, NC with our neighbors and pick apples.  It is such a great time and I love how much the kiddos can learn just from being in the orchard.  

Apples are one of my very favorite themes to work from when creating learning centers. They are fascinating for young learners and yummy at the same time.  

Check out some of my kiddos from the past exploring apples in room 331!
We read about apples, we graphed apples, we even measured and weighed apples!
Fall Apple Learning Centers

The learning is endless across the curriculum and it is so easy to make those home school connections.  
Check out some of my apple centers below!

 If you are interested in grabbing this unit for Fall, you can click the image below! This 75 page file is now on sale until the end of September! 

Monday, September 16, 2013

Science $15 Frenzy from Educents

Science and a $15 Frenzy from Educents
Friends~I love resources!  Especially resources that are at a great price!  I am thrilled to spread the word about the $15 Frenzy over at Educents
 I have an awesome science bundle up for grabs.
Check it out below!
You get this whole bundle at 58% off the original price.
Normally $26 for all 3 bundles!
You can grab it now for only 11 bucks!
Click below to read all about it!
Buggy Science Bundle, Educents

Get directions for my butterfly hat with this bundle or create a pollination center with my All About Bees!
$15 Frenzy from Educents, Pollination Center$15 Frenzy from Educents, butterfly, science

There are tons of other goodies to grab from like Melon Headsz special Kidlettes Clip Art Bundle. 

$15 Frenzy Educents

 Nursery Rhymes from Kindergarten Lifestyle!

$15 Frenzy

I am loving these Writing Poems from Simply Kinder

Math Mysteries too!  My kiddos so get a kick out of these!
$15 Frenzy from Educents, Math Mysteries
Be sure to check out all the deals!
This deal is so filled with so many great resources...which one would you pin?
Pin any of the above images for a chance to win any product from my Teachers Pay Teachers Store!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Spoil a Teacher Giveaway!

Spoil a Teacher Giveaway
Friends~I have had the most relaxing day thanks to some great neighborhood friends.  Lily and I got to spend the day out on their boat at Lake Tillery in North Carolina.  I even attempted to knee board. (Probably will never do again but I can say I did it!) It was such a perfect day, I almost forgot about all the craziness that has been my back to school.  I felt quite SPOILED with all the laughter and the beautiful scenery! 
Check out Lily and I with our hair blowing in the wind as we zipped across the lake!

With that being said, I have been holding back some goodies so that I can SPOIL a few teachers!  
My friends from The Paisley Box, Origami Owl, and Arbonne  have generously donated three awesome prizes for me to give away!  Check them out below!
Spoil a Teacher Giveaway!, Photo, The Schroeder Page
I will choose 3 lucky teachers to spoil: 
1 for the Origami mini Locket. 
 (It is filled with an adorable laptop charm.)
1 for the Arbonne set. 
(My FAVORITE shea butter lotion-in my shower now!) 
 1 for the The Paisley Box gift set. 
(Adorable gift stationary set!)
If you are interested in purchasing Arbonne you can contact my good friend Julie at!

Join this giveaway by clicking below in my rafflecopter!
Parents~ Join in and use the prize to spoil one of your child's teachers!


Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Hedgehogs: Pets in the Classroom

Pets in the Classroom
Friends~ I have been waiting forever to write this post.  2 years ago my 2nd graders and I completed an author study on the ever famous Jan Brett.  We found out during our study that Jan has a pet hedgehog.  I knew I had to find out more information about hedgehogs when I saw the sweet faces of those prickly guys. 
  Check out Jan's hedgehog, Astro.
So, I hunted down lots of good information for my kiddos about hedgehogs and during my hunt I found a young lady that was breeding hedgehogs in our area. 
 I convinced her to bring them to school.  
At that point,  I was so smitten with the idea of a hedgehog, I could think of nothing else! 
Read more about our visit HERE
Pets in the Classroom, Hedgehogs Visit, The Schroeder Page
Now, that is where my story begins but does not end.  For the next 2 years, my little friend Jenna (Jenna was in my class the year the hedgehog came.)  who is now in 4th grade told me almost every time I saw her that she was saving for a hedgehog. 
I am so happy to report that she did it!  2 years after meeting her first hedgehog in room 331 she adopted Dorothy. 
Named after our Wizard of Oz unit at the end of the year. 
Pets in the Classroom, Hedgehogs Visit, The Schroeder Page
I know you think the story is over but...I woke to the most amazing Facebook post the next day.   Dorothy, on her first night home, had 2 babies!!!! Jenna's family went from 1 hog to 3 in less than 
 12 hours.  (I am pretty sure they may have been hollering my name a bit.  I was the one who started the whole thing.)
Pets in the Classroom, Hedgehogs Visit, The Schroeder Page
After lots of joking on Facebook about how I needed to adopt a baby,  I piled my kiddos into the van and drove to visit the new family.  This is Ian holding TOTO and our Neighbor Holding TOTO.
Watch the video of Lily enjoying Toto too!  
Henry, Toto's brother was a bit grumpy and kept hiding from us. 
I couldn't help loving Henry because he would totally spike his brow up at us if we tried to pick him up.  
And still the story continues.  We left in love with those little guys and I secretly new that Henry needed us and room 331 to help him come out of his quills.  
So, of course as soon as Jenna called and asked if we wanted to adopt a hedgehog we said YES!
It was bitter sweet for Jenna and Dorothy when adoption day came.
But-GOOD NEWS my neighbor above adopted TOTO!
Now the brothers live down the street from each other and Dorothy and Jenna can come visit anytime!

Pets in the Classroom, Hedgehogs Visit, The Schroeder Page
Here he is hanging out at home with his new family! 

He has been a BIG hit in the classroom too!  He comes to visit on Fridays.  My kiddos love reading to him and I love that they have to be super quite so they don't scare Henry. 
I am amazed at how attentive they are to him.  They are very respectful of his needs.  I was also thrilled when some of my most reluctant readers came and asked to read to Henry. 
I really believe he has a bright future in 2nd grade!

Check out this sweet book I put together for my kiddos.  They love the repetition and also that Henry inspired it!
Included in the file is a video recording too!

Take it a step more with an All About Hedgehogs! 
A Big Thank You goes out to Dorothy and The Hardister Family for raising such healthy and adorable hedgehogs.