Thursday, July 28, 2011

I LOVE being a BLOGGER because...

Yesterday was truly the day that made all the time I spend blogging more than worth it.  My goal when I started blogging was to help new teachers and to make connections to better my practice.  Well as I stood in the $ Store yesterday afternoon waiting for Mrs. Cleary my friend & assistant I overhead a mother talking with her "teacher" daughter.  It was so sweet to hear them talk about teaching supplies that I got all caught up  in the moment and went to reach for a business card.  I of course did not have one so I jotted down my blog info and went to pass it on.  Stalker-like behavior??

When I got there the mom was the only one there so I quickly passed on my information and told her the blog community is a wonderful place for new teachers to learn and make connections.  She thanked me and  I walked away.

Soon after I heard..."Mrs. Schroeder?"  It was on of my families from the past and we spent some time talking and catching up.  As I walked away the Mother/Daughter that I stalked were waiting for me.  The mom introduced me to her daughter and she smiled REAL big and said I know who you are. all turns out the Miss Kim is a follower of my blog and she recently commented about the aprons I wear and I had passed on my NEIGHBOR/Sew-aholic MZ.  Dot to her. 
 This one says...I'm Watching you!  and is covered in eyeballs:)
Listen to this!  She had just come from Union County to pick up aprons at MZ. Dot's house which is right behind mine and she brought in the aprons for me to see.  They are soooo stinkin cute! 

Now what are the odds of that???  I just want to say THANK YOU Kelly!  For a small moment in time I felt like a celebrity and I swelled with pride knowing that I helped a new teacher like you!
Best wishes on that job...know that my fingers are crossed for you!