Sunday, June 3, 2012

Top 5 Ways I use my Document Camera & a Giveaway!

Friends~I am sure you all know that I love my smartboard but did you know that I also LOVE my document camera?  It makes my life so much easier and my students get amazing interactive lessons every time I turn it on.  Well, I have been saving this post for this week because it is the last week of school for me and I wanted to go out with a BANG!  My friends at Learning Resources have given me the opportunity to review their Luna Interactive Projection Camera and also give one away to one lucky Schroeder Page follower!

I had so much fun playing with the Luna because it is super easy to install and use.  So easy in fact my students will be using it on their own to observe shark teeth in our Science Center this week.  Watch the video below to see some other great advantages of the Luna!

Here are my Top 5 Ways I use the 
Luna in my classroom!
#5~I use the Luna to display math manipulatives for my students to use during our math lessons.
#4~I place my shared reading and guided reading books under the Luna so that my students can follow along and connect to the words.
#3~I set my Luna up at our Science center so that my students can zoom in and observe science materials. 
#2~In Social Studies, I like to zoom in on maps and landforms.  My kiddos love using Google Earth and the Luna allowed me bring our mapping unit alive. 
#1~Taking pictures with my Luna is a breeze and I love to upload them to Smart Notebook so that I can manipulate them into interactive lessons for my students.

Check out my student using our Luna during a PEEP Center!  We took pictures of our Peeps during our Peep adoption in April.  My students had to fill out an APGAR Score sheet on their Peep so they used the Luna to zoom in and check the Peep's sugar coating.  This picture was taken the day I got the Luna in the mail.  It was that easy to set up and we have been using it ever since. 

So with all this good info, I know you totally want one of your own RIGHT?  Well,  it is super easy to enter my drawing for The Luna Interactive Projection Camera.

Starting today June 3, 2012 - June 8, 2012 The Schroeder Page & Learning Resources will be hosting a Luna Projection Camera Giveaway!

 Here are the steps that you will need to do to be entered into the giveaway.  Please post a comment for each step that you do.  You can enter multiple times by clicking away below!

Step 1-You must be a  follower of The Schroeder Page:)
Step 2-Please follow Learning Resources on Facebook.
Step 3- Please follow Learning Resources on Twitter.
Step 4-Please follow Learning Resources on YouTube.
Step 5-Please follow me on Teachers Notebook & Teachers Pay Teachers.

I will also be sending the WINNER a FREE copy of my 36 page 
SHARK! Unit!

Good Luck and Happy End of the School Year to ALL!