Our Vocabulary Tour and a $ Saving Tip!

Friends~I am always trying to make going over vocabulary for a story more exciting and today my kiddos loved what we did.  I first passes out the packets.  Check out the video below showing how I copy my packets and save money at the same time.  4 sheets to a 

I then read over the vocabulary words for Thundercake by Patricia Polacco.  I numbered the words with 2 numbers per word.  I then broke the students up into partners.  Whatever 2 numbers were in the word made the partners.  Those students then went off to look up the word and create a child friendly definition and picture.  We met again in a large group and I gave the students directions to begin touring the classroom and asking each other to teach them their definition.  It was really neat because the words were numbered and we have memorized our classroom numbers so they knew exactly who to go to for words they needed.  Below is a copy of what the vocabulary words looked like when I assigned them.

 Watch this video below to see my students discussing the vocabulary words from the story.  Speaking and Listening...HELLO? 

I just love it when stuff comes together!


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