Sunday, September 8, 2013

Spoil a Teacher Giveaway!

Spoil a Teacher Giveaway
Friends~I have had the most relaxing day thanks to some great neighborhood friends.  Lily and I got to spend the day out on their boat at Lake Tillery in North Carolina.  I even attempted to knee board. (Probably will never do again but I can say I did it!) It was such a perfect day, I almost forgot about all the craziness that has been my back to school.  I felt quite SPOILED with all the laughter and the beautiful scenery! 
Check out Lily and I with our hair blowing in the wind as we zipped across the lake!

With that being said, I have been holding back some goodies so that I can SPOIL a few teachers!  
My friends from The Paisley Box, Origami Owl, and Arbonne  have generously donated three awesome prizes for me to give away!  Check them out below!
Spoil a Teacher Giveaway!, Photo, The Schroeder Page
I will choose 3 lucky teachers to spoil: 
1 for the Origami mini Locket. 
 (It is filled with an adorable laptop charm.)
1 for the Arbonne set. 
(My FAVORITE shea butter lotion-in my shower now!) 
 1 for the The Paisley Box gift set. 
(Adorable gift stationary set!)
If you are interested in purchasing Arbonne you can contact my good friend Julie at!

Join this giveaway by clicking below in my rafflecopter!
Parents~ Join in and use the prize to spoil one of your child's teachers!