Monday, February 28, 2011

Math Center REDO!

I really want to do Math Workshop in my classroom but our schedule doesn't allow it.  I have now reworked my math center so that my math I mean math class.  We are switching for math classes in 2nd grade based on skill  level.  Some good things are happening but we still have a lot of issues to work out.  One being having a whole new group of kiddos in my room and managing centers.  Today was the first day of Math Centers and I think they went well.  The students were super excited to check out the centers.  The only issue was clean up.

I am running 4 centers right now.  Math Games, Timed Tests, Math Computation with Slates, and Flash Cards.

Check out the slates on the top shelf.  I got this idea from my friends in Kindergarten.  They drilled a hole in each slate, added a metal ring & sock.  Markers are stored in the sock "eraser."  Perfect!