Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I love my SMARTboard...let me count the ways!

The Top 10 reasons I love my SMARTboard...
1. My SMART Board has made every unit I teach totally interactive.  I can bring any topic to life with a simple click.
Read more about my SMARTboard at www.theschroederpage.com 

2. No more sign in pieces for attendance.  I use to make a piece every year with the student's name on it and then add a magnet for them to sign in when they arrived at school.  Now we have seasonal pieces on our SMARTboard.  Download interactive calendars with seasonal sign in slides for your SMARTboard at www.theschroederpage.com
3. SKYPE!  We love staying in contact with students that move, other classrooms in the building, sharing stories and writings with our staff, Christmas Around the World, Guest Readers, training via SKYPE, and SKYPE Web Pals.  
Set up a Skype session with me and  I will walk you through using your SMARTboard! Don't wait until August!
Send me an email at www.theschroederpage.com

4. Recording favorite books with flip cameras and playing them back on the SMARTboard so all can see!

5. The capture tool!  I can grab anything off the internet or out of a book and turn it into an interactive SMARTboards lesson.  

6. The Magic Pen...zoom in and out on objects by just making a square around it or make a circle and it will become a spotlight. 
7. A free bulletin board for my overhead center!  I do my whole calendar on my SMARTboard and also can link the songs for our morning routine to the lesson.

8.  The gallery sampler.  I can insert images and also interactive math tools for my lessons with ease by using the gallery.  I can even create my own content section to organize tools I use often.

8. No more paper files...or at least my folders are getting smaller and I am able to organize my lessons better.  I have a ton of folders on my computer now that hold all of my SMARTboard lessons.  

9.  The Page Recorder.  I am able to record my steps for solving a problem and have those steps be available for students who are struggling.  

10. Training and helping teachers enter the world of technology.  Through my SMARTboard I have met an incredible group of teachers that share the same passion I do for technology and teaching.