Thursday, March 15, 2012

My World Around Me FREEBIE!

Friends~I just completed my Mapping Unit in time for us to start it in class next week.  I just know my kiddos are going to love climbing into the world of mapping.  We are going to be making maps of our classroom, treasure maps, and a fun land form book.  Check out how our land form book will be coming together below.

I just love having this visual when we study the different land forms that make up our country. 

We will also be pulling out a great book that I know lots of you use for teaching mapping skills.  It is perfect for an introduction. 

I will be heading out to Triple A to grab some current maps for my students to check out.  I can't wait to see them sprawled out on the floor pouring over all the maps.  I think I will have an exploration day after I read this book.  Just like I do in Writer's Workshop when we introduce a new style of writing. Check out the image of the 2 response sheets my students will work on after reading Me on the Map!

We are also going to do a postcard exchange and a Great State Report too!  Grab a FREE copy of my compass rose activity below!

You can find all of the activities that I will be using in class in my
 My World Around ME file by clicking the image below.
Have a Wonderful Day in class!  I picked up great things for the classroom yesterday.  Be on the look out for some remodeling pictures soon!