Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Anchor Charts to GO!

My Friends!  Do you love anchor charts for reading and writing?  I know I sure do but I will tell you I have a terrible time displaying them.  My wall space is so limited that I often have to put the posters away and I hate to admit they are often forgotten. 

So I decided that I would create an ongoing smartboard lesson that will allow me to always have my charts at my findertips.  I also decided to prink out the pages and create small TO GO books for my students to grab during independent reading & silent reading. Below you can see a few pages from our TO GO Books!

Our TO GO Books!

The image below shows you some of my pages that I have created for the Anchor Chart Smartboard File. 

My favorite of the pages is the Author's Purpose page.  It seems to be such a tricky idea for 2nd graders to get but the PIE page helps a ton!

We also created our own model of PIE using a paper plate.  I love when I am able to make an abstract idea come alive through an art project. 
It really is...As Simple as PIE!
Hope this helps!

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