Friday, January 27, 2012

The Great Clock Race!

Happy Friday Friends!
I am just getting my centers finished while my kiddos are in specials and I just had to stop for a second and show you the results of our Great Clock Race!
We have been working on telling time this month.  My class was really struggling so I was racking my brain to find a way to help them.  So that is when I decided to motivate them a bit by combining our past graphing unit with a telling time activity.  I searched the web and found some clock practice sheets for telling time to the hour, half, and quarter hour.  I then placed a sheet each day on my student's desks.  The were required to work on the practice sheets and turn them in before my mini lesson.  The next day they would get their clocks back graded.  I had them cut out their clocks and we built the graph below!
Immediately,  I started to notice a difference in their attending in class.  They were paying more attention during lessons, bringing me sheets from home showing that they were practicing, & working with the hands on clocks too.  They were excited!

Today, however, was the end of the race.  We have moved into double digit addition.  We completed one more practice sheet and I send a plastic clock home for them to practice with earlier in the week.  This morning we headed to the hall and added our final clocks.  We had a very close race!  I had 2 students with 24 and my friend Logan ended with 25!  His mom is allowing me to share his photo below!

 Here is his fun prize!  Now he can practice all of the time!
Congratulations LOGAN and the Rest of my Math CLUB!