Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Me and My 2nd Grade GANG!

Calling ALL 2nd grade bloggers!  My Teamie and I would love to invite you to join our 2nd Grade GANG!  When Mrs. Mccumbee and I talked yesterday we discussed how many awesome K and 1 blogs there are out there! We want to bring 2nd grade blogs out and together!

My secret weapon at Project 3 Designs is putting together a 2nd GRADE GANG button for us all to proudly post on our blogs. (You know I wanted to be a Pink Lady from Grease!) I am so looking forward to collaborating with all of  you!  We will also have a special page on our blog just for your buttons and a quick introduction.

If you are interested in this opportunity please follow my blog, Facebook, and Twitter.  So simple to do.  Just click the links at the top of my blog.  Then leave a comment below listing the following information:
1. Blog Name and address

Also head over to WE Teach 2nd Grade and become a follower:)

As we compile the Gang... will visit your blog and return the above" following" favor.  We will also add your blog button to the GANG List and you will be invited to make a comment about your blog!

Look out Blog World...Here comes 2nd grade!