Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Do you Doodle? and a Freebie!

Friends~I am so excited to share one of my special, engaging, and student loved center and morning work activities.  It is my Doodle, Draw & Write Journal!  

It is simple and easy to create.  I print out the pages and run the cover and back page on card stock.  I then add the sheets inside and use a book binding machine to put the packet together for my students.  
 In a nutshell, my students look at & analyze the doodle and try to create it into an image.  The students then create a story to go along with their illustration. 

My kiddos love to work on this activity and I love to see them get their creative juices flowing as they turn their doodle into a detailed illustration.  Their stories are always amazing because the doodle takes the pressure off of coming up with something to write about. 
Click the image below to download a freebie to try out with your class.  Be sure to encourage them to look at the doodle in all directions before they begin to add to it! It allows them to see it in a different perspective.  I also do a demo the first few times we work in our 
Doodle, Draw & Write Journal!
Click ME!
 Another fun idea is to take a few of the sheets and mount them on file folders, laminate and allow your students to use vis-a-vis markers on them to practice doodling.