A Jellybean Jamboree!

Friends~I am going to tell you a little secret.  I HATE eating jellybeans but I sure LOVE teaching with them.  My kiddos are heading off on Spring Break on Thursday.  They will enjoy some much needed family time and all of them will be celebrating Easter.  A Sunday morning at church possibly and a basket of goodies from the Easter Bunny that will definitely be filled with jellybeans.  

I have been planning for after break and I thought that I would carry over some of that jellybean fun in class as a way for them to ease back into the routine.  

 When we return on April 8th we will be continuing our Patricia Polacco author study with Emma Kate and then growing jellybeans with my If I Planted a Jellybean creative writing unit.  I just know they are going love this JELLYBEAN JAMBOREE! 

When I created the file, I was thinking it needed a little excitement so I decided that we would really plant jellybeans but I would add Zinnia seeds to the potting soil so that they would grow beautiful flowers.  I can't wait to see their faces when their jellybeans GROW!

Grab a Free copy of my If I Planted a 
Jellybean Opinion Writing Prompt!
Click the image below!

We are also going to be reviewing our Math Skills 2.MD in our Math Workshop.  I put together some fun math centers with jellybeans like measuring jellybean jars and graphing jellybeans.  There is even an I Spy a Jellybean Jar for telling time.  Click below and download the preview to see all this file has to offer:)

I did the measurement centers in file folders so they could keep all the pieces in one place!
Check out this quick video and see just how it is done. 


So if you end up with lots of jellybeans that no one wants to eat...bring them along to school for some fun learning!  


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