Sunday, February 19, 2012

How I Became Mrs. Schroeder Rhymes with GATOR!

Mrs. B has organized a super fun Linky Party so that we all can share how we met our sweet hubbies!

Listen...first of all you all better never repeat any of this story because I am pretty sure my mom reads this blog:)  Many moons ago or 18 years ago I may or may not have been in a bar-like place.  I was just hanging with my friends and in walks Mr. S in a cute ball cap:)  He asked me to dance and we danced the rest of the night away.  By the way we no longer dance in public.  We are way to OLD for that.  Mr. S was on his way to the Final 4 in Charlotte, NC.  His friends talked him into leaving a note on my car that night with a # to reach him.  Soooo he was really cute and I called and left a message.  He was not there of course because he was in NC and did not live at that # anyway.  I kinda forgot about the whole thing until...

I guess he returned and his friends finally told him I called.  He called me and we met up later that week.  We lived 2 hours from each other so we spent most of our getting to know each other on the phone.  Yes, the phone had a long spiral type cord and I had to stretch it to it's max to get some privacy to talk:)  We really fell in love over the phone.  I am quite a talker:)

I moved to his town a few months later to attend another college and we dated for 2 years before he proposed.  (We did not live together!  I rented a one room efficiency until I met my good buddy Kristi!) Mr. Schroeder and I  have been together for 18 years now:)  The funny thing is we now live in the Charlotte, NC area.  We have two beautiful kiddos and he has never been to a Final 4 since:)

After all this time together I still feel so lucky to have found Mr. Schroeder.  We totally balance each other.  He is the realist and I am the dreamer.  He is the responsible party & I am the risk taker.  He is the protector and I am the protected.

Mr. Schroeder gave me a wonderful compliment once~ He said that I am just the right amount of CRAZY!  I am pretty sure that is a good compliment right?