Sunday, September 18, 2011

Old School GIVEaway!

Now maybe I am old school but I soooo miss a chalkboard!  I remember watching my teacher write on the board with beautiful penmanship. (A lost art!)   I remember being allowed to erase the boards as a privilege.  I remember hunting for rocks that wrote on the sidewalk so that I could pretend to be a teacher on the weekend.  I am so drawn to that aspect or image of a classroom.

Now don't get me wrong, I love my SMARTboard!  I love a wipeboard but a chalkboard screams TEACHER!

I was out in the ETSY world and came across the sweetest necklaces out of script letters and chalkboard background.  I new right away that it was for me.  I just got my necklace today and I am wearing it as I type.  I am wearing it tomorrow and possibly everyday.  Why?  Because I am a teacher and a chalkboard is our signature statement.
The RULES for this Signature GIVEaway!
Starting today Sunday, September 18-23 you can become eligible to win by participating in the following FUN!
1. Head over to The Dusty Stepper to check out the necklaces.  Make the shop one of your favorites! 

2. Head back to The Schroeder Page and leave a comment about how you still use a chalkboard in your classroom or a fond memory about a chalkboard.  Also please head over and follow my YouTube Channel.
3. One more...head over to Rocking Teacher Materials with Hilary my new BUDDY and follow her blog!  Leave her a comment and tell her I set ya:)

You will be entered into a drawing to win your very own signature chalkboard necklace.  
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