Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Professional Development at Home.

Well...last night I attended the best professional development session.  Yes,  I am a bit partial because I was the presenter but it really was amazing.  Now my SMARTboard Bootcamp lacked a bit without an actual smartboard but my webmaster Ken wired it through my TV and I invited neighbors, friends and fellow teachers to come on over and bring their laptops. We had a variety of people there from K-3 teachers, EC teachers, Preschool teachers, teachers with and without smartboards, and even moms that homeschool their children.  It was an amazing time of sharing and collaborating from many walks of teaching. Along with some yummy snacks and drinks:)

I never thought that homeschool parents would be interested in using the smartboard but by downloading smart notebook to their computers they can create interactive and engaging technology type lessons. They can provide the same technology to their children at home that my students receive in the classroom.   We even talked about tailoring them to each individual child with photos of them and some of their favorite items in clip art.  We discussed linking websites and videos to compliment their lessons.  I even mentioned have a family member do a book talk with them as a surprise.  Also it is a great opportunity for them to respond to text by creating their own slides, graphic organizers, and more.  This opened a who new idea on using SMARTnotebook.

We were also able to compare how different schools in our district do things.  We were able to then share and learn from each other.  One thing we discussed was what programs we liked best for smart notebook and we talked about how Real Player is great for adding videos. 

The funny thing is... it all came very natural.  We were in a group of about 8 people and with educating children as our common goal and  the conversation flowed and flowed.  I have made new friends and connections in the education world because of this.    I of course introduced them to my blog world and I am willing to bet we have a few new stalkers out there.

I am going to plan another night like this to share and collaborate with my peers.  SMARTboard Bootcamp was a huge success and I am so proud to be able to share with so many educators that truly have the best interest of children at heart!

Plus...I presented in my bare feet and my pets enjoyed the show too:)

Thank you to all that attended.  I used to sell Silpada Jewelry and did my share of parties but never did I leave with so many "jewels!"
Maybe I am on to something...would you invite my to your house to present SMARTboard Bootcamp?

Not the best picture...it is a sign I made for the door to invite everyone to SMARTboard Bootcamp!  Complete with Camo:)