Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Calendar Journal Tips

Friends~I have had some questions since my last post about how I use my calendar journals in class.  You can read my post about these cute journals by giving them a click below!  You also can download a copy of my printable labels too!

To answer the questions that I have had about my calendar journals I have to tell you that I do my entire calendar on my Smartboard.  I transitioned to this 3 years ago and it works beautifully!  I started by creating my sign in attendance board.  You can see it below.  Students enter my classroom and pull their number up to the I AM Here part of the board.  Before we begin calendar my attendance person announces the attendance to me and then pulls the pieces down. (Each month has a different sign in board and calendar feel:)

We then move into our calendar routine.  It is basically the same as I am sure some of you use.  All of the numbered calendar pieces move so that my students can create the calendar one day at a time.(You can check out my calendars by clicking the August calendar below.  They are all pre made and ready to go:)

We label the day of the week and graph the weather!

 I also have songs in my calendars to sing and some linked to play. 

 During the calendar time,  my students have their Calendar (Half Composition) Books and a pencil.  I start the beginning of the school year off training my students how to record our Daily Data!  I use this simple format.  The skills become more challenging as the school year progresses.  This is what I start with.

I used to use a paper copy of a similar sheet that I copied and put into books but with budget cuts I have had to find ways to save copies and paper.  I have found that my students do well with this format.
With the new Common Core Speaking and Listening Standards the idea of starting students on basic note taking during a presentation isn't a bad idea in fact, this activity fits perfectly!

2.SL.2 2. Recount or describe key ideas or details from a text read aloud or information presented orally or through other media.

I also want to apologize to those who participated in the Luna giveaway with Learning Resources.  I had chosen a winner and have waited a few weeks for that person to contact me and they have not.  So...I picked a new winner!  

So very excited to give The Luna Projection Camera from Learning Resources away!  I love mine and am using it at home with my kiddos and my tutoring friends!