Monday, July 9, 2012

I figured it out!

Friends~I have been wondering why in the world I don't feel like I am on summer break yet?  I think I have figured it out!  Check out all that The Schroeder Family has been up to since school let out!

Ian was a ring bearer in our very good friend's wedding just after school was out.  Lily read a beautiful poem too!

We enjoyed 5 days at the beach with our family!

Practiced baiting and taking fish off the hook.  Lily is actually the only one in the family that can do these tasks.  Thank goodness she is teaching Ian so I NEVER have to learn.  Thanks Uncle Tony!

Took a class called Mega Bites (Shark Teeth) and Listened to the Snake Man talk at Ocean Isle. 

My sister Sarah and her family came and spent 5 days with us!  It was a fantastic visit and there was lots of good catching up time had by all!
Got my sweet neice's ears pierced!  Look real close and you can see them on those tiny ears!
Lily took her fourth year of Art Camp through my elementary school.  We have so many beautiful pieces she has done over the years. 

Ian participated in his first, all by himself, camp at my school too.  It was PE camp put on by our amazing PE teacher!  I am happy to report he fell asleep 3 out of the 4 nights around 7:00 and slept the whole night!  It was worth every penny to get this wild boy tired out! 
Lily is taking a guitar camp that is also offered in my district and spent the night teaching Ian all that she learned today.  Check out her JAM below!

What we have up and coming-Lily is playing in the Softball World Series for her league this weekend and Ian is hoping that I give the OK to Yoga Day camp. 
 Ian's T Ball will be up and running soon! 
 No wonder I am always running! 

The summer is a perfect time to be your child's teacher and expose them to as much new learning as possible.  There are so many free and inexpensive learning opportunities out there.  Several of the camps above were FREE or cost very little.  Be sure to check your local library and churches for learning camps for your kiddos. 

Head out to the park and explore!  Here are some ideas that I have up my sleeve for the rest of the summer:
Animal Tracking at the park
Paddle Boats
Learning to Draw on the Computer (Thanks Chantel and Kris)
More Fishing
Tie Dye T Shirts
Rolling Sushi
Canning Tomatoes with Grandma
Working with a Local Animal Shelter
Cleaning out the house and making a BIG donation!
Making a trip back to OHIO to see family and friends

I am happy to report that after all of our travels things are slowing down and we are looking forward to the lazy life of summer!

Leave a comment and let me know what you are up to this summer!