Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My Secret Weapon!

Today I introduce my secret weapon!   (As most of you know...I am new to the blog world and I have dreamed of having a beautiful blog with all the cute goodness that blogger offers.  I was well on my way at a snail's pace because I am not good with the codes or even Photoshop:)  
Well, one day at the ballpark (the lord works in mysterious ways:)  I was talking to another mom from my daughter's softball team about blogging and she mentioned that her SWEET High School age daughter loves designing blogs.  My ears were wide open and my eyes bulged!!!  Ever since that day I have worked with Mckenna at:
She has taken my ideas and made my dream blog come true.  She is AMAZING!  Every morning, I would wake to an email from her and a link to her work.  She is like a mind reader.   Mckenna was able to take all of my bumbling ideas and turn them into exactly what I wanted! 
If you are at all interested in working with her...I recommend her with top HONORS!  Please check out her site and support her by becoming a follower and adding her button to your blog.  
Feel free to email me with questions or heck just email Mckenna...she is the master!
Now I am off to stare at my beautiful blog some more:)