Thursday, October 20, 2011

Ding, Dong, Answer THIS!

Friends...I have another great idea to keep your kiddos thinking!  Many moons ago I saw an article about a teacher that used a door bell in their classroom to get her student's attention.  I took that idea and made it into a learning brake in my classroom.  I first made a trip over to Lowes to grab a plug in doorbell.  You can get one for around $15-$20.
Click the picture above to purchase one on Amazon!

It is totally worth it!  I plugged it in behind a cabinet and then hid the remote under my desk. I created a pocket full of math questions and placed them at my door with a sign that reads...Answer ME!  When we have a little break in time or I need to get their attention I press the remote under my desk and it MAGICALLY rings.  The class is trained to go to their seat and raise their hand.  I then call on one to read the question and we answer it together.

Just remember friends, sometimes it is the little things that make all the difference:)