Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Learn Like a Champion FREEBIE!

Let's talk classroom and behavior MGT.  This is one of my favorite topics!  I always tell my parents at Curriculum Night that I do not reward good behavior. Sound crazy right?  Good behavior in Mrs.  Schroeder's class is expected.  Not something you do for a treat.  I DO reward Extraordinary Behavior.  What is the difference?  Well good behavior is being quite in the hallway or not throwing pencils.  (Really?  they know better:)  Extraordinary behavior is helping a friend who dropped a whole tub of crayons or if someone gets hurt they come and get help.  Those things need a BIG TIME reward.  I have super stars on my board up front that I have those students grab and display on their desk.  They then get to pick from the prize pots at the end of the day:)  We spend a good part of the first week learning and modeling the difference. You can read more about my philosophy on Behavior MGT in Beyond Flipping Cards...creating a classroom of independent learners!

One other thing that I always start the first week is Learn Like a Champion.  Now being from OHIO we are OSU fans in our house but for Behavior MGT I am a Fighting Irish fan.  Let me show you why!
 If you have not seen the movie RUDY...go grab it.  It is one of my favorites.  I recap the tale for my class of a young college boy with a dream.  How he takes a chance and leaves what is familiar to him and works hard to earn his dream of playing for The Fighting Irish. 

I then introduce our LEARN Like a Champion sign.  I have my class discuss what Learning like a Champion might look like.  We also practice exiting the classroom and entering while touching the hand print on the sign with a tap.  Through out the classroom I have mini signs posted and if someone needs a reminder it is easy to ask them to read the sign silently and give it a tap to redirect them. 
Mine is looking pretty bad after 4 years of 2nd graders tapping it.  So I am making a new one and you can download it for free:)  I sure hope this helps some of you out.  This is truly one of my favorite ways to teach behavior MGT to my students.  Remember it is not you responsibility to manage them it is your responsibility to teach them to manage themselves.  TEACH Like a CHAMPION!
 Tap the sign to download your FREE copy!