Monday, September 26, 2011

A Talented Give AWAY!

Friends...I need to stay off of ETSY!  I just can't help myself though:)  There are so many incredible artists there.  I have always felt like a pretty crafty person but when I browse the shops I am floored by the talent.  Now you all know that I am a sucker for old school things so when I came across Down Home Stitchin I was in LOVE again.  There you will find these adorable burlap frames with school houses stitched into them. 
So I contacted Betsy and had one done for my school.  I am totally thinking they will make wonder gifts for my children's teachers.  Maybe even a house warming gift...can't you just picture a little house with the new address of the home owners stitched in.  Check out mine below:)
Betsy even stitched in a little bee over the door:)  That's our school mascot.  I can't wait to take this baby to school and hang it outside my classroom.  It is just so cozy and welcoming.  Perfect for a classroom of 2nd graders and for their teacher. 
Good news for you all!
Betsy has agreed to do a give away of one of her framed images.  The rules are simple for this give away.  It begins today Monday, Sept. 26-Sept. 30th.  
1. You must be a follower of The Schroeder Page:)
2. You must head over to Down Home Stitchin and become a follower of Betsy's Shop. 
3. Head over to The Schroeder Page on Facebook and become a follower.  
That's it!
Leave a comment for each step to enter more than once. 
Now I have to get off ETSY...and get some work done!