Monday, August 22, 2011

Meet the Teacher Night!

I have been super busy setting up my classroom this past week and today.  I am finally feeling like I have it undercontrol.  I am so excited about my new class of kiddos.  I have some really fun things planned for Meet the Teacher Night.  First, I have Mrs. Schroeder's wish list for 2nd grade.  I took a Lakeshore catalog and circled some things I liked.  (I do the same for my husband too just in other catalogs:) I added some post its and pencils just uncase anyone wants to take orders
 Next, you will find my Happy Birthday to your KIDDO station.  I leave out cupcakes with markers and I let my parents write in their child's name and birthday for our birthday graph.  It is a BIG help at the beginning when I am hurring to get things labled.

 I have seen tons of lollipop trees and I wish I could remember who's site I saw it first at so if you want me to link back to your post just let me know.  I decided to make one for my students and I am calling them Welcome Pops!
 Last! My Tattoo station.  I am so excited about this.  Each child will get to put on a little tattoo that says I belong to Mrs. Schroeder room 331.