Wednesday, August 3, 2011

On Patrol...Recess Chair!

Do you have recess duty?  Well I sure do.  Now this was a new concept for this Northern teacher when I moved with my family down South.  We even eat lunch with our students!  I remember those days of dropping my class off at the cafeteria and not picking them up until after RECESS.  Now I take them to recess and sit with them at lunch.

Enough complaining...on to making lemonade out of lemons.  I vowed not to complain about this any more and to make the best of it.  So I decided that I was going to be as comfortable as possible on the playground.  I created the recess chair!

Now this is a back view.  It is a simple pop up lawn chair that i have painted and added tons of ribbon bows too. I did have some help tonight from my friend Elaina.   The top shade part is flipped up for those days when you need a little sun.  The top flips down for share.  We plan on having 3 of these babies on our grade level to share.  That is why my name is not on the back.  I was darn tempted though!  

  I love the fact I can move this chair anywhere and still have shade.  If I want to get up to monitor a game or just walk... students will be able to blow the bike horn that will be attached if they need me.  I am well visible in this comfy chair!  That is why my name is not on the back.  I was darn tempted though!  
I plan to add some of the following items before school starts: 
A Name Plate for each teacher so we can show who is on duty.  
A bike horn...for needed attention getting.
A battery operated fan.
I have microwavable hand warmers for the winter.
A peace sign blanket
A flag for the top.
And who knows what else.  
Any ideas?