Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Turning a Letter into a Keepsake!

 The fantastic gals at eighteen25 did this adorable post about pen pals and it got me thinking about letters and how they have become a lost art.  For many years after my beloved Grandma died... I carried around a letter that she wrote me.  It was simple and sweet but seeing those pen strokes always brought comfort to me after her death.

I had many panics about losing that letter.  I kept it in the depths of my wallet and carried it everywhere I went.  One day,  I left my purse at a store and all that I can remember was that I was frantic about that letter.  That day I made a decision that it needed it's own special "safe" house and this is what I came up with.
It now sits on my dresser and I get to look at it every morning... I am reminded of how special family is!  

I took this same idea and found a fun piece of grapevine at a craft store and mounted it to my pantry door.  I was then able to tuck photos of all of my Grandparents into the vine.  I like to think of it as my own special Family Tree.  ~My kiddos love to see their Great Grandparents and often ask to hear stories about them. 

Funny...You would think I learned my lesson about not carrying special items around with me but I sure haven't.  I am carrying a letter around right now from a special friend that supported me through a major transition in my life.  I think it is time to get crafting again and find this one a home too. 
So the next time you think about saying something to a family member or friend...try it in a letter.  

What sentimental items do you carry around with you?